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  1. I'd be fine for paid perks such as different themes or a badge like others have said before, but I am absolutely against paid perks that prioritize players on this site, allow getting/incubating/gendering an egg/dragon to be easier for paid versus unpaid on this site. And an in-game currency is also an absolute no-no, whether it can be bought with real money or not. Hoarding money and dragons, hyperinflation (especially if the idea to fix the hoarding is just to make more money), "how much can I get for this dragon?" bid wars and contests among many other issues that would arise because of the new economy. It would be a mess. There are just too many problems with using a currency for it to be a valid option. Showing support through donating, buying an ad-free membership, or buying something from the shop (which also helps support the artist so two birds one stone) is completely adequate. As for internet connection speeds, even with a slower speed you can still get decent dragons through the AP or here on the forums. It's all about being in the right place at the right time.
  2. Mika

    2015-07-26 - July Release

    Bless those updated sprites look 500x better.
  3. I thought I had just grabbed some dull, common dragon during my usual searching. I didn't..
  4. Mika

    2015-07-26 - July Release

    Looks like the biomes are back to normal. At least I was able to get my own and give a couple away before it reverted. Edit: well normal-ish. The new eggs are still dropping but not as much as before.
  5. Mika

    2015-07-26 - July Release

    Oh wow I'm really liking the s2 female hatchling. Hopefully I get one of each gender from each of the biomes.
  6. Mika

    2015-07-26 - July Release

    Got three and a misclick (but it's a dragon I like so ehhh I don't know if I want to get rid of it). Pretty good imo. Just gotta wait to get unlocked to try for more.
  7. I'm surprised and impressed it's out this fast. Time to enjoy the reaction videos on youtube.
  8. GOLD! Appropriate for a Golden Wyvern IMO.
  9. http://dragcave.net/lineage/695GM Honestly how could someone not be impressed by that?
  10. Sengoku BASARA Samurai Heros for the Wii. Silliest hack-and-slash game ever but I love it.
  11. Putting a sort of checker in the AP and limiting the number of eggs from any one person at a time seems a bit... extraneous. If it became so much of an issue that something had to be done (I'm talking a very extreme case) something more like limiting the number of eggs a person can receive through breeding every 24 hours seems more logical and straightforward. There would of course still be ways to block the AP even with that in place, like through a coordinated massbreeding. I'm not saying anything needs to be done now or in the foreseeable future, I'm just saying there seem to be easier ways to go about things if it was absolutely necessary to do so.
  12. Itchy. Ended up with poison ivy from gardening over the weekend (so much for "it doesn't exist in the garden"). Doing my best to not touch it all all but dang is it hard.