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  1. Can't decide between "Kretz Flutterbutts" and "Foxglove Herbdancer" Awn - yay! Thanks!
  2. YUS! You would be correct! (It makes me quite happy that the reference/connection apparently makes sense outside of my head. ) Anyway... Scarletgarnet Cause it makes me think of Garnet from Steven Universe.
  3. The "Allthat isgold does not glitter" series. (Yay, Tolkien! Even better than My Little Pony.)
  4. You go back in time and meet him, but he's convinced that you're crazy when you try to tell him that you're his grandkid. Your time machine breaks, and you end up getting stuck with a young version of your grandfather who is constantly trying to treat you for "mental issues" that you don't have. I wish bureaucracy was easier to deal with.