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  1. This is a roleplay set in the FairyTail anime universe. If you don't know what that is then here is the link to the wiki. We welcome everyone and anyone to this RP, whether you've watched it all the way through (I haven't yet) or haven't seen it at all. This RP is for original characters only, so no canon character sheets please. We will not be having any dealings at all with FairyTail the guild or it's members. Everything that happens is also after the Edolas arc is completed so if you know what that is then you know where we are. If you want to join then fill out a character sheet and PM it to me so I can post it at the start of this thread. Powers are not limited to what's on the show, if you've got an idea for something original then just ask. Make sure it's reasonably though. If you want to use a magic from the show then go ahead, but try and make it your own, make your powers unique, (unless you're a celestial wizard in which case you're kind of limited). Dragon slayers are very limited and I won't be allowing any of the "real" dragon slayers to be in the RP. I am allowing second generation dragon slayers that have been created using a lacrima infused with dragon slaying magic. Character sheet!!! APPEARANCE IMAGE HERE Description of character: Basic Info Name:: Nickname/Alias:: Gender:: Age and date of birth:: Guild:: Rank:: (Rank represents a level of skill and proficiency in terms of combat, job completion/experience, and mastery of one's own magic. Rank S is limited, ask before you make an S class wizard Personal Information Personality:: History:: Magic Magic Name:: Description:: (Link if using canon magic) Known Spells:: Other (Add anything else you'd like to this section as it's all optional) Description of character: Alkwin Dadam is an old man, of that there can be no doubt, but he moves and acts like someone half his age. He has long white hair and a beard to match, with bright blue eyes. His skin is weather beaten and tough as old leather and he usually wears a purple cape along with whatever street clothes he happens to throw on. He wears a pair of glasses as well and always has a pair of hiking boots on, just in case. Basic Info Name:: Alkwin Dadam Nickname/Alias:: Guild master/ master Gender:: Male Age and date of birth:: He refuses to give his age and instead deflects the question by saying 'old enough'. Guild:: Master of Sphinx's Paw Rank:: Master Personal Information Personality:: Alkwin Dadam is a man who doesn't let his guild get away with a lot. He prefers to stay out of the magic council's notice so he keeps his guild on a short leash rule wise. He understands that mistakes happen of course, and he also understands that there is a great deal of risk when on the job so destruction is a fact of life, but he won't tolerate people destroying things on every mission, especially when there were better ways to handle the situation. Alkwin also makes his guild keep a meticulous paper trail for every job that is taken so that there won't be any problems in the future. The only thing that he doesn't keep a steady eye on are the guild members themselves. He prefers to let them manage themselves and the guild itself for the most part as long as they stay within the rules. He doesn't often hand out actual punishments, preferring to tell someone in a strong voice what they did wrong. and then asking them what they learned. He thinks that punishments on their own aren't as good a teaching method as making people think about what they could have done better. History:: Not much is known about Alkwin Dadam's past until he joined Sphinx's Paw. He was known to be belligerent and hot-headed, always causing trouble with the current guild master and generally being a nuisance. If it weren't for the fact that he made S class in record time Alkwin probably would have been kicked out of the guild, but everyone saw greatness in him even if it was hidden behind the stupidity of youth. When the old guild master finally retired, Alkwin had calmed down and aged enough to be named the new guild master, something that everyone agreed with. Since then he's run things fairly but firmly, never causing trouble with the magic council and keeping the peace. Magic Magic Name:: Wind Magic Description:: Wind Magic Known Spells:: He knows basically everything there is to know. He is the master after all. Other The sword that Alkwin keeps with him at all times is a complete mystery. He very rarely draws it and then only in a true emergency. It seems to amplify his power but people think it does far more then that. Nobody can find any information on it however, so all anyone can do is guess.
