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  1. I want a Banner! Banner type: Boxed Dragon Breed/s: Spirit Wards Use hatchlings?: Yes, if possible! Banner text: Spirit Ward Guardian (or Protector; whichever works better since I just wanted the pun for ward ^^) Can other people use this banner?: Sure! Any specific requests?: None, but since SWs have their colour-changing thing going on, it's up to you whether to incorporate that or not. Are you still taking requests? I'd love a banner, but I have absolutely no creativity so my own guidelines for it is pretty limited- all the examples are really well done, though, so I have utmost faith
  2. Through a strawpoll of course! It's all very secret though, and only those with keen eyes are able to find the place of congregation. In fact, there's one going on right now! Quick, everyone rapidly click around! My Spirit Wards are glowing! Are they dying? Have I done something wrong? They always do this, and I think it's maybe that's normal, but what if them not glowing means that they're losing the motivation for life? Help!
  3. I'd love to join, but I'm in the same boat with Spirit Wards. Along with Lunar Heralds, they've been out for a while, but aren't on the list. Are they viable anyway?
  4. Midnightram (Because that image of a Brute suddenly ramming into a pole was lovely, thank you.)
  5. Darn, I missed the pancakes. Guess I'll go hunting for potatoes, now?
  6. Squalo? -I want pancakes. Anyone have any?-
  7. *quietly leads a flight of Spirit Wards away*
  8. Of course you can! But first, you'll need to sacrifice several others of the same breed to get that power. It should take a few years, but you'll get there eventually! There's a huge hole in my dragon egg, and no dragon in sight! Have they escaped?
  9. I caught 6 on my first go, lucky me Good news is that now I'm scroll-locked with the new eggs, bad news is I've got a few dozen unnecessary tabs open on my browser lmao
  10. I'MA FIRIN' MAH LAZAR How do you pick from so many good ones gosh. (Also all them references.)