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  1. Banned for having too much blue in your signature.
  2. Look. Phoenix. I don't know WHAT you did to get in here. But I assure you my daddy has people who can do much worse. Don't you lay a grimy little chicken wing on my fur.
  3. Banned for having a long signature.
  4. PaleSushiPhire Fuse your name with lawnchair
  5. Bend and snap -legally blonde the musical
  6. I'm still working on building my team. So winning doesn't happen just yet.
  7. PillowSapphire Fuse your name with steak
  8. That's a royal tragedy. OH MY GOODNESS. where were you yesterday when we were like 100% Pokemon
  9. Not like I deserve to be here. I'm basically royalty for Petes sake. Daddy will come in get me in no time.
  10. Gonna go with 1 I once ate nothing but pizza for an entire week. I've visited every continent except one. I have a 10 pound bunny rabbit.
  11. For a communications major. You basically have to go for at least a masters to end up anything but a hotel receptionist. I'm a people person. ^.^ And I don't hate school. So wynaut
  12. PaleBadger I like it. Fuse with Gumdrop
  13. Incredibly ridiculous. That's why my sister in law decided to switch her plan after she was already halfway through a masters degree.
  14. False. I love to eat. But I'm inept when it comes to actually preparing things. Tpbm is currently eating.
  15. Yeah. I basically have to write my own theory that's never been proven before. Not really looking forward to that. I don't understand why it's even required really.