  2. "We can't just leave." Andromeda said sulkily as she looked around. "We have to go get Barty and Midori before we leave. They're a part of my team and you know what the guild says about staying with your team during a mission. Come on, lets go get Midori up and then we can find Barty. The beach doesn't sound like much fun anymore." Andromeda said as she stood and wandered over to where Midori lay beneath the palm tree. It only took a moment or two for Midori to wake up, and after explaining what had happened Midori nodded and yawned. "Ok, I'll go wait by the train station while you and Trish go try and find Barty. I'll head him off if he tries to leave without you. Meet up in an hour?" Midori asked the two girls. "Sounds good, see you in a bit then." Andromeda said as she turned and headed off back towards the changing room. While Andromeda was changing Midori gave a quick glance around, then leaned in towards Trish. "Keep an eye on Andromeda for me while you're looking. She was in really bad shape after our last mission and I don't want her getting into any trouble that might push her over the limits again." Midori said quietly before nodding and walking off towards town.
  3. The argument seemed to have settled down for the moment, something which Andromeda was grateful for, but for the life of her she couldn't figure out what had gone so wrong. She understood what the argument was about of course, but didn't know why they had been betting to begin with or why there was an argument over paying up. She hadn't actually agreed to a bet but would have paid up all the same just to keep things friendly. She had thought that Barty would have been of the same mind but apparently that wasn't the case. Now everyone was angry in one way or another and was heading off their own separate ways. The only one who had stayed with Andromeda for the moment was Trish and while she seemed perfectly happy to go and do something fun, Andromeda's heart just wasn't in it anymore. "This sucks Trish." Andromeda said unhappily as she sat down and looked out across the ocean. "I was all set to have a great day with everyone and then they all get angry and leave. I just wanted to have fun with my friends! Instead I get yelled at by Miyuki and now everyone's gone."
  4. (Sounds good everyone, Aroara feel free to go ahead whenever, Marcus sounds like fun, and everyone else just keep what I said in mind. We don't have to have something that happens RIGHT NOW, but if anyone has any ideas then just throw them at the group or at me. Also sorry about missing your prompt to have Andy remind Barty about the bet Marcus, like I said I wasn't feeling great so everything sort of suffered for it.)
  5. (Ok so since we have so many players now I guess that I should point out that there isn’t an overarching plot for this roleplay right now. That being the case we should probably decide whether there’s going to be a main plot, and if so what it is. With that in mind please feel free to weigh in on the debate. If you want a plot then say so, and if you have an idea then just put it out there or message it to me so we can get the whole thing hammered out. If you don’t want a large story arc then say so that too and we can just keep messing around doing little side missions. I’m bringing this up now because people are scattering so we need to figure things out before we’re all spread out. If you have a secret idea then just message it to me. Ok let’s get this party started.)
  6. (Sorry about disappearing, I haven't been feeling well the last couple of days. I'm better though, so lets keep going) Andromeda wasn't entirely sure how everything spiraled out of control, but seemingly from nowhere Ankoku was upset about Barty refusing to pay off the bet and seemed close to tears as he yelled about Barty being unworthy of being an 'S' class wizard. Things were quickly getting out of hand and it was obvious that if Ankoku got any angrier that he would start a fight for real, and compared to their play fighting in the waves something like that would demolish everything around them. "Barty it's not that big a deal, we already have the free tickets from the job anyway. We're still paying less then we would have to begin with." Andromeda said, trying to play peacekeeper. "Come on lets not fight, it's the beach! We're here to relax remember?" She asked cheerfully as she moved between Ankoku and Barty. "Anyway lets go do something fun again, like volleyball or maybe we could find some food. What do you think Tris, want in?"
  7. Andromeda made a couple of awed sounds when Barty created Taraq out of sand and spent awhile peering down at it from above. She loved these kinds of things even if they were done with magic. She stayed busy looking down at the enormous sculpture for awhile, but stopped when she heard Tricia's voice nearby. In an instant Andromeda's head was on the swivel and then she was running over to Tricia with a big smile on her face. "Tricia?! Wow I can't believe it! It's just like a party now!" Andromeda said happily as she sat down besides Tricia. "If we got some music, some food and some of those torches going we could get something really big going." She joked before turning to listen to what Barty had to say. She hadn't considered the fact that this was the closest beach to the guild, but now that Barty mentioned it she realized it was true. "It is odd that we ran into this many people on this beach on this day, but sometimes the stars just align I guess." Andromeda said, parroting her masters favorite phrase. Andromeda was about to continue questioning Tricia when Barty pointed out Jacques, which made her instantly focus on the strange man, her green eyes watching his every move carefully. She could tell why Barty and Midori were cautious about him, he had a strange appearance and the constantly moving tattoos made Andromeda's eyes water trying to keep up with them. It was like his entire outline was constantly changing and it made Andromeda itch to look at. "Why do you think he attacked you last night?" Andromeda asked quietly, her tone serious like it had been during the mission. "And if he attacked you why did you give him a ride?"
