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  1. looks like i have a new dragon to hoard
  2. 4 hours i have been on the cave...and i have not got a single egg =( they go to fast
  3. thank you.now i can still get them so im happy
  4. um,im so late for this. is there any way for me to get a cb one of these now?
  5. oh wait i see now, its left leg is crossed over the right leg. i thought the curled paw was the "elbow"
  6. its right front leg looks like its twisted. please tell me im seeing that wrong
  7. you mean the dragon sprites? i got them of the wiki, saved them to my laptop and then uploaded them on tiny pic. i think the banners of reindeer/ dragons following the snowa people create them selves. i think their was a post some pages back with code thing to put them in your sig
  8. I would like a recolour! Dragon to be recoloured: alt black, adult male Main colour/colour scheme/theme: main body gold with the belly and horns silver. red eyes Other: Can others use this?: no I would like a recolour! Dragon to be recoloured: alt black, adult female Main colour/colour scheme/theme: main body silver with the underside neck scales and horns gold. red eyes Other: Can others use this?: no
  9. love the sprites for the dragons in the game. how do you put them in your signature?
  10. someone help me please. im stuck on that last mirror puzzle edit: done it
  11. just spent the last 10 minutes trying to find the door to the farm. did not realise it was in the side of the building
  12. i dont think so. i believe were on day 9?
  13. trying and failing to get a holly from the ap
  14. where do you get the ham for the green dragon?
  15. anyone else thinking that the cat thats outside that cave that you cant reach at the moment may belongs to the bloodscale and that cave is the bloodscales home?
  16. the ice puzzle...the puzzle i find most annoying to do edit: you know when you get past the ice,next to the sign that says bittercreek pass, the area to the left, is that a maze? or am i going the completely wrong way?
  17. i knocked over a vase and i dont know whether to blame it on the magelight or not
  18. what does the dragon say if you decide to keep the cat?
  19. i gave the cat back to the dragon. what happens if you decide to keep the cat?
  20. never came to me that a dragon would like cats did i just pick up a cat stuck in ball/bag?
  21. can you interact with the red dragon at all?
  22. I want to sign up! Forum name:eeveexgurl Scroll name: eeveexgurl Wishlist: 1. Neglected 2. CB Copper 3. Red Dorsal 4. CB Gold Wyvern (hoarding) 5. anything descended from a spriters alt 6. blue gem shard Breeding abilities: i have a low gen golden shimmer x GW (waiting for shimmer to hatch) lineage that i can continue and i have a few Cb rares. i will breed any dragons on my scroll and none of my dragons have permanent paring. Catching abilities: i have most success at getting GW and uncommons from forest,jungle and cost. others rares i never/hardly get Trading abilities: no promises here. i do trade quite often but never really get anything rare or valuable.