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  1. Have quite a few that are in languages other than English--that definitely opens up some possibilities. Golden Wyverns: Settantanove - 79 in Italian (atomic number of gold) Setenta y Nueve - 79 in Spanish (ditto) Labradorite Dragon: Feldspathic - Containing feldspar Avea Pygmy: Fluge - Flights in German (okay technically it's flüge but whatever) Undead Eastern: Jia Beng - Chinese, refers to the death of a king or emperor. Frostbite Dragon: Fridgerator - Refrigerator + Fridge Black Marrow: Freinacht - Bavarian holiday, equivalent of Walpurgisnacht. Omen Wyrm: San Pascualito Muerte - Folk saint in Guatemala culture ("King of the Graveyard")
  2. Forum name: sashomarine Image of event token you created: Event your art was included in: ToT 2020 Brief description of treat: Pug + Harry Potter = The Pug Who Lived
  3. Theoretically, if you start now and wait 15 minutes between each egg, you will have enough time for 40 eggs, or 2/3 of this year's eggs. 10 hours to FR midnight ==> 10*60 minutes to FR midnight ==> 10*60/15 eggs until FR midnight, assuming 15 min. between spawns ==> 40 eggs
  4. Ah-ha! That's why it seemed so familiar! Thank you so much for the egg!
  5. This is such a sleek pyrite egg I admire it I kind of want to lick it
  6. I would like my art added to the database! Forum name: sashomarine Image of event token you created: Event your art was included in: FoE 2019 Brief description of treat: Why not celebrate scientific progress by designing an atomic egg after our favorite outdated nuclear model? ----- Image of event token you created: Event your art was included in: FoE 2020 Brief description of treat: Blob creature from No Man's Sky. I just love these pudgy chonkers.
  7. My egg got accepted!! I'm so happy, glad someone recognized it 🥰
  8. Ah, I see! Thank you for the quick reply.
  9. By response, do you mean everyone should now have received a pm thanking them for their submission, or are you saying that everyone should now have received a message telling them whether or not their submission has been accepted? I already got the pm acknowledging my submission, but have not received anything more just yet.
  10. I got eaten, but I already have an upside-down mint Happy to have helped whoever I was paired with!
  11. Wasn't planning to submit one this year, but I was struck with a spark of inspiration. Best of luck to everyone!
  12. Found a treat in a surprisingly accurate location.
  13. I think that means you'd have a good chance of getting accepted if you enter next year! Take this time to refine your egg if needed, add extra details to it, or make a new egg if inspiration strikes.
  14. The colors in the "nucleus" is probably where that connection came from, yeah. Hahaha, such an egg would be the combination of both space AND time.
  15. I suppose I'll jump on the bandwagon. This here is my egg: I am a huge nerd when it comes to all things science--after all, that is what I am currently in university for. So why not celebrate this love of scientific progress by designing an egg after our favorite outdated atomic model? Perhaps I'll make the Schrödinger model next year, once I've figured out how to place pixels without being certain as to where they are at any given time.
  16. That one would be mine, glad you like it! 😃
  17. Excited to see all the eggs, happy Easter!
  18. I'd also like to know this, I'm interested to see some of the creations that didn't make the cut; I'm sure there are a lot of cool ones out there that there just wasn't enough room for this year.
  19. I suppose I'll jump on the bandwagon and say that mine made it, too! I was so excited and nervous when I saw I had received a message. Congrats to those who made it, and best of luck next year to those who didn't! Sounds like there simply wasn't enough room for everyone this year.
  20. Has anyone gotten theirs denied or accepted yet? The tension is palpable.
  21. Last year I played along and gotten a normal mint egg. This year, well... Sorry to whoever got eaten because of me! Hahaha, I'll try to get eaten next year if this event happens again.
  22. @cbussiere Yay, thanks! I honestly chuckled a bit when I saw yours--he's very cute!
  23. Pirate knight wizard? Heck yeah!