  8. (New player joining, their character is up on the front page!)
  9. (I would have her notice but Andromeda's never actually seen Jacques so she doesn't know him.) Andromeda's cheeks flushed red like they always did when Shamal was brought up, and she shot Barty a nasty look before finally nodding. "Fine but only because it was such a nice place and I can remember it really well." She said testily. Andromeda helped Barty get the sand into neat piles and then began to help outline the buildings themselves. She wasn't nearly as good at this sort of thing as Miyuki or Barty, but she did her best all the same.It took her a long time to get the levels right for her sphinx, but eventually Andromeda got down to actually sculpting the thing. Unlike with most other things Andromeda took her time and fussed over the details on the sphinx, sometimes leading her to taking too long on certain aspects of it. It was a tendency that had always followed her in her creative endeavors, and something that hampered her artistic vision at times. For sand castle building it wasn't to much of a hindrance beyond making things take way longer then they needed too. It was a good 10 minutes after the start of the contest that Andromeda sat up with a smile and pointed out her sphinx to Barty. It wasn't overly large being only a foot or so long, but was decent looking all the same. That being said it also wasn't going to win any sculpture contests anytime soon. The face didn't look like much more then a flat space with eyes and a mouth poked in with her fingers, while the rest of it all just sort of molded in together. You could tell what it was, but it still looked more like something a kid would take home from school rather then anything close to the quality that Miyuki had shown. After a few minutes rest Andromeda began to work away at the details of Shamal's house as best she could. In this area, at least, she excelled although it still took her a long time to get anything done. She couldn't do anything like the detail that Miyuki or Ankoku had done, but it was solid work all the same. In the end the little compound was at least a passing resemblance of Shamal's mansion. "I think they still win Barty." Andromeda said with a laugh as she looked down at her sphinx. "But we did a good job and it was fun! I didn't even know you could build things with sand like Miyuki did. It's amazing!" She said, turning to the pagoda and congratulating the siblings work. "I've never been much of an artist so it's really cool that you guys can do that sort of stuff!" She chattered happily.
  10. Andromeda was taken aback by Miyuki's willingness to participate in the sandcastle contest, but was pleasantly surprised all the same. She was already standing and looking around for a good spot when Barty came up from behind and handed out ice cream cones. She had expected him to be on board with the activity, but it still made her smile when he agreed. When the idea of making it a contest between two teams Andromeda glanced at Barty, then at her opposition. "Barty and I can take you!" She said as the siblings took off towards a nearby patch of sand. Andromeda didn't waste any time after that, and instead turned and ran off to another clear area nearby. "Come on Barty they can't win!" Andromeda called as she grabbed Barty's arm and hauled him behind her. Andromeda jumped onto the spot and began to dig up areas of sand as quick as she could, moving quickly so that they had access to the wet sand beneath. Where Miyuki used meticulous techniques to get shapes and angles that they desired Andromeda used what could only be described as enthusiasm. Andromeda hadn't really tried to build a sand castle before so she made up for lack of experience with raw energy coupled with good old trial and error. "Come on Barty we can do this, we just have to use your amazing connection with the earth, without actually using magic, and make an amazing sand castle that will withstand any siege that could be thrown at it." Andromeda said as she began to pile more and more sand into a large heap. "Now we have our sand and we just have to make it into something amazing. So lets do that Barty." She said excitedly as she began to push the sand at the base into a line that would become a wall.
