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  1. Thank you @osean for my gift and thank you to whoever made my bonus as well
  2. Trading Hub Search: “Guardian of Nature” Search Results: None Trading Hub: “And I Oop-“
  3. True, mostly anyway. Summer where I am is really hot. I love some cool weather occasionally. TPBM below me is still in high school/College
  4. This is gonna be my first time being part of this this is such a cool idea.
  5. Literally was playing Dragon Cave during school bc I want some more dragons and we weren’t doing anything.
  6. (BACK FROM THE DEAD) I though you said you wanted it to taste like cardboard? Oh... wait. You didn’t? Okay. Maybe I should bring you the duct Tape soup instead. Waiter, there’s a VSCO girl in my soup!!
  7. Oh hey I’m back in the race lol
  8. Thank you and congrats to the rest of the winners.
  9. I used bite for the first time today and it worked! I wanted to keep it but NOOOO. My dragons throw my successful boi away.Then I try it on another egg and it dies. I might actually kill one of the adults and attempt to make a zombie cause I’m that mad. I never try for zombies though, so I don’t want more bad luck. i really shouldn’t get this pissed at a game. Edit: I just realized I’m too humane to kill something no matter how mad I am, even in a game. Also I’ve seen the depressing message of a successful kill.
  10. I got a special baby 😃 Edit: He has hOt in his code, lol
  11. *Screams* I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to do this. This is my first GoN!!!
  12. I may have submitted a second form by mistake. I’m sorry :(