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  1. If you turn on "show pending descriptions," you can see which dragons you've described--even before they're approved by a mod. A notification wouldn't really help you remember which dragons you described as it can take weeks for a mod to get to one of your descriptions. But I do see where you're coming from with this suggestion. Personally, I would only find a rejection notification helpful.
  2. I've had two people on one of my 2G lists for the same mate for a few months now. One wanted the kin and the other wanted the Prize, so it worked out. Except both seem to have gone inactive weeks ago (which I found out after getting an egg). It's not at all a big deal, but I could have used those weeks of breeding for someone else that has been waiting even longer. I think I'm just going to put their request on the back burner for now. People, if the circumstances allow it, please warn others that you have IOUs with that you are leaving or at least put a note in your sig.
  3. Participants bonvoyage: Crystal Cat, F Gold Shimmer | Ironic Equation, M Bronze Shimmer animatedrose: God Shim, M Bronze Shimmer osean: OOwTj, M Silver Tinsel Sunrunner: Aoife, M Silver Tinsel Commander Wymsy: Galletian Victory, M Bronze Tinsel | Scintillating Noodle, F Silver Shimmer The Dragoness: Gloriosa Stellarum, F Silver Tinsel | Caelesti Solem, M Gold Shimmer | Luna Aetherium, F Bronze Shimmer
  4. The Purebred Prize Project Goal: breed the longest non-inbred spiral we can with only Prizes. The Idea We'll start with a PB 2G Prize. Then one of our participants will breed that dragon to their CB Prize. When they produce a Prize egg, that 3G egg will be bred to a different CB Prize...and so on. The resulting eggs do not need to be influenced based on their corresponding parent's gender (ex. a CB female Bronze Tinsel and a CB male Gold Shimmer produce a Gold Shimmer egg. If you have a CB male Silver Shimmer, influence the egg female.) How to Participate At this time, we are only asking for help from raffle winners. If you are a CB Prize owner and would like to participate, just fill out the short form below so that you can be added to the rotation. We'll let you know when we have an egg available for you. All CB Prizes will be accepted. Rules 1. When you receive an egg, please breed it to your Prize at some point. 2. Don't kill/bite/freeze/neglect/etc. dragons involved in the spiral. 3. When you have bred an egg, fill out the corresponding form and post it here. 4. This project will be placed on hold during holiday events. 5. If you have a long waiting list for your Prize, please let us know so we can plan accordingly. 6. Your CB Prize will be considered "retired" once you have bred them to the spiral and produced an egg. This is to prevent inbreeding. 7. After passing along the first egg your pair produces, you can do what you please with the rest of their offspring. 8. On-topic discussion is welcome in this thread! I Want to Participate! CB Prize(s): -insert link here- Notes: -if you have a long list/will be unavailable during holidays/etc., let us know here- I Have an Egg! Link: -egg link here- CB Prize Mate: -link here- First Breeding Attempt: -date here- That's all! This is going to be a very relaxed breeding project, so don't feel like you need to rush or watch for regular updates. If something important happens, we'll discuss it here.
  5. ~Winners~ CB Summer Seasonal - @Whirlaway 3G Gold Shimmer x Lumina - @RAAMIsABeast 3G Bronze Shimmer x Gold - @Seriva Senkalora 3G Bronze Shimmer x Celestial - @Varislapsi 2G Silver x Mutamore - @Solaries 2G Silver x Shadow Walker - @Aqub 2G PB Bleeding Moon - @iNarvi 2G PB Hooktalon - @Radda11 2G Ember x Witchlight - @Rememberdrgns 2G Bleeding Moon x Deep Sea - @jerzeeshadow 2G Tatterdrake x Vremya - @Alectrona 2G Avatar of Destruction x Black Marrow - @trystan 2G Avatar of Destruction x Desipis - @Forever_Mone 3G Avatar of Destruction x Hellfire - @Wolves-and-Wings 3G Avatar of Destruction x Pyro - @iNarvi 2G Black Truffle x Arcana - @Kigyptnee 2G Lacula x Omen - @trystan 2G Red Fire Gem x Witchlight - @Ruby Eyes 2G Geminae x Hooktalon - @borntobefree 3G Black x Black Marrow - @Forever_Mone 3G Avatar of Destruction x Black Marrow - @osean 3G Black x Desipis - @Terces 3G Pyro x Desipis - @BrazenChase 3G Golden Wyvern x Caligene - @Kazeodori 3G Script x Omen - @Wmctalon 3G Red Copper x Cavern Lurker - @Dirtytabs 3G Mageia x Witchlight - @Rememberdrgns 3G Green Fire Gem x Witchlight - @TerraAnne 3G Yellow-Crowned x Antarean - @sunshine_ley 3G Almerald x Bronze Shimmer #1 (JFtE*) - @Wolves-and-Wings 3G Almerald x Bronze Shimmer #2 (07aK*) - @Terces 3G Antarean x Desipis - @Wmctalon 3G Undine x Gold Tinsel - @Sunrunner 4G Razorcrest x mixed - @rinoa26 4G Kingcrowne x Desipis - @trystan 4G Gold x Cavern Lurker - @RAAMIsABeast 5G Royal Crimson x Black Marrow - @sunshine_ley 9G Hellfire x mixed - @RAAMIsABeast bonvoyage's Voucher - @Corseiss The Dragoness' Voucher - @bonvoyage Osean's Voucher - @Xuanxuan Congratulations to this week's round of winners! And thank you to the ever so generous donors that keep this raffle alive ❤️ Update on the Prize Special: once I finish the last 4 IOUs on the Silver Tinsel list, I will be adding the shinies back to the entry form. I'm considering adding an option to choose a common Prizekin over the usual 2G Prize x holiday. Would anyone be interested in that?