  11. When Andromeda and Ankoku finished cleaning up the beach they each ran off to their respective areas, with Andromeda heading over to where Barty sat with Midori, and Ankoku heading over to his sister Miyuki. She couldn't believe that Barty had basically told Miyuki to piss off, and was surprised that it hadn't started a fight. Of course that wasn't really Miyuki's style. She seemed to prefer the silent treatment to anything else. When Andromeda flopped down next to Barty and the sleeping Midori she immediately grabbed her bag and withdrew the small box inside. The outside of the box, though solid at first glance, had a puzzle embedded in it's sides, with rotating discs, sliding sections, as well as what looked like a combination lock with symbols instead of numbers around it. Without pausing Andromeda flopped onto her back and began to play with the box, pushing and rotating the various sections in a vain attempt at getting it open. She wasn't getting anywhere fast but that didn't seem to perturb her, instead it just seemed to make the box even more fascinating. Eventually Andromeda gave up though and, after putting the box back in her bag, turned and looked back towards the beach where everything was back to normal. "I'm going to go see Ankoku and see if he wants to do something." She said before marching off towards the siblings umbrella. "Hey Ankoku let's go do something fun!" Andromeda said brightly as she approached. "We could go play volleyball, or maybe go do the sandcastle tournament. No magic allowed, but Barty's so good with earth make magic that he could help us win easy even without it." She said. Though she didn't go out of her way to do it, Andromeda avoided Miyuki's gaze while she spoke, not wanting to be yelled at again. "Come on, let's go have fun, it's the beach after all!"
  12. Andromeda squealed in surprise as Barty suddenly appeared behind her and grabbed her around the waist before easily flipping her over his shoulder and into the water. She came up hacking from the water she had accidentally snorted down her nose, but was soon laughing again. The laughter died in Andromeda’s throat when Miyuki strode forward, a look of icy anger on her face. Ankoku was already facing his sister by then, and within seconds the three of them were being scolded like naughty children. Andromeda scuffed her foot in the sand as she kept her gaze on the ground, her cheeks red not just from the sun, but also embarrassment at being told off by her guild mate. When the scolding ended and Andromeda looked around she did see that they had caused damage just like Miyuki had said, which made her even more embarrassed. She didn’t waste any time in doing what Miyuji had ordered and went back out into the water to collect the things that had been swept out by the waves she had created. The cart was the hardest part and it took her awhile to muscle it out of the ocean by herself. If she had been able to use magic it would’ve take a couple of moments, but instead she’d muscle was required, and Andromeda wasn’t exactly a body builder. After the cart and items were back where they had started Andromeda apologized to everyone before running over to help Barty and Ankoku clean up their share of the mess. She didn’t say anything as they worked, aware that Miyuki was watching them, and also aware that they deserved the punishment.
  13. Andromeda laughed and shrieked when Barty turned into the wave, the impact making her sway atop Barty enough that she had to grab his head to stay on. ”Sorry Barty.” Andromeda apologized as she wiped water out of her eyes. Barty appeared to have made a sand bank which was making the waves break earlier and with more force. Of course Andromeda didn’t have long to focus on that as Ankoku made a small whirlpool with his magic, making Andromeda sway atop Barty’s Shoulders. With a splash she toppled off and into the water where she gently swirled for a brief moment before finally kicking off of the bottom so that she could surface. Andromeda came up laughing and looked around for Ankoku before raising her own hand quickly. ”Hard light!” She said loudly as she formed a scoop and used it to hurl water at her guildmate. It wasn’t enough to hurt him but definitely enough to push him under for a brief moment. “Neither of you has the magic to match me in combat!” Andromeda proclaimed as she used hardlight to lift herself above the waves, arms akimbo and a evil smile on her face. “How can either of you hope to combat me, commander of the sun and stars themselves!?!” She asked before laughing evilly again. “I realize now that you were merely holding me back as Bartdromeda! Now feel the wrath of the true master of destruction!” Andromeda cackled as she raised her hands again and raised a huge wave of water and propelled it at Barty and Ankoku using her hard light spell.
