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  1. It's been so hard to contain my excitement during this release! When I started the concept for the Venturises, I expected it to end up in the void like so many other completed DRs. But actually seeing them here, as an official DC breed...it's a feeling I can't even describe. Thank you so much to SkyWolf25 and spatio for bringing them to life, as well as TJ for selecting them! Congrats to Mewtie as well on another gorgeous dragon! I love everything about the Xols. The new alt mechanic is really neat too! I just hope I can remember to not mindlessly incubate everything
  2. @camelia2 you've been added! I made note of your contact preferences as well
  3. 100% support on all three ideas. I was only able to catch 9 eggs this year. I'm a university student working full-time in healthcare, so I've been pretty busy since the pandemic hit the US. I understand that not everyone needs a week and I envy their egg hunting skills, but some of us would greatly appreciate it. Not everyone is able to consistently refresh every few minutes. The event would be more fun if everyone could participate and appreciate the artists' amazing work, right?
  4. Your baby will be just fine. CB Prizes cannot die from sickness. They can still get sick. Nothing bad will happen--the warning message is just automatic for all growing things racking up high clicks and views. So you are safe to unfog Congrats on the win!
  5. I really wish people would take the coronavirus outbreak seriously. I work in a very hands-on field where I come into contact with easily a hundred people every day. We've put out hand sanitizer and tissues but very few use them. I've made a habit of wiping down the high touch surfaces when I get a chance but now we're out of disinfectant wipes and unable to order more for the time being. Yes, this is a big deal. It's not the flu. Wash your hands, don't touch your face, and avoid sick people. Most cases may be mild but we don't know exactly how this virus acts yet...who knows if it is worse the second time around? I'm also scared for people like my dad. He's 50 years old with a history of respiratory issues. He can't afford to get sick--his income is already tight and he's higher risk. The "relief" plan is only supposed to offer paid time off to those with companies over 500 employees. That excludes both of us and many other people. The amount you're given is also supposed to be capped at $4,000 over 12 weeks. That's less than minimum wage in my state. Please, please be cautious about this virus...if not for yourself, then people like my dad who are high risk.
  6. Have: 2G Bronze Shimmer x Wintertide Want: -2G Prize -2G SA (I can dream, right?) -CB Gold/Silver -Multiple CB Xenos (no Pyro)/CB Coppers (no Brown) -Other rare offers No interested in unbreedables. https://dragcave.net/teleport/ecc03008bc164b496a663ffb20cd8495
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    Have: 2G Bronze Shimmer x Wintertide Want: -2G Prize -2G SA (I can dream, right?) -CB Gold/Silver -Multiple CB Xenos (no Pyro)/CB Coppers (no Brown) -Other rare offers No interested in unbreedables. https://dragcave.net/teleport/ecc03008bc164b496a663ffb20cd8495
  8. @snakehands congrats on the win!! I've added you to the list
  9. Congrats to the Leap Day winners!
  10. @Chaosdawn welcome to the project!
  11. You can get CB Metals without catching them. I have never been able to catch anything more rare than an alt Ridgewing yet I have 6 CB Silvers. Only one of them is from a 2G Prize trade. The rest are from mass CB Halloween hatchling trades or the Market. But yes, they are hard to catch in the cave. That's why they're rare. It's definitely not impossible though because I see them all the time in trade threads--it just comes down to timing and luck. I don't think you should give up over this. There's so much more to DC than catching CB Metals. By the way, rants should really go here:
  12. No, we've just been passing on eggs to anyone who has space. I would rather not do an egg request form as the point of this lineage is just achieving as many generations as possible without inbreeding. The Targaryen project is different. Also I, like many others, breed my CB Prizes for other purposes like raffles and trades so they're not readily available for requests. If you want an egg from a specific generation, I suggest reaching out to the owner of those dragons over PM.
  13. Congrats to this month's winners! Sad to hear that there are people out there gaming the system and ruining it for the everyone else. But hey, at least some other lucky hunters got to catch the shinies.
  14. The participant list has been updated!
  15. One of my resolutions is to travel more. So here's a shot I took in Daytona a few weeks ago.
  16. The list has been updated! Welcome @prpldrgnfr and @LackingDragons
  17. Anyone need a Prize(kin) from F Silver Tinsel or M Gold Shimmer?
  18. Does anyone need a 2G Prizekin for their giftee? I have a Gaia from female Bronze Shimmer that needs a home. Gone!
  19. Do you still need a 2G Prize? I can attempt to breed one for you in about 5 hours. Edit: they no egg'd me
  20. What color is your shiny? I influenced my Silver Tinsel female because I preferred the male sprites of my favorite breeds (Black Teas, Monarchs, Sunrises, etc.) and like the male Christmas/Val breeds more. As for tips, just don't get yourself in over your head. It's easy to start a list and think that it will be easy until suddenly your Prize decides to stop producing shiny eggs. My Silver Tin once went 3 months without giving me Tinsel eggs--even when I bred her to holidays. I recommend trading eggs as you get them for whatever things you may still need. If you still want to try a list, limit yourself to only 2 or 3 people and allow yourself some personal breeding attempts. Rotating mates can sometimes make getting a Prize egg faster. I give each person 3 attempts before asking them to pick a different breed. Zyus, commons, and breeds that have been in-cave for less than a year will be difficult to work with. Be careful with IOUs. This goes back to keeping a list, but always make sure the person you're sending the egg to is 1) still active and 2) won't run off with it without paying you. I've had people pull a disappearing act before after several weeks of breeding and it isn't pleasant. That's part of why I only offer 2G Prize IOUs to people who can offer me really rare things like 2G SAs. There will always be trades available for CB Metals. If you need any more tips from a fellow Western winner, my inbox is open! I have quite a bit of experience with owning CB Prizes so I should be able to help
  21. Congrats to the winners! It's especially nice to see some familiar names finally get their much-deserved shinies
  22. @Alwerien added! Keeping her nameless is not a problem