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  1. The heck is this? Pfft and a late happy v-day to everyone!
  2. What's that red thing beside the entrance to the cave? I can't seem to get to it.
  3. How do you decorate the lampposts? I tried interacting with it, it didn't work.
  4. So choosing "Don't tell PERL" for Day 8 is nice?
  5. Is my tree supposed to go from droopy to healthy whenever I water it? People say when they chose the "I choose first" option on the first day (and I did that), the tree would be droopy. I don't necessarily know what happens if you chose "PERL chooses first".
  6. Just realized something... Click (go to day 11) So the hissing cat-thing was Buffy? They decided to keep it?
  7. The naughty choice was telling him it went well, right? Um... Nothing too climatic happens, Romeo just says yay and you get on with your life. Yeah...
  8. Use the "activate" function to dig the snow pile. It takes a few seconds, though.
  9. You can get reindeer sausages from Joe's shop now. Wonder what would happen if you brought them with you when you tried to lure the deer back to the farm...
  10. What does the pocket watch do?
  11. I went through three cats and a possum until I got Buffy. Still wondering how the possum didn't give you rabies when you picked it up.
  12. -removed, this is considered a game breaking bug-
  13. I'm not entirely sure if this is a glitch, but whenever I head to south Nulora, I return to my house. |-|
  14. Does anyone else notice that girl stuck in a tree in north Nulora? Is it possible to get her down? And I kind of feel bad for that Pillow Dragon. Those aren't very ample living conditions.
  15. How do you go out of bounds? (I feel like it, don't judge me)
  16. What does that holly dragon do? It's just there. Also you can go get a bunch of food from Joe's shop. No idea what it does though. You can't eat it.
  17. Has anyone noticed this seems a bit like Pokemon? The font the same, but I guess that's the only font you can use for pixely games.
  18. Can't access your scroll....
  19. What does "caligene" mean? Everytime I search it up on Google, it gives me these results that are in Spanish or French or whatever. And when I put the word in Google Translate, it says it's Norwegian.
  20. Ugh. The AP is not being nice to me today. Every time I try to grab something, it says I can't find the egg, and when I go back to the AP, the egg reappears. Is this a glitch?
  21. Same. I missed 2 avatars of creation, a copper, a golden wyvern, an ice, , a tinsel hatchling, an avatar of change and a bunch more I forgot. So far. Though the things I try to grab just reappear in the AP, instead of not showing up the next reload.
  22. Um...*scratches head* TJ, your hatchlings are sick. I suggest you fog them.
  23. I picked up a Dorkface Grave Dragon from the AP.... I killed it. CURSE YOU EARTHQUAKE BSA!!!!!!!!