  14. “Why would you go into the kitchen without Sol’s permission? That’s suicidal, everyone knows that.” Andromeda said in agreement. She didn’t say it but she was impressed with the nerve it took to take that particular risk, especially with how protective Sol was of the kitchen. Sadness flickered across Andromeda’s face when Ankoku brought up his father, but it disappeared just as quickly as it had come. It was at that moment that Barty grabbed her from beneath the water and hoisted her up on his shoulders as she shrieked in surprise and then laughter as Barty declared them to be in their most powerful form. ”Bwahaha!” Andromeda laughed evilly as she threw her arms wide. “Yes, you shall regret your decision in challenging Bartdromeda to battle. Truly you are foolish for doing such a thing and we laugh at your pitiful attempts at resistance!” She declared loudly. Now face our wrath as we grind you beneath the flickering lava that is our foot!”
  15. (Shamal can be used if you guys want to although I hadn’t planned on seeing him again. If you do use him then make sure you have a good reason why he’d be there.) Andromeda looked around at where Barty pointed and squinted her eyes a little to see what he was talking about. This only lasted a second though because the twins were easy enough to spot. In a flash Barty was gone and out in the water with Ankoku, while Miyuki walked off to read her book. ”Hey Miyuki!” Andromeda yelled as she ran by, her hand waving as she dashed towards the ocean. “I can do better!”Andromeda yelled as she summoned light to her hand and thrust it forward. “Hard Light!” She yelled, making a set of stairs out of glowing light. She ran up them and, much like Ankoku, used them as a platform to jump off of, making a big splash when she hit the water. Andromeda came up laughing as the light dissipated behind her and splashed over to her guild mates. “It’s so good to see you!” Andromeda said happily as she floated over. “What are you guys doing out here? I didn’t know there was another job down this far.” She said before shrugging. “Well whatever the reason it’s great to see you both. Do anything cool lately? We just finished a job ourselves. Barty wanted to go home but I got him to come here instead.” She joked, splashing a little water at Barty playfully.
  16. (New person joining, their characters are on the first page.)
  17. (You mean something like This? If so it’s more of a skirt. Otherwise your probably thinking of something like a loincloth or something. I’m not quite sure. Do you have a picture?) Andromeda flushed red again when Barty teased her about Shamal, but didn’t say anything. Barty was a good friend and she knew that he was just teasing, but that didn’t make it any more embarrassing to hear. She let it slide because she just wanted to have fun on the beach with her friends, not spend time being mad at them. Though Andromeda would never say it to him, Barty was also quite good looking, and if he wasn’t such a close friend she might have asked him out. That being the case she considered him a very close friend, not a romantic interest. Andromeda watched as Midori disappeared into the changing rooms, then turned to follow Barty over to a nearby palm tree. It wasn’t super shady but it still gave a sense of relief from the heat. Andromeda dug around in her pack and pulled out a towel which she laid out on the sand before she plopped down and waited for Midori to return. When Midori did return it was to find Andromeda playing a little pile of sand while she waited. It didn't take more then a second for Andromeda to get up and look around excitedly. ”Alright what should we do first? We could go swimming or maybe destroy those guys at volleyball, what do you think?” Andromeda asked Midori who merely smiled and shrugged. “I’m going to stay here and relax for a bit, why don’t you two go have some fun. Just leave your stuff here and I’ll watch it for you.” Andromeda’s Gabe immediately went to her satchel at the suggestion and she got an odd expression on her face at the thought of leaving it. ”Andy, it’ll be safe with me, I promise.” Midori said gently. Andromeda hesitated for a few more seconds, then carefully passed the leather satchel to Midori. It was heavier then it looked and even caught Midori by surprise a little, but she kept ahold of it and placed it on the towel next to her. ”So what should we do first Barty?” Andromeda asked after a few more moments hesitation. “Volleyball, swimming, or maybe something else? Your choice.”
