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  1. Updated! Sorry for the extremely long wait- I have to get on my computer for updating the thread, and I can't set aside very much time to do that nowadays. I also appear to be the only person running the thread as of the moment.

    • DragoonEagle, I will add your wish to the error wishes for now. If you wish to have it removed, please make a new post. (Almandines, though unclassified as such on the wiki, are often traded alone for one or more CB Silvers, and they should definitely be classified as Ultra Rares. I would make more changes, but, as I am not the head mod, I do not have the authority to do so.)
    • Added Chaser11! Welcome!
    • Removed Tawa's wish.
    • Removed airaani's wish.
    • Removed Areous's wish.
    If I missed anything, PM this account!


  2. Updated!

    • Removed yaquiidru's wish.
    • Removed 10 points from yaquiidru.
    • Added 10 points to shadowandmoon.
    • Added DragoonEagle. Welcome!
    • Added cfipooh. Welcome!
    • Added 10 points to yaquiidru.
    • Removed Darkstorm34's wish.
    • Removed 12 points from Darkstorm34.
    • Added 12 points to OceanSecrets.
    • Added Joalexik. Welcome!

    If I missed anything, PM this account!


  3. Updated!

    • Added 5 points to Darkstorm34
    • Removed 5 Points from Charondusk
    • Moved wish to completed (Charondusk's Sunset)
    • Removed 3 points from Laura-Lana
    • Added 3 points to The_Bucket
    • Added wish to completed (Laura-Lana's Falconiform)
    • Added accel0831. Welcome!
    • Added 10 points to shadowandmoon
    • Removed 10 points from accel0831
    • Added wish to completed (accel0831's Xenowyrm)
    • Added 10 points to Laura-Lana
    • Removed 10 points from airaani
    • Added wish to completed (airaani's Nebula- the wish is still up)
    • Added yaquiidru. Welcome!
    • Added yaquiidru's wish (CB Xenowyrm) to the "taken wishes" section.
    • Added Darkstorm34's wish. (CB Female Tsunami)
    If I missed anything, PM this account!


  4. Updated!

    • Added points to Areous (3, total 44)
    • Removed points from Laura-Lana (3, total 13)
    • Added CharonDusk's Sunset to "Taken Wishes."
    • Added Laura-Lana's 2nd Gen Colossus to "Completed Wishes".
    • Added Kytarie, The_Bucket, and Windra to the list. Welcome!
    • The_Bucket, I PMed you back.
    Also, thank you, Laura-Lana smile.gif

    -Merry, aka Darkstorm34

  5. I would like to join

    Scroll name: SnitchMist2210

    Magi link: http://dragcave.net/view/4tDHa

    PM link: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...E=04&MID=149682

    Unless I missed something, your PM link is not the same as your username that posted.



    So before I add you, I want a double check of the PM link, thanks!







    With that I would like to announce Darkstorm34 as a new mod!



    I will be off (kazuma52) for the next three weeks so updates will be done by them mostly/completely!

  6. Added Everyone to the list \o\


    To anyone who wants to help update the list, please pm https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...DE=04&MID=97423 (kazuma52)

    Tell me why you why you think you would be a good choice smile.gif



    I will be choosing one more person to help with it since probably for the next month or so I will not really be able to get online as much (I'll still answer questions but I won't be able to update and things like that)


    Also this account needs an avatar! who wants to make it biggrin.gif

  7. Members:

    Kazuma52 -PM- (2) Head Mod

    *Silver Fox* -PM- (16)

    Acridic -PM-(22)

    beefcake -PM-(20)

    AngelsSin -PM-(20)

    Areous -PM- (44)

    lollipop00 -PM-(37)

    airaani -PM-(3)

    Sylph264 -PM- (20)

    osean -PM- (86) Mod

    DoubleLift -PM- (20)

    brightflashes -PM- (1) Mod

    danicast -PM- (75)

    Alectrona -PM- (20)

    Yuddith -PM- (14)

    OceanSecrets -PM- (32)

    terrerio35 -PM- (15)

    fuzzbucket -PM- (20)

    elrine -PM- (20)

    RedBriar -PM- (20)

    Glyndlamir -PM- (20)

