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  1. Golden Wyvern x Bronze Prize SS I got the wrong breed when I bred it. Tried to trade it. No one wanted it. Please let me know when you take it. I hope you enjoy.
  2. It looks like fun but I can’t join since it seems the ID website is down. Oof.
  3. Broccoli baby time again!!! Good luck everyone!
  4. Thank you FAstudent for my gift
  5. I just caught my first paper. My heart rate picked up so fast when I spotted it.
  6. I spent about 15 minutes and 16 dragons (all of them breeding unsuccessfully) trying to make a lineage that someone would like that is also spoopy. I hope whoever gets it likes it.
  7. I had a dream once that I was a security guard (this is not at all influenced by Fnaf) at a new mall on what looked like a cruise ship or some old aircraft carrier that was permanently docked. One night while I was wandering the empty mall, I encountered this formless monster. I didn’t get a great look at it but it seemed to be black and had glowing eyes. It’s body was constantly changing. I began to run from it but no matter how fast I ran, it always was faster than me. I managed to avoid it for a while and it turned out that there was several monsters. At the end of the dream, It was like I was floating high above the “mall”. I could see more people wandering the mall like there was a new security guard and the monsters were looking for me and him. I thought about how the new guy had no idea what he was getting into and that’s how it ended.
  8. Last night I dreamt I found 2 unreleased dragons on TJ’s scroll. One was pretty cool, idk how to describe it yet. The other one was based off a peacock. I might actually consider passing on the first dragon into a dragon request but I don’t know how I’d successfully execute it. HMU if u actually wanna talk about it cuz I’m too stupid to figure it out on my own. I won’t be able to do the peacock one because I think you’re not supposed to base dragons off real animals?
  9. Thank you to @purplehaze and @ComatosedRoses for my awesome gifts I love them!
  10. I did my best to create something spoopy themed. I hope whoever gets it likes it.
  11. Happy Birthday to Me! Scroll: SCROLL NAME HERE Forum name: Wolves-and-Wings Birthday: December 22 List: 1. CB gold 2. Cheese 3a. 4g Carina from Carina x Rosebud Dragon stairstep (All Carinas male preferably) First gen would be the pairing to create Carina obviously. Lmk if this is too much 3b. 3g SoulPeace from Holiday 2011 (Winter Magi) x SoulPeace 4a. Surprise me 4b. Surprise me My faves are Blusangs and All sorts of Holidays like Omens and Winter Magis
  12. Thank you @osean for my gift and thank you to whoever made my bonus as well
  13. Trading Hub Search: “Guardian of Nature” Search Results: None Trading Hub: “And I Oop-“
  14. True, mostly anyway. Summer where I am is really hot. I love some cool weather occasionally. TPBM below me is still in high school/College
  15. This is gonna be my first time being part of this this is such a cool idea.
  16. Broccoli bois are the best! Good luck everyone
  17. Literally was playing Dragon Cave during school bc I want some more dragons and we weren’t doing anything.