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  1. I’m really looking for a lost mutamore egg from Quercina Congruo Draconis. It’s the fourth gen from a bronze shimmer. I can offer a second gen from a CB male bronze tinsel with a pair of you choice. Please PM
  2. Have: 2g soulstone from a bronze shimmer Want: 2g valentine from a female gold shimmer Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Have: 2 second gen eradors Want: 4g mutamore from a bronze shimmer checker Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Please PM me
  3. Have: 2g desipis from a bronze tinsel (precog female - correctl) + low time cb caligene and desipis + 2g pb gold I can breed 2g from a male bronze tinsel (pm me) Want: I really need 1 new male Pitfire Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  4. Have: 5 old cb Halloween hatchlings (also can offer 2g from prizes) Want: 2g SAlt Please, PM to discuss
  5. Wow! I finally did it and got the badge 😄
  6. Does anyone know how to defeat the lich? I always die
  7. Have: 3 CB Xeno (1 Obidar hatchling, 2 Ke’Maros - an egg + a hatchling), can add a CB Thunder and a 2g pb gold Want: Neglected / 2g SAlt / cb Staterae DM if interested Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  8. Oh, pygmies look so interesting! Need to catch more of them 😍
  9. I really love raw broccoli in a salad with cheese, tomatoes and basil
  10. Fly_with_balloons => Kettene (came back to the forum after 2 years of really inactive playing and decided to match my username the scroll)
  11. Congrats to the winners!
  12. Wao! They are so, so beautiful!
  13. They are so, so awesome!
  14. They are so beautiful! And I especially like the coast egg. Now egglocked with eggs of every color and a pair of coast one. Happy~
  15. Excellent - have a free day
  16. I found this lovely in AP recently and it's so cool! http://dragcave.net/lineage/WmTQv Clean and short dorkface