    Cthulu -PM- (39)

    Imzadi83 -PM- (25)

    Darth Krande -PM- (12)

    KingSpinosaurus -PM- (20)

    EndermanRuler19943 -PM- (6)

    SakuraHimitsu -PM- (6)

    The Flash -PM- (0)

    Canimia -PM- (20)

    Muchsyrup -PM- (20)

    spencersmith -PM- (20)

    Lavaedra -PM- (40)

    Zexious -PM- (0)

    Tawa -PM- (26)

    ravenlady -PM- (1)

    Echostorm -PM- (0)

    sfate -PM- (20)

    Cardstormer -PM- (20)

    Skitty8 -PM- (20)

    Ylvanne -PM- (32)

    eaaem -PM- (22)

    silverflame22 -PM- (0)

    Syferia -PM- (20)

    Balta398 -PM- (20)

    CharonDusk -PM- (32)

    BunniWabbit -PM- (33)

    DevilAngelWolf27 -PM- (2)

    shadowandmoon -PM- (70)

    Labcoat -PM- (10)

    Tydeth -PM- (20)

    Frosslass -PM- (10)

    Darkstorm34 -PM- (13) Mod

    sparkle10184 -PM- (20)

    Princess Kiara -PM- (20)

    Pandalf -PM- (20)

    Laura-Lana -PM- (20)

    Kytarie -PM- (20)

    The_Bucket -PM- (23)

    Windra -PM- (20)

    accel0831 -PM- (10)

    yaquiidru -PM- (20)

    DragoonEagle -PM- (20)

    cfipook -PM- (20)

    Joalexik -PM- (20)

    Chaser11 -PM- (20)



    Current Wishes:

    Member <- dragon wished for (cost of wish)


    Osean <- CB Xenowyrm from Forest (15)

    Danicast <- CB Gold (40)





    If you grant these, you receive zero points.

    Princess Kiara <- 2G Holly (76) Not enough points.

    DragoonEagle <- CB Almandine Pyralspite (40) Not enough points.



