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  1. Thanks.:) Newest piece is a... box. But what's inside, hmmm? It's a little dragon friend! The dragon is a figure I bought and painted as a commission for a friend, and box is being included as a little thank you gift.
  2. @Moriaty before my current method I did have some eggs turn between 2-6 minutes, but it was much rarer to get an egg to turn at a higher time as opposed to the last minute. It wasn't a good method compared to my current one since I lost far more eggs with it as opposed to now.
  3. I've put so many of my Skill Points into Traditional Art I hope you like the results. First are the pieces that served as the original inspiration for the mountain cookies. These are old and fairly bad photos, but the pieces have since been scattered to the four corners of the spare bedroom so I'm not retaking them. More soon-ish!
  4. I've noticed a couple times that Stat prices will increase on Monday as opposed to Sunday. YMMV of course, but best to get the weekly allotment of shards in asap to get a Stat before the price increases for the week (as seems to be its current pattern).
  5. They gotta save themselves. It's going to be political death to continue supporting him at this point. Though at this point I think the damage has already been done and what a lot of career politicians did (and did not do) during the last four years (and what it culminated into today) will follow them.
  6. Sure. Do you still have the dragon in a gift cookie?
  7. I made one last cookie. FCFS
  8. Made two more cookies by request. These have been sent out to their recipients already. The lag is still really bad so unless there's more requests for me to make anything I'm more or less done for this year.
  9. @water-spirit sent you your cookie! And the cookie in question: Also the lag is destroying my ability to make anything so I have to call it a night.
  10. Sent you a sunset mountain. For those who like to look at the artwork: @muttduck I'll send you that one as soon as I'm off cooldown. @water-spirit I'll make and send you one momentarily!
  11. I haven't had much time as of late to make anything new, but if anyone wants a mountain (night time, Candy Mountain, or summer mountain) just let me know and I'll get one made for ya. Also, this summer mountain is available if anybody wants it.
  12. He looks amazing!:D The hair looks great! Thank you so much!!
  13. Thank you! Do you want a mountain or the Snoopy just above?
  14. Made a Snoopy. Not 100% sure if I like it or not. He's in a stocking if it's hard to tell. This one is currently reserved.
  15. Could I get the Mob cookie please? Scroll is MiniMikasa. I'll make and send you something in return.
  16. Another experimental mountain. Tried for a late sunset feel. If you want it, @ me or send me a PM. Otherwise it'll be randomly sent out.
  17. I sent it your way. Enjoy!
  18. I was trying a different color pallette for the mountain. Would anybody like a summer mountain in bloom?
  19. Have: 2g Thuweds and CB z and naughty word code Want: 2g Thuwed swap. I'm willing to combine multiple for the Soulpeace, Golden Wyvern, or Copper. Contact me if you want me to combine them. Ember: *in a trade. Will update with new link if it falls through.* Terrae: https://dragcave.net/teleport/c1e6f876283f510cf7b85029b9be0498 Stone: https://dragcave.net/teleport/84ec657e6dcfec204741ab809b336e5f Black Stripe: https://dragcave.net/teleport/ff6d46fd2d7b2a786cfa16d300ddeddb Rude word: https://dragcave.net/teleport/1ea10a490a39157944f21216f5cfe4ea
  20. Firegems, Luminas, and Tetras are approximately the same sturdiness level as NDs. I've had luck with turning the first two, but because their view needs are approximately the same as a ND's they have a few more risks than a prize of Zyu. Zyus just work better though imo since I can spam them into hatcheries and not have to worry about them accidentally hatching before turning.
  21. Finally got around to making this Candy Mountain for you.
  22. I can make you a Candy Mountain tomorrow. Not really feeling up to it rn. (As an aside I'm really happy people like the mountains. I'll have to post the original paintings in the art subforum at some point)
  23. I'm really curious, how long do these take you to make? Also, not including eyes makes them look better imo. Less is better sometimes. Edit: if you're taking requests, Date Masamune or Yukimura Sanada from Sengoku Basara?
  24. Cookie for you! (and posted here for people to look at)