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  1. I need to do like a week of homework, haha oops.
  2. Alright honestly I don't like talking about my problems, because who cares? But whatever, I need to get some of this off my chest... People always tell me "Oh! You're opinion matters!" "You should talk more!" And things like that. But as much as I might try to get out of my little shy bubble I can't do it. If I start talking, I usually never say everything I was going to, like either people don't care or they just never pay attention, I have no idea. Either way I have gotten into this mindset of do not speak unless spoken too. And I've noticed, people don't care. Even my best friend, she rather talk to someone she "hates" than me, And by that she told me they hate that person, but she talks more to that person than me. I never talk about my feelings to anyone anymore, no matter how much I want to, I just get the idea of "Who cares, I don't matter anyway." But hey! I'm used to this by now. My friend deserves someone better than an awful person like me. As much as she deserves that, same with my family, I am utterly terrified of the thought of being alone. Even though I don't want to be forgotten or alone, my family and friend deserve someone... Amazing. I am also probably gonna to regret posting this, because I hate bothering people with my own dumb problems. But I just... I don't know... Someone to talk to without being ridiculed.
  3. I ship some things, things like Septiplier, Phan, Lapidot, etc. Those things I'm like, they'd be cute. Then there's one that destroys my soul. Destiel, man. I just I can't deal with it. They are adorable together and literally, they are taking over my life. Just... I can't even put it into words I ship them so much, don't you understand my signature is completely about Destiel. I am officially trash now, all my friends are confused why I ship them, and I can't deal. I finally got that off my chest...
  4. I love this! Dear, Journal, I am tired, I haven't even slept my daily eighteen hours because of the others. Mainly the Mints, they keep climbing into my fur and making their beds in my fur. This is problematic because there are like 8 of these large lizards that are hopping around making noises and tangling my fur. They keep telling me things like, "Oh it's fine, we'll untangle your fur!" "Come on, your fur is so fluffy I can't sleep anywhere else!" I think you can find somewhere else to sleep you annoying whelp, you can very easily just sit next to a Red and be warm the entire night rather than resting on me. The most annoying of the Mints has to be Mintiest Princess. She is pretty stuck up and won't listen to anything I say. To get her off me I actually have to roll over... Maybe I should pull a prank on the Mints! When they are all sleeping I could bring them to a high place, like a mountain, and watch them freak! I mean, I wouldn't leave them there, that would just be plain rude. Maybe then they will learn their lessons and leave me alone to my sleep! -- Themuldr Looks like the Mints are in trouble, huh.
  5. Oh my, I have a lot. So hold onto your seat belts, we about to get wild. Onision, Alonzo Lerone, Bijuu Mike, Brandon Rogers, CowbellyTv, DanTDM, Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, Game Grumps, GMM, JackSepticEye, Markiplier, Kub Scoutz, Joe Santagato, Kurzgesagt In a Nutshell, Lost Pause, NigaHiga, Rob Dyke, ShaneDawson, YuB, and ZexyZek 21... I need to get a life, and soon. I just like them all, okay?
  6. I love so much things, but I cant list them all... The time of night when its dark, but you can still see. Rain. Wind, just it blowing a lil bit. Just cute things, like honey bees! Finding someone else with the same interests. People getting really excited talking about someone or something they love! Hugs!
  7. Starbound.. I was just trying to get some items and I fell into lava... Then I tried to get my items again, and I got killed by a monster.
  8. I should be doing my homework, but playing games seems more productive.
  9. It's so quiet, it feels like I'm the last person on Earth... What if I was?!
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  12. Why is my user Audri0? My name isn't even Audri, I wish it was though it's pretty name...
  13. I just have to get this off my chest One of my best friends is moving away... And my other friend don't really care about me. This friend, let's call her Lisa, if given the chance would hang out with someone else, and trusts pretty much everyone but me, I feel so worthless. I don't want to be friends with Lisa anymore, but if I say my feelings she'll make me feel guilty, and Ill be completely alone at school. I'm too shy to talk to new people... Lisa loves talking to people, but says she's say, yet I can't talk to anyone without having a panic attack. Lisa always wants attention too, she fishes for compliments all the time... Not only am I having trouble with that, my self esteem doesn't even exist anymore. First time I'm going to actually say this tbh, I hate myself. Like a lot. I know I have my family that loves me, but that's what family is for. I try to do anything and it just doesn't feel like I should try. Trying my very best, is someone else's worst.. That's hard to think about. Why should I try when all I do is disappoint people? Of course the only place I can talk about this is on the Internet because I'm too scared my feelings are just me over reacting and someone will just think I'm weak... I don't know what to do.
  14. It's actually pretty great, I've been able to hang out with my brother who I haven't seen in a long while! By hang out, I mean we just play games, watch videos, and look at memes. It's nice.
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