    User who received <--- Dragon <--- Gifter

    osean <- Avatar of Destruction (5) <-- Lavaedra

    Sylph264 <- CB Female Albino (2) <-- Kazuma52

    Ravenlady <- Silver Shimmer-Scale (15) <-- Lavaedra

    Zexious <- Blue Dino (20) <-- Tawa

    Echostorm <- Gold (20) <-- Sylph264

    EndermanRuler19943 <- CB Female Nebula (12) <-- Sylph264

    Sylph264 <- CB Male Neotropical (2) <-- Areous

    Sylph264 <- CB Female Brimstone (2) <-- osean

    Ravenlady <- Glaucus Drake, Female (1) <-- Cthulu

    Ravenlady <- Pygmy Dragon, Male (1) <-- airaani

    Sylph264 <- CB Male Crimson Flare Pygmy (2) <-- airaani

    airaani <- CB Nebula (10) <-- danicast

    Sylph264 <- CB Female Misfit Pygmy (12) <-- ravenlady

    The Flash <- Cheese, no requirements (20) <-- Darth Krande

    ravenlady <- CB Albino Female (2) <-- eaaem

    silverflame22 <- Any Dino (20) <-- osean

    Areous <- CB Male Black Capped Teimarr (2) <--Tawa

    Areous <- CB Female Black Tea (2) <-- Tawa

    Sylph264 <- CB Female Dark Myst Pygmy (2) <-- Tawa

    Brightflashes <- CB Lumina Egg (10) <-- osean

    Ravenlady <- Female Blacktip (1) <-- Brightflashes

    Areous <- CB Male Blue-Banded (2) <-- airaani

    Ylvanne <- 2G Purple Nebula from Shadow Walker (17) <-- airaani

    Sylph264 <- CB Male Blacktip (2) <-- Areous

    Sylph264 <- CB Male Deep Sea (2) <-- danicast

    airaani <- CB Nebula (10) <-- danicast

    airaani <- CB Nebula (10) <-- danicast

    Sylph264 <- CB Male Purple Dorsal (2) <-- BunniWabbit

    ravenlady <- Male Electric Dragon (1) <-- BunniWabbit

    SakuraHimitsu <- Female Red Dragon (7) <-- CharonDusk

    SakuraHimitsu <- Male Red Dragon (7) <-- airaani

    Sylph264 <- CB Female Falconiform (2) <-- Ylvanne

    DevilAngelWolf27<- CB Blusang Lindwurm Egg (20) <-- shadowandmoon

    Sylph264 <- CB Female Frostbite (2) <-- Labcoat

    Tawa <- CB Xenowyrm (10) <-- shadowandmoon

    Areous <- CB Female Gray/Storm (2) <-- DevilAngelWolf27

    areous <- CB Female Stone (2) <-- danicast

    Frosslass <- Red Dragon (10) <-- CharonDusk

    Tawa <- CB Xenowyrm (10) <-- CharonDusk

    *Silver Fox* <- 2nd. Gen Soulpeace egg (17) <-- lollipop00

    Ravenlady <- Blusang, not inbred (10) <-- Ylvanne

    Laura-Lana <- A 2nd gen Black from a CB Gold parent (14) <-- airaani

    Labcoat <- Male Pink (12) <-- airaani

    airaani <- CB Nebula (10) <-- Laura-Lana

    Laura-Lana <- 2G Colossus from Female Pyro (3) <- Areous

    CharonDusk <- Sunset (5) <-- Darkstorm34

    Laura-Lana <- 2G Falconiform Wyvern from Male Thalassa (3) <- The_Bucket

    accel0831 <- CB Xenowyrm (10) <- shadowandmoon

    airaani <- CB Nebula (10) <- Laura-Lana

    yaquiidru <- CB Xenowyrm (10) <- shadowandmoon

    airaani <- CB Nebula (10) <- yaquiidru

  8. This thread has been approved \o\ \o/ /o/


    Original Thread Thanks to Avalon the Great for the idea and for running it for so long.


    Welcome to the wishlist! This is a thread where your gifting to others allows you to wish for more, rarer dragons yourself. smile.gif You get 20 points just for joining, to start you off!


    How It Works:


    Person 1: Fills out wish form.

    ThreadMod: Adds wish in the "Current Wishes" section of this post, in blue.

    Person 2: Catches/breeds desired egg, PMs Person 1 with the teleport link, and posts the second form.

    Thread Mod: Changes wish in "Current Wishes" section to green.

    Person 1: Accepts the egg within 72 hours of the previous step, or 48 hours of it hatching, if it was gender-specific (unless there's something wrong with it - if so, see below) and uses the final form.

    Thread Mod: Deletes wish from "Current Wishes" section and changes point values of Person 1 and 2 appropriately.


    Things That Could Go Wrong, and Corrections:


    - My granter bred/caught the wrong egg!

    Solution: Simply PM them back and post something here letting me know as well. Do NOT accept the egg. Please. I can imagine a case scenario where you accepted the hatchling and it gendered wrong (because apparently the granter didn't influence it), but let's hope that never happens. So granters, please be sure to gender the egg correctly!


    -I wished for something, but didn't have enough points for the dragon!

    Solution: Post here, letting us know, if we didn't already notice. If you've already accepted the dragon from someone, please PM us about it and we'll figure something out. (This is a "Cross that bridge when we reach it" approach. Let's hope we never reach it.)


    -You didn't add/change the color of my wish in the Current Wishes section!

    Solution: This happens pretty often, because we're busy and can only come on occasionally. Chances are someone will notice it and get the dragon for you anyway, but if one of us posts "Updated!" and it isn't there when it should be, just post and let me know.


    -You changed my value wrong!

    Solution: Just PM this account to let us know, and we'll fix it.


    - Instead of being blue or green in the Current Wishes section, my wish is red!

    Solution: Check the recent posts. If that was done purposefully, the update message will have told you what's wrong with it. If there is no such notice, just PM the account. Coding errors happen, heh. ._.




    1. Be polite and friendly. Obvious, right?

    2. Be calm. Don't stress out. (This is as much for us as it is for you...)

    3. Listen to the thread-mods - they know what they're talking about.

    4. I am allowed to make any changes to this post as I wish, with or without notice.

    5. Once you have accepted a dragon, you may not kill it or trade it. (This rule was made due to popular demand.)

    6. Member list will be cleaned out due to inactivity. If you don't reply to a breeder after 24 hours, you get one strike, after two strikes, you will be removed, you may reapply again if you choose to.

