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The Pooty Force!1dw0pPr.pngMy Precious ScrollMy life was short. But my creator still uses me every day!!This is Pooty. The hopelessly optimistic kneaded eraser rattlesnake. He helps me make doodles and is kinda squished now, but he will live on forever in my sig.Dead eggs are failed vamping attempts. But don't worry, I shoo my Vamps away from gifted or traded eggs.


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    Feel free to PM me if you see something on my scroll that you like and want bred. Almost everything is requestable, but I might ask for BSA hatchlings or some CB hatchies in return for the more valuable dragons.

    I adore Vampires, Geodes, and Blusangs, so those are some ideas of what to offer on trades that I put up :P