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PREDATOR if you see this pls contact me!

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    TO COLLECT: MORE NDs needed
    TO NAME: None atm
    IOU: 03 CB candelabras to PREDATOR <- are you still playing? cannot contact you!

    I won a raffle and breed my shimmer often. I am trying to get myself another ND, but can trade it for CB common hatchies :)

    Here is incomplete list of CB I need atm: ___

    Here is incomplete wishlist: ___

    Hatchies (messy lineaged) for freezing: spitfire, striped, striped river, almerald, male sunsong, antarean, nexus, tsunami, ultraviolet, alt undines, female vampire, waterhorse ungendered, whiptail, monarch f/m/u, duotone, red, royal blue, azure, frilled, aria, skywing, bolt, diamond wing, purple, all pygmies but basic ones, scimitar, morphodrakes, candelabra, tarantula, storm-riders, neotropical, ochredrakes, celestial, ungendered pillow, f/m pink, lumina, dark lumina, kingcrownes, silver lunar heralds, orange, mint, moonstones u/f/m, two headed u/f/m, BB wyverns, hellfire f, harvest, fire gems, hellhorse f/m, hooktalon, horse dragon, howler, frostbite, blue gemshard, night and day glory, geode, water walkers, tetra, spotted, blunas... l

    I name my dragons, but sometimes it takes time. If I have hatches from your dragons and you want me to name it just PM me.