    7. To join, please give me a link to an adult magi you have. If you don't have an unfrozen magi, please PM me and I will Breed you one (though you must raise it yourself).

    8. If you want to become a mod or magi donor, or submit a banner, please PM me! I'm always happy to add new helpers to the team, if you can promise that you'll be around if I need you! ^-^

    9. If you break any rules you risk losing points or even being permanently banned from the thread.

    10. Please read the entire first post before joining. I can't force you to, but I don't want to have to answer unnecessary questions, especially those concerning "What do I do now?"

    12. If I do something wrong, or if you have suggestions, please don't hesitate to talk to me! Post here, PM me (click here), send your ideas telepathically, whatever. ^^'

    12. If multiple gifters give at the same time to the same wish, you may choose to take all however you will lose more points depending on the number of dragons you take- this is the only time you can get into the negatives. Only the gifters you accept the eggs from will get points.




    ~~ Joining

    [SIZE=7][font=Impact][color=blue]I would like to join[/SIZE][/color][/font][b]
    Scroll name:
    Magi link:
    PM link: 



    [SIZE=7][font=Impact][color=blue]I Am Wishing[/SIZE][/color][/font][b]
    Dragon and Requirements:
    My Total Wish Points:
    Total Cost of This Wish:[/b]



    Note: Fill out and post this form as well as PM the user AS SOON as you catch or breed an egg for a wish, regardless of whether it must be hatched for the wish! This is to prevent multiple people catching an egg for the same person.

    [SIZE=7][font=Impact][color=green]I'm Granting A Wish[/SIZE][/color][/font][b]
    Dragon and Requirements:
    Link to lineage:
    My Total Wish Points:[/b]


    ~~Wish Granted

    Note: fill out once the egg has been received by the wisher.


    [SIZE=7][font=Impact][color=orange]My Wish Was Granted[/SIZE][/color][/font][b]
    Dragon and Requirements:
    Link to lineage:
    My Current Total:[/b]


    [SIZE=7][FONT=Impact][COLOR=orange]I Have Granted A Wish [/SIZE][/color][/font][b]
    Dragon and Requirements: 
    Link to Lineage:
    My Current Total: [/b]




    ~~Changing Wish

    Note: You cannot change/cancel a wish once someone as claimed it

    [SIZE=7][FONT=Impact][Color=red]I would like to change my wish[/SIZE][/color][/font][b]
    Current wish:
    New wish:
    Total cost of new wish:
    My current total:[/b]



    ~~Canceling Wish

    Note: You cannot change/cancel a wish once someone as claimed it

    [SIZE=7][FONT=Impact][Color=red]I would like to cancel my wish[/SIZE][/color][/font][b]
    Current wish:
    My current Total:
    please cancel this wish, I no longer wish for it. [/b]



    Dragon Values:

    Commons: 1

    Uncommons: 5

    Rares: 10

    Ultra Rares: 20

    Holidays: 40

    Neglecteds: 80



    Point breakdown thanks to Sylph264


    (kazuma52) Point Breakdown: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zIh...dit?usp=sharing

    Gender-Specific: add 1/2 of the original price

    Purebred, Special Lineage of Any Sort: add the original price

    Special Ability Dragon: add the original price

    Specific # Gen: add a tenth of the original price for every gen you want above 10th. (Hint: That means that for a CB, you pay twice the original price.)

    Round down for points.

    If you ask for a CB, you don't add the PB and CB points, just the CB points. (I think that made sense)


    Yes, these do stack.

    For example: I want a Purebred, 4th Gen, Male Vampire (Spec. Abil. Dragon) (rare).


    10 (base, rare) + 10 (PB) + 10 (Spec. Abil) + 6 (4th gen) + 5 (Male) = 41 points.


    Dragon Rarities:

    For now, Rarities are based on the wiki (Feel free to give a better idea if you have one)



    Banners, Etc:


    Thanks to ƒrozen for the awesome banner!

    user posted image