  18. Andromeda's eyes opened when Barty said yes to her idea and immediately let out a happy yell and hugged him around the middle. "Yay! Thank you so much Barty! Don't worry it'll be fun!" She said happily. When asked about the bazaar Andromeda got a thoughtful expression on her face (always a bad sign) but eventually shook her head. "The only thing I want was 'Stars of the North' and I doubt that guys going to sell it to me anytime soon." She said before turning and walking towards the west gate. "Anyway I already got my souvenir." Andromeda said as she pulled out a small box from inside her satchel. "I found it inside when I was getting my stuff. I asked and one of the maids said it was a gift." "Ooh a present from Shamal maybe?" Midori teased, watching Andromeda's cheeks flush deep red in embarrassment. "I didn't ask." Andromeda said in an even tone. "The maid just said it was a gift. Course I don't know what's inside since it's a puzzle but it's still pretty." "Says the girl who makes goo goo eyes at Shamal whenever he's not looking." Midori said with a grin. "It's not like that!" Andromeda said crossly as she put the box away. "He's just nice, and yes he is handsome, but I don't love him or anything." "Nobody said anything about love Andromeda." Midori said with a knowing smile. Andromeda flushed an even deeper red and almost seemed ready to continue the fight for a moment. After a brief pause however, she turned and stalked off without saying another word. It was a good hours walk towards the beach and for a good hunk of the time Andromeda continued to give Midori the silent treatment, going out of her way to not interact with the other girl. Fortunately for Midori, Andromeda was a forgiving soul and by the time they had reached the beach she seemed to have forgotten about the argument and was talking normally again. Andromeda turned and walked over to a nearby bathroom and returned a few minutes later wearing a modest yellow bikini which, while showing off her figure, wasn't to revealing either. Her satchel was still slung over one shoulder, but that didn't stop her from striking a pose for her friends. "Do I look good or what?" She asked in a teasing sort of way. "I bet Sol probably wouldn't approve would she Barty?"
  19. Andromeda didn't wake up until the next morning at around ten o'clock. She was confused and groggy at first, not understanding where she was or what had happened. She could remember getting out of the tomb and sitting down outside, but then everything went dark. Now she was in a beautiful room with silk pajamas on. The light gave the room a golden glow and for a brief moment Andromeda seriously gave thought to the idea that she might have died. The ring had disappeared and the cold pain that had infected her was gone as well. It was only when Andromeda got up and opened the curtains to peer out that she recognized where she was. The grounds were beautiful to look at from the window, and though the view was different she could easily tell that she was on the Perona estate. She could faintly hear the bazaar in the distance and based one where she was it could be assumed that the job was done. Of course she had to also wonder where Barty and Midori were. It was odd that they weren't around, after all it had only been a few hours since they had retrieved the box. Andromeda was just pulling her boots on and had slung her trademark satchel over one shoulder when Midori opened the door and ran over to hug her tight. "Andy it's so good to see you! How are you feeling?" Midori asked after breaking the tight hug. "I'm fine Midori." Andromeda said with a smile. "I feel great actually. The wonders of sleep I guess. Who knew that only a few hours would make you feel so much better." "Andy, you've been asleep for almost a day now. We got back to town yesterday morning." Midori said with a frown. "I'm glad you're feeling better though. Come on, there's breakfast ready and Shamal wanted to wish us goodbye." Midori said as she led the way out of the room. "Hold up, it's been over a day?" Andromeda asked incredulously as she caught up with Midori. "What happened? Did I get hurt or something? I was just tired was all, and the ring hurt but it wasn't like I was dying or anything." "Actually you could have died." Midori said seriously as she stopped to look at Andromeda. "The rings were magic like we were told, but they were apparently an opposite to your magic. The statues said that they were made of the blackness between the stars or something like that. They said you would be fine once you were beneath the stars or the sun, but apparently you had a worse reaction then they said you would. Your magic and the rings were fighting for dominance and it was killing you. We got here as fast as we could, so thankfully you weren't to bad yet, but it's still a good thing that we were close to begin with." "Oh." Andromeda said as she thought about what had been said. "My master mentioned something like that sort of magic once. She said basically the same thing, that it was the complete opposite of both our magics, that fighting against each other could have catastrophic consequences." "Well luckily it didn't come to that." Midori said as she continued walking and gestured for Andromeda to follow. The walk didn't take long and soon the two were in the dining room where breakfast was sitting on the table. Shamal sat at the head of the table apparently waiting for the group to join him, and when they all had he gestured to the food. "Please dig in, consider this the last part of your reward." He said with a