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    if you're a stickler about grammar on an adoptables site you're pretentious + unpleasant to be around and likely a freaking classist (news flash not everybody grew up with the monetary resources and family support to be educated nor does everybody have the after-work/after-school/after-mental-illness energy to thoroughly check their inflection on something this insignificant NOR is it any reflection of intelligence level at all whatsoever, check yourself and be understanding of those less privileged than you [which is the vast majority of the people in the country/world if you have the energy/desire to spout about this crap] also stop just finding things to be irritating and elitist about looool go use your time constructively read an essay by somebody unlike yourself volunteer at a shelter go for a walk)

    * go see my big boy dragons http://flightrising.com/main.php?p=lair&tab=userpage&id=77959

    * i'm pretty much only on DC for code collecting so if i have something you like that's the way to buy me (or, possibly something very nice i could trade somebody else for a code, or you could)

    ideal codes, message me if you have: anything gay related (incl names of historical/old pop culture gay icons, subcommunities, etc), cute realish names, nsfw codes (picky on these), and just weird stuff esp. technology related

    *** i have a variety of mental whatevers and am doing pretty badly so i'm truly sorry if i don't get back to your message quickly, on occasion don't get back to your message at all, phrase things strangely, appear to do things out of order, am seemingly slow at catching on to explanations of procedures n'things, etc etc etc

    it's not you at all it's me having a killer anxiety disorder among a ream of other JUNK

    i'm frustrating i know and i resent that intensely about myself, i promise i'm goodhearted underneath all the built-up-survival coldness tho