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    The woodwinds

    Hey everyone!! I play a woodwind. I own a awesome blue flute and I'm sadly only 2nd chair in band. I know it's only the 2nd best but, I want to be first. I get a lot of opportunitys to play outside the band with a small group of advanced players but, I still want to be first chair. Who else here plays a woodwind?
  2. june6123

    Sad songs

    If u listen to the words of the song, Pompeii is a really sad song.
  3. I know this isn't about talent but, how do you level up?
  4. I LOVE to play the flute!! I'm second chair in my band and I own a blue flute. I know some of u don't like the flute because it's really hard to get your Embouchure correct and play high notes with the same fingerings as low notes but, if you practice a lot it becomes REALLY easy and FUN! It's one of my favorite things to do and I also love to sing!!!
  5. I love Nickleback too! Also, I love Linkin Park!! I just watched them live yesterday!!!! They put on an awesome show!!