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  1. I will tinkle in the woods. And evidently never shower.
  2. It's the top percentile of dessert. It's a poisonous spider. I may never go in my bathroom ever again.
  3. I'm pretty good at baking. Can't cook to save my life. But baking is pretty simple. I make a mean homemade tiramisu. ...I just found a brown recluse in my shower.
  4. Hi mew! Brownies are delicious. But I've made so many pans in the past week I think I'm gonna cry the next time I see a Betty Crocker box. Help yourself.
  5. Ah. That makes more sense. I explained the relevance of tentacles on the Internet to my mother yesterday. Now she's texting me from work about how she's giggling every time someone mentions an octopus.
  6. Yikes. Neither of those experiences sound very fun. I baked brownies.
  7. MARCUS. I'm proud to inform you I slept for 6+ hours last night. So my sleeping schedule is not completely ruined. 9am is a perfectly fine time to wake up. Your OCs are songwriters I presume