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  1. Hello friends! It's 2:36 am and our power is switching on and off and on and off and on and off. I'm going to either get electrocuted or melt. Either way. Not surviving this
  2. speaking of pictures. I finally finished manually transferring about 100 pictures from my old phone to my new one I feel pretty accomplished.
  3. Yeah, because I didn't recognize it when she said the name, but it's white elephant where I'm from.
  4. It's super fun. You're missing out my friend
  5. Ah. I've only played at parties ages 4-8 so all the presents are relatively similar because otherwise WWIII would ensue. Not similar, but similar value.
  6. We don't really have a winner when we do it here. Everyone ends up getting a present, we just pass them around to see who gets the first one and so forth.
  7. Hullo friends! @ fortune I've played pass the parcel, but we call it White Elephant
  8. I actually completely understand Recycledheart's logic. Probably not. Considering I'm afraid to step outside my house after it gets dark. Much less go into spooky woods.
  9. I will tinkle in the woods. And evidently never shower.