smile. "And I am glad to see you up and about miss Andromeda, you've been asleep for awhile. I hope you're feeling better." "Oh, um yes much better thanks." Andromeda said as her cheeks blushed a little in embarrassment. She busied herself by taking food from the table and putting it onto her plate, then began to eat, trying to avoid looking at Shamal too much. For his part Shamal merely smiled and made small talk with Barty and Midori while the group ate. When they were all done he stood and led the way to the entrance hall where he passed each of them an envelope. "Inside you will find your reward as well as a voucher for a ticket back to Stratham that can be used at any time. Thank you again for your help. If you're ever in Taraq again feel free to stop and say hello." Shamal said as he shook Barty's hand then kissed the back of both Midori and Andromeda's hands. "Unfortunately I have business to attend to, but may good fortune follow you home, all of you." He said with a wink to Andromeda who immediately blushed deep red and looked at the ground hurriedly. The group was shown to the front gates by another servant and thanked once more for their service before the gate was shut behind them, leaving them to look at each other. "I guess we go home?" Midori asked Barty and Androemda. "No way, I need sun and the ocean is only a few miles away. I vote we go there first." Andromeda said immediately as she leaned back and let the sun hit her face. She closed her eyes happily at the feeling of it's warmth and her fingers glowed faintly for a brief moment as her power waxed in the sunlight. "Barty what do you think?" Midori asked quietly as she watched Andromeda. "Home or beach?"
  20. The doctor seemed skeptical when he was told what to do with Andromeda, his eyes quickly tracing the black veins that had run up her arm and were working their way out from her shoulder. In the end he nodded though and gave orders to take Andromeda to one of the guest bedrooms. A maid appeared a moment after the doctor had left with Andromeda and gave a small bow to Midori and Barty. “If you’ll please follow me, master Perona is waiting for your report.” She said politely before leading the way into the house. They were led through a new set of doors from the foyer and down a new hall before entering a huge dining room. An enormous chandelier hung from the ceiling, it’s light reflected off of the crystal glass that hung from it. The table was long and made from a dark, polished wood. The silverware were all exquisitely crafted from actual silver and the plates were obviously just as expensive, with each one bearing the Perona mark. At the far end of the long table sat Shamal Perona, a large breakfast sitting before him. Shamal stood when Midori and Barty entered and gestured to the table before him. “Come sit with me, I’m sure you are both hungry from your adventures.” He said as he sat back down and took a bite of what looked like eggs. Midori walked down to the end of the table and sat on one side of the table but made no move to eat. Instead she placed her bag beside her and began to sift through it for the golden box. “I understand that your companion was injured during your mission.” Shamal said in a concerned tone. “That is unfortunate and I hope she recovers quickly. I was also told that it was because of those rings that each of you are wearing. I’ve never seen anything like them before.” He said with interest as he took another bite of food. “The guardians of the tomb weren’t willing to make a deal unless we put them on.” Midori explained as she hefted the box onto the table. “They kill us unless we give this to you before the third day. Turns out Andromeda’s magic doesn’t react well with the rings though, and that’s why she’s in such a bad way. She should get better when the rings gone though, so here you go.” Midori said as she pushed the box over to Shamal. “Oh and here are your things, that was part of the deal we made too.” Midori explained as she set the key, the compass, and the gold Perona deal on top of the box. The effect was instantaneous as Midori’s arm suddenly grew warm again and began to tingle as though it had fallen asleep. The ring on her finger turned to sand before her very eyes, and a wind from nowhere blew the sand away. The same thing happened to Barty’s ring, and after a minute a servant hurried in and whispered to Shamal. ”It sounds like your friend’s ring has disappeared in the same manner that yours did.” Shamal said with a smile. “The black veins are disappearing and she has warmed up. The doctor says she’ll probably sleep for the rest of the day due to how badly drained her magic is and how the ring affected her. You can if course visit her whenever you like, but first I’d love to hear about what happened in the tomb. What were the guardians like? What happened on your adventure? You can of course have as much food as you want and after that you two can visit your friend and then stay in the guest quarters. You two look like you ran through the desert instead of driving through it.” Shamal joked before taking another couple bites of his meal. “Oh and because of the danger that you all faced I will be raising the reward to 360,000$ instead of the original 300,000$. Consider it a bonus for the peril that the rings presented.” He said with a smile before continuing his meal. (So Andromeda doesn’t wake up until the next day except for a couple brief moments. After that she’s fine. Feel free to control things however you want or suggest things to have happen if you want. Or we can timeskip, your choice.)
