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  1. GRAVYSHARK Fuse with the word "solar."
  2. Tough one. Keep: Diamondwing Abandon: Plated Colossus Kill: Azure Glacewing Silver, Gold, Copper
  3. You have to be in the Alpine at exactly 3:05 A.M. EST. Oh, and you also must have at least 5 CB Silvers, 5 CB Golds, and 5 Coppers before you can find one. So good luck with that. My Aegis Dragon is enraged! Why has he changed colors entirely?!
  4. I'll Watch Your Grave. Seriously eerie, imagining a spirit above your tomb.
  5. Star Screech and Melted Mozzarella Sticks are tied, for me.
  6. 'No Luck Dating.' Aww! Keep giving it your best if it's what you want, little dragon. ^^
  7. Woo! Ready to try and beat my record from last year's Holly Contest! My scroll can be found here. It's ordered by breed; my 2017 Olive Dragons will be hosting "Hollyvine" as a surname.
  8. Voted for Canopies! But my second pick would certainly be Mints. This was a tough vote this year.
  9. ChinnyPenguin...Just...How in the world did you get a dragon named MrElf to be born? This is WAY too perfect for the season. Thank you!
  10. Requester's Form Forum name: PixelShark PM link: PM Egg wanted and special wishes: 3Gen Gold-horned Tangar unrelated mate for him (Gold-horned Tangar x Wrapping Wing) (equal checker please!) Secret field: No holiday requests! Requester's Form Forum name: PixelShark PM link: PM Egg wanted and special wishes: 3Gen Pillow Dragon unrelated mate for her (Pillow Dragon x Ribbon Dancer) (equal checker please!) Secret field: No holiday requests! EDIT: Made it so links ACTUALLY go to my scroll now. Oops!
  11. Pixel here, swearing most certainly that Aegis of the North will remain pacified, and that Vengeful Spirit of Winter will remain enraged, for all of eternity.
  12. Oh boy, another story from me. And it's another pizza one. A customer calls trying to ask us what size pizzas we have. I tell him. He says "alright." He then asks "what specialty pizzas we do," and I tell him. He proceeds to ask me about the "chicken alfredo" (it's not on our menu, but regulars would in fact know that we can make this, and furthermore, if you know this pizza exists, then you should know our pizzas backwards and forwards). I say "yes, we can do that for you." Thoroughly confused, he asks me again what the pizza sizes are, and I repeat...only to hear him say "b-but--the--th
  13. I cannot believe that it's already December. This is my very first contest hoarding rodeo, so I'm quite pleased to announce that my final count comes to an even 170.
  14. I swear, I'll get at LEAST two new releases each. This time...This time. EDIT: DARN IT I GRABBED 3 OF THE SAME ONE. x'D
  15. As I work as one of the primary register gals at a local restaurant, I get some interesting questions. I also take to-go orders over the phone, as we provide that service. That gets even more interesting. First story: So, one afternoon I answer the phone to take the first to-go order, and they start to tell me what they want...only they stop and ask me, "what do I want to eat?" And I don't say it to them (as it would be rude), but I'm thinking to myself, "why would I know what you want to eat??!?" So after a moment of them being unresponsive I'm like "well, I--I don't know." And then th
  16. Oh, I LOVE both The Birthday Massacre and Set It Off. And I love both of those songs! But, I think today I'll go with Kill the Lights by Set It Off. by Purity Ring vs. by Falling in Reverse
  17. Bearclaw and French Toast immediately grabbed me. But I don't wanna look lazy with it being towards the top on the first page, so let me dig a little deeper for a second one. You have got some FANTASTIC names here. I Got the Power - Nintendo Power
  18. Ah--! The Witchlight Dragon x Diamondwing Dragon OR the Witchlight x Fog Dragon are must-haves for me...I wonder what would be best in terms of poses, though, with the Diamondwings? Choosing is so tough. What do you guys think? Anyone favor these two a lot?
  19. ^ This. And Draikinator, I'm only really going to respond to your fear of the word "hermaphrodite" and what my sentence "There are human hermaphrodites" means. When I was using it, saying "there are human hermaphrodites," I was talking about infants who are born kind of stuck between both genders (which is real, by the way, and the word "hermaphrodite" is a word totally acceptable to identify a gender through scientific means--it has nothing to do with "transgender" in the context I am using, which is at its basic form. It's 100% acceptable "in modern times" as well) which doctors are cap
  20. Okay, no, I'm going to defend angelicdragonpuppy here. I saw nothing offensive in angelic's statement. Literally nothing at all. Please don't be lashing out at them just because you felt offended by something you saw in their statement. Anatomy is anatomy. If the dragons were never meant to breed with another of the same sex to produce an offspring, then they certainly won't do it now. Because that's just not how things have worked, or will ever work. It's simple science. Your argument is that dragons supposedly already have the ability to change gender at will. That is complete
  21. Woo! Holiday show-off! Despis Dragons: Egg at the time of post - hydrargyrum, MASSIVE kudos! Lunar Despise - tjenni, awesome lineage! Prussian Dread - Ramani, very interesting choice in mates, it's quite the sight to admire! Shadow Walker Dragons: Spirit of the Avalanche - xdlugia, that takes time and patience! Love it! Soul of Pyrite - xdlugia, again! Fantastic job! Silence of the Mist - Kiyoura, one of the best Shadow Walker checkers I have ever seen. Ghostly Thuwed Sighting - LadyAndreca, loving the 2016 Halloween Thuwed! Thank you! Fog of Silver Linin
  22. 787 -- You're luck I need to go to work >:E