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  1. I really really really love elephants. I used to have a collection of like, Thirty when I was younger. Elephants are cool as heck.
  2. I'd love to be a squirrel. Like. You can climb around everywhere. And people give you free food at city parks.
  3. I went out to a fancy Italian restaurant named Buca Di Beppos for a double date with my best friend and his girlfriend. ^.^ I had baked ziti & tiramisu.
  4. Much to the objection of my boyfriend in the car, I had a McDonald's 20 piece chicken nugget meal. Because I'm actually still 8 years old at heart and "nuggetses is like my family"
  5. I used to swear I was meant to be in ravenclaw. But since I've gotten older, I match much closer to hufflepuff. Oops.
  6. I'm currently reading the Gone series by Michael Grant. It's a little dark, but really gripping. I'm currently on the fourth or fifth one in the series, but haven't had much time to read lately.
  7. I just finished Kill la Kill and a miniseries called Another. Another was really dark. But crazy good. I've been meaning to start Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon, but I haven't gotten around to it
  8. I'm obsessed with Justin James Hughes. I watched his first view videos and it was just like. Oh my gosh. Plus he's fun to look at while he talks.
  9. I actually just started listening to it after my friend started randomly quoting it and I was like, what on earth. I'm already hooked after about 2 days of listening.
  10. Well they couldn't possibly make it convenient. Or have done it two days ago when I was still in Japan and it was socially acceptable for me to be awake right now
  11. Bouncing into conversations about paintball. Even though I've only played once and I got a bruise the size of a grapefruit on my arm Also hi. I'm Nati!
  12. Io (Like the Greek mythology )
  13. I'm currently in Japan visiting my sister. Today, I'm seeing the rare occurrence of sunshine which has maybe happened 4 times in the last month. The rainy season sucksss