  21. The market was only just beginning to get going as the group entered the city, with vendors setting out their wares beneath tents and people bustling around in preparation for another day. There werent any crowds beyond the venders to speak of, what with the rest of the population still sleeping in their homes. It was extremely early still with the sun still halfway below the horizon, but it wouldn’t be long before the day began and the market grew crowded. Midori and Barty got more then a few looks from the various people that the passed, all of them obviously wondering what had happened to Andromeda. They didn’t know her of course, but the girl looked extremely ill and no one wanted to get sick or worse yet come down with a plague. When Midori and Barty finally arrived at the Perona estate it was to find a number of gardeners outside tending to the various plants that lived within the walls. All of them gave the group the same look that everyone else had in the market and did their best to find a reason to move away. Midori hit the intercom button and waited for a few moments, then hit it again angrily. Another brief moment passed before the gate swung open and the group was allowed in without any sort of questioning. By the time they had reached the door a pair of servants had already come outside with a stretcher, while another, this one taller and carrying a medical bag, stood waiting for Barty to place Andromeda on the stretcher. “Master Perona ordered us to let you in when you showed up and also ordered medical staff to assist you immediately if it was required.” The doctor said in explanation as he gestured to the stretcher. “Master Perona is currently at breakfast awaiting your company. However I assume you would rather stay with your companion here, so if you would just place her on the stretcher we can take her to my office.” He said anxiously as he waited for Barty to set Andromeda down. “In order to help her I’m going to need to know what happened though. Was she bitten or stung by something poisonous? Perhaps a curse of some kind? I just need some specifics and I’ll do my best to take care of the young miss.”
  22. (New development, he says to have Jacques do the SE plug then disappear into the market. So I’ll nail out a reply in a bit.) Midori could tell that Barty was still leery about Jacques, and frankly so was she, but in the end he seemed willing to go along with giving the man a ride back to town. The group mounted up and Jacques strapped on the SE plug without a fuss, then they were off with Barty and Andromeda in the backseat, the former with his bow still at the ready, and Midori and Jacques in the front seat. It was a long drive back to town and truthfully Midori was exhausted, but she still didn't want to spend a night camping in the middle of nowhere with this man. The sky was turning pink when the group finally caught sight of Taraq in the distance. The whole ride had been quiet and even though Midori didn't have any reason to dislike him, she was still glad to be rid of their new acquaintance. Midori pulled the magic mobile up into the lot where they had originally rented it and got down from it, then patiently waited for Jacques to do the same. "Well, here we are." She said with a smile. "Sorry to say but we have to go take care of some business so I guess this is goodbye. Be careful in the future, I doubt you'll get lucky like that again." Midori said as she shook Jacques hand. Jacques wore his unsettling smile again and merely shrugged. "Yeah we'll see. Thanks for the ride, I guess I'll be seeing you." He said before turning and walking off into the market where he disappeared into the crowd. Midori watched him go, and after checking to make sure he was truly gone she went to the back of the magic mobile and helped Barty with Andromeda and the supplies. The box from the tomb was shoved into one of the bags without ceremony and shouldered quickly, then Andromeda was carefully lifted from the back seat. She looked awful and seemed to be getting worse the longer the ring remained on her. The black veins that stretched up her arm from the ring had already reached her shoulder and could faintly be seen spreading up her neck already. She was also extremely pale and ice cold to the touch. She also had fallen unconscious during the night and wouldn't wake up, although she was still breathing at least. "Come on, we have to get this box back to the owner ASAP." Midori said. "Can you carry her? I'll get the box."
  23. So it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting a response like he said, so I say we just move ahead and assume he mans the SE plug. What do you think?
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