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  1. I wore glasses in mid to late 1990s until 2010. I did Implantable contact lenses (ICL). Implantable contact lenses are also known as Phakic IOL. This treatment is generally recommended for patients under the age of 40, who do not need reading glasses. In most cases, the lens is positioned in front of the natural lens and behind the iris, however the exact positioning will depend on the lens chosen. With this treatment the natural lens remains in place, so the procedure is reversible. Now I have perfect vision.
  2. Missing CB Golds, Silvers, is always my bad luck. Maybe I am not fated to have them? Another is having no luck in getting 2G Spriter's Alt. Silver Shimmer with Copper mate and Silver mate.
  3. Everything is awesome makes me happy.
  4. http://www.nick-prosch.de/wp-content/uploa...arshmallows.jpg Thanks for the hot chocolate! I am here, just to get total peace and quiet. *sits down on the recliner with the mug of Hot Chocolate.* My recliner. http://inthomedesign.com/wp-content/upload...op-down-pic.jpg