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    Hogwarts, Slytherin common room
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    WARNING: I'm a huge Hary Potter fan. Also, I'm not human. I'm a pink, glittery unicorn.

    ~ ✩ ~

    Hi there!

    I'm quite new to Dragon Cave, but I love it. Big thanx to my sister for convincing me to join the site.

    ~ ✩ ~

    Due to being new there is a ton of dragons I still don't have, so if you have any unwanted hatchies or eggs, especially those from my wishlist (link in signature) I'd be happy to take them.

    If you want me to breed anything from my scroll (I don't have much, but still) just PM me and ask. I accept IOU-s on my own risk.

    I owe:

    Others owe me:

    ~ ✩ ~

    I really like Black Tea Dragons and I want to build an army of them.

    I am willing to breed anything from my scroll for three and more black tea dragon hatchlings (cave borns are preferred).

    Also if you are willing to gift me some black tea dragon hatchies (or eggs if I'm not egg locked) I would be very thankful.

    Current count of black tea dragons on my scroll: 7 (4 CB, 3 breed).

    List of people who have helped me with my Black Tea Army: Stellaluna22 (THANK YOU ❤)

    ~ ✩ ~

    I took the following oaths:
    - Responsible breeder
    - One member, one scroll
    - If it has a face, it has a name
    - The anti-viewbombers

    ~ ✩ ~

    I joined Dragon Cave on 06/24/2015.
    I joined the Dragon Cave forums on 06/24/2015.
    I reached the Bronze Trophy on 08/27/2015.