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  1. Commissioned this time around to draw this. Probably my last drawing before vacationing. Still doing rori
  2. Whoa... I didn't expect these feedbacks for the limbo drawing. Well art is exploration to me, whether it be something bad or good I follow what that path I am taking since I chose it. I don't expect everyone to know of what I mean by the physics in it in the limbo drawing but you'll probably see some memes floating around eventually. If not, then meh it happens. Just to be clear, I am not insulting any gender. Although, controversy is a good thing in art in my perspective so having the thinking of being insulted with my art is interesting by itself. I can't satisfy everyone and that's the teaching I learned through my university years in Interactive Arts and Technology. Anyways, here is my next one. I went for a what many would call a 'loli'. Loli-izing
  3. Gonna bookmark that link reference since it's a good one. Nice to have someone make some feedback to my work. It's difficult with really extreme angles, I could tell you though that sometimes you need to get the manga perspective which is achieved through exaggeration. Also the breast has a reason for being like that, I can't explain it but it involves physics which I prefer someone else to say it for me.
  4. Thanks, here is a new one that has to do with 'Limboing' Limbo time!
  5. I used a reference picture yeah, this place actually exist in Vancouver. For the perspective I plan it ahead and use Unity3D to render the blocks. Unity3D program also has depth of focus but havent tried that yet.
  6. Insanity in background art
  7. The Santa girl's material isn't tight at same time is it's as loose. It's hard to explain but it is a combination I have imagined through clothing I've actually met in real life like a glass case and synthetic silky clothes that were stretchable. Though I don't plan to change the thickness of the thighs since I do have my own art style I'm pursuing, the dislocation is minimal but since you saw it means I still have some things to improve on. The Santa Gundam was definitely rushed by me, I had 2 hours left before it was almost Christmas in my friend's area (only the head and one arm was complete by that time) so I had to cut back corners which is obvious through the shading and the artist cheap tricks I pulled with the shield. Good analysis btw, you have really good eyes when it come to proportions and intuition of what the artist is thinking.
  8. New drawing with different way of lineart.
  9. Going to open myself for art trades temporarily (due to lack of commissions). If anyone is interested you can either send a PM here or at my dA. Chances are I might see it more on DeviantArt.
  10. Another day, another drawing.
  11. Well it was a really quick one, I told the guy that I will stop if I deem the art too much for the price I was given. Since 2 things came into account; time and effort. Thanks, the latter drawing would be the highest I've gone in my style. I'm still trying to go far deeper and probably start doing backgrounds. This is my style if given the time to finish the drawing and references. Hopefully I get some commissions since it's been 3 weeks and only got one.
  12. Wow, pretty clean art you got there.
  13. Commissioned quick drawing
  14. Drew within 3 hours and 40 minutes
  15. When game masters enjoy their extra time with the NPCs of their server.
  16. Sona Buvelle cosplaying as Krul Tepes.