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  1. Happy easter! There are so many references to things I like in these eggs, I'm so happy
  2. Ahh, somebody got "Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche." I will give any of the names on my scroll (except for my Evillious names, of course), and I'll breed anything on my scroll. <3
  3. Hi! My name is Minty, and I'm a dragon hoarder Scroll Name and Link: _InBetweenTheLines_ PM Link: PM Proof that you read the rules: Tiger...? What list(s) do you want to be on? Magma Do you have a goal number of dragons you would like to shoot for, and if so how many do you already have? I don't have an endgoal in mind, although I'd like to be over 50 by, eh, June maybe? Right now I have nineteen, including my eggs. Other notes to say to your breeders: I accept all magma dragons, no matter how messy or inbred its lineage is. I name all my dragons, and be sure to let me know if you don't want the dragon frozen. Man, I've been stalking this thread without posting for a while because I thought applying during a staff change would be bothersome. But, hey, here I am.
  4. add a code Forum Name: mintycookie129 Scroll Name: _InBetweenTheLines_ Code wanted: MA### (ex. MA123), "Evil", "Clock", "any Vocaloid name (Miku, Mayu, SeeU, etc.), any Evillious name (Allen, Irina, Levia, etc.), or any "perfect name" code (Biren, Niars, etc.) One I highly doubt I'll get is "ABCIR" exactly. It's like the name was made for a Dragon Cave code, but it's so hard to get exact codes... Variations Accepted: Any number-for-letter replacement is fine, and any numbers or letters at the beginning are also fine. Preferred Lineage: Any as long as it's <= 3rd gen Reward available?: Yes, I'll breed anything on my scroll. IOUs can be arranged if needed.
  5. Cold as it's been all last month, still hasn't rained or snowed at all. ;-;
  6. Woohoo, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I got my two eggs, they look gorgeous! Can't wait for them to hatch.
  7. I got this lovely baby from the AP. I gave it a name fitting to its lineage, which is so perfect because Graves are my favorite Halloween dragon, and Magmas are my overall favorite. ;-; Thank you so, so, so much, cyradis4.
  8. Beautiful! I need to get a silver now, their new sprites look so gorgeous
  9. I got her. Will name and influence correctly for the lineage ^^
  10. Ooh Baby, Clockworker's Doll, Hey Little Sister Shotgun, Johnny Be Good, and The Last Dino. Somebody's scroll died to make way for Ooh Baby. o3o
  11. Turkey pot pie and coffee. .-. I'm staying up until two tonight.
  12. I would like to know in advance when a rare will pop up in the cave so I don't get a panic attack literally every five minutes. I want to get a spriters alt of a dragon, but not actually have to do any work. I want all the holiday CBs. It isn't my fault my family wants me to, you know, socialize or whatever you people do all day. I want it to succeed every single time you try to summon a Guardian of Nature. I've have two sets of trios for forever, and no GoNs. Last but not least, I would like no egg limit, just for me. I want all the dragons.
  13. I got the beauty, will name and love it ^.^
  14. Seeking RPs Username: mintycookie129 Preferred Style of RP: The group should be small. Long posts have to be okay, but I'd like a bit of leniency for the days when I'm not feeling as energetic as I usually am. Preferred Genre: I'm not picky as long as it's got a high fantasy or steampunk setting. The only two things I won't do are romance and animals, because I suck at writing both. Other: I've only done one RP before, and that ended when my RP partner left the forum. I'm not sure if that says something about me, but people seem to want 'experienced RPers,' and while I do love creative writing, I am most certainly not 'experienced.' That's why I'm not creating an RP myself. :/ I like staying up late, so I'll probably be on at night. Please PM me.
  15. Woohoo! Finally I'm active during a holiday event! I'll be enjoying this~~
  16. I, mintycookie129, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.