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  1. Thank you, donor! I love my babies; so many special friends here to cherish!
  2. Thank you very much, @Coheart! I always appreciate special Mint babies. Can't wait to do this again!
  3. I LOVE the Skysilks, and pygmies are nice and shiny. Thanks for the release!
  4. It's under your recorded references-- the blue egg with the fire. Though again, I should have been a bit more diligent. I wouldn't say no to more time but I'm more than happy with the eggs I got!
  5. Rats, didn't even end up catching my own egg. That's a bit disappointing xD Ah well, I should have paid more attention; got to 51 before time ran out.
  6. Since we're uploading eggs, well, here's mine! I made it as a tribute to Kiyohime from FGO, since she's positively my favorite gorl to blast things with. Plus she can turn into a blazing blue dragon of death. Two things I like in a gal. Anyways, cheers to all the eggs! (<3 the Mother series tribute)
  7. @TCA Quit calling me out you WALNUT
  8. Yay! Seeing this come to fruition has been a treat. Happy Valentine's day, everyone!! =D
  9. Wooo! Happy Halloween, everyone! ❤️
  10. So excited for Gryffindor! Hype!
  11. I think the new sprites look awesome, and the new features are great! Things will take a bit of time to settle, as they always do, but I think everything integrates into the cave very smoothly. Excellent job, spriters, for rehashing these old style sprites into cave beauties! <333
  12. Ahhhh, adults are in, adults are in! I LOVE those wyrms, and the pose on the drake is gorgeous! An EXCELLENT job!
  13. AAAA thank you for reminding me- I HAVE been working on stuff I just forget to post here! I'm so forgetful you wouldn't believe it Introducingggg the Masterpost Of What I've Done So Far! also stalk all you'd like, hehe Challenge stuff: I've most likely fallen behind, but these are all of the mini grayscales I've done! I'm a bit partial to the squid, myself. Such a handsome fellow. Fun stuff: I made a couple sprites for my favorite Kirby boss, Marx, since he's playable in the new game! He's a nice guy... if you keep him well-fed. Animated stuff: Lastly, I made a dumb bird for @Darkstorm34, playing with animation! The result is a bird that bops around and caws at you.
  14. Well, I couldn't sleep tonight, so I spent a lot of time fiddling with sprites. I've got two new sprites for Day 5- and a bonus cat! Challenge stuff: Cat! Another animation- played with the jumble tool to make the fire fizz. This is one I might go back to once I have more experience- still happy with how she turned out, though!
  15. Oh, I use Asesprite! It's a program that is SPECIFICALLY for spriting, and it has a ton of useful tools for doing so. I just started on Easter, and I've already learned so much from it (there's a lot of handy Asesprite-specific tutorials out there)! I highly recommend it for this mystery animation... I'm kinda curious!
  16. For Day 4 of the challenge, I just made a Gible. He's a derpy little guy- kind of reminds me of the old RBY games.~ The reason today's was relatively small, though, is because I spent all day yesterday making my first properly animated piece of art! It took me hours: I'm very proud of it! He's earned a place in my signature. :3
  17. Count me in! I've got a lot of Greater Spotteds and Gilded Bloodscales I can add to the pile
  18. Well, I made a few too many things for today's challenge, but that's okay! I'll post them anyway. (I'm particularly proud of the raccoon ^^)
  19. Agh, your art is so lovely! I've just gotten into pixel spriting- I hope one day I'll be as good as you are because WOW I love everything here... especially that Phoenix!