  6. The Raffle is Now Closed!
  7. The Raffle is Now Open!  Enter here or in the second post. Good luck to everyone!
  8. Does anyone mind if I extend the donation period? Someone asked me if they could breed one of their special dragons for the raffle but said dragon is on CD for 10 hours. I would open the raffle around 2-3PM DC time tomorrow.
  9. I understand how this could be seen as "helping" them, but the above posters are correct. It wouldn't be right to suddenly allow someone to adopt a dragon that someone released for a reason, be it because of a horrible code, they were burned, or they just plain didn't want it. We already have one place to adopt discarded dragons--the AP.
  10. Now Accepting Donations! This week's theme is Evil! Donation possibilities include Hooktalons, Mimics, Tatterdrakes, Halloweenkin, Avatars of Destruction, and Bleeding Moons, but all dragons are welcome. Donate Here!
  11. No problem, Rosa! I did the same thing in wheel's thread once @iNarvi I added you to the list!
  12. HAVE: 2G Sunset from female Bronze Shimmer *new line* | Make an offer! WANT: Egg or male hatchling please CB Xeno CB Zyu CB Trio (prefer Thunder) CB Blusang CB Gemshard CB Golden Wyvern CB Blusang OR 2G Prizekin offers
  13. HAVE: 2G Sunset from female Bronze Shimmer *new line* | Make an offer! WANT: 2G Prizekin offers 2G Lumina from M Gold Shimmer for this 2G Bronze Copper from F Gold Shimmer for this 2G Silver Lunar from F Silver Shimmer for this 2G Green Copper from F Silver Shimmer for this 2G Monarch from F Silver Shimmer for this 2G Sunrise from M Silver Shimmer for this 2G Celestial from F Bronze Shimmer for this 2G Celestial from M Bronze Shimmer for this 2G Tan Ridgewing from F Bronze Shimmer for this 2G Almandine from F Bronze Shimmer for this 2G Thalassa from F Bronze Shimmer for this 2G Silver Lunar from M Bronze Shimmer for this 2G Silver from F Bronze Shimmer for this 2G Spessartine from F Gold Tinsel for this 2G Red Copper from M Silver Tinsel for this 2G Blue Gemshard from M Silver Tinsel for this 2G Sunsong from F Silver Tinsel for this 2G Undine from M Silver Tinsel for this 2G Gaia from M Silver Tinsel for this 2G Silver from F Silver Tinsel for this 2G Gold Lunar from F Silver Tinsel for this 2G Green Nebula from F Bronze Tinsel for this
  14. HAVE: 2G Sunset from female Bronze Shimmer *new line* | Make an offer! WANT: Egg or male hatchling please CB Xeno CB Zyu CB Trio (prefer Thunder) CB Blusang CB Gemshard CB Blusang CB Golden Wyvern OR 2G Prizekin offers
  15. We needed a thread to dicuss these beautiful dergs! What are you planning on breeding yours with? Some of my own ideas are here [Thalassa, F Moonstone, Frostbite, M Silver, Sweetling, Shadow Walker, Aether, Azure Glacewing, Celestial, Daydream, Diamondwing, Silver Lunar Herald, F Silver, Script]
  16. My bronze bab is a big girl now too. They grow up so fast, don't they? I finally finished collecting enough Tercorns and Corals for my scroll goals. Between work and fall semester starting, I haven't had much time to hunt. I can't wait to breed all of my Vals to Tercorns. They're just so pretty.
  17. I was wondering that too! Both adults are so, so beautiful. The Coral Pygmy Wyverns have a cotton candy vibe going on and I love it. We need more colorful pygmies! And the Tercorns look so graceful. I'll be happily hoarding both! @Mewtie amd @Marrionetta did an amazing job with these guys
  18. My Prize hoard seems to only want to cooperate when I'm breeding to the AP. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but it would be nice to have shinies to gift or trade at other times too.
  19. Well I did change it, but my new(ish) avatar still has a Black Tea. Reason: I ❤ Black Teas and my Silver Tinsel is my most treasured dragon.
  20. Got 4 "shimmering" eggs and 2 pygmies! I'm really looking forward to seeing the adults tomorrow. Both sprites look so pretty!
  21. I am hoping to run another lotto this month, but this week has been so busy that I never got to posting the official opening message before the release. My Prizes also have waiting lists for their offspring, so there is a shortage of Grand Prizes. So, while I'm working on finding some time and prizes, I'll be focusing on Glittering Gold Giveaways. Head on over if you still want to participate in the raffle fun!
  22. Bumping the raffle to September 10th as there is currently a new release going on! And thank you all for the kind words. May the RNG odds be ever in your favor ❤
  23. Wow, this is rough. I've been able to catch 1 pygmy in the last hour that I've been hunting. I really love the other breed so far, so I'm hoping to eventually get some of those. I'm not looking forward to normal eggs mixing in soon and making this even more of a challenge..