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  1. Hello~ Well, I've talked about this before to someone but it still bugs me. I've been stressed for the past few months due to several things, and I feel like my brain is melting. Here's the major things: - We might be losing our apartment because my mom is way behind on bills. I will be selling a lot of the games I don't play anymore or have never touched since I've bought them to help out, but that will only cover the rent and not the other utilities. Plus, my mom has to go into the hospital because she's sick again. But the landlord doesn't care, in fact he thinks my mom is LYING to get out of paying him. All he did was stare and threatened her with moving out but said he'd 'think about it' and would get back to us. I hope we won't get kicked out and we'll have to live in the van...I mean, it's near winter and we also have a dog to take care of. I wanna punch that landlord in the face, it's strange he's acting this way because even when we first moved in he was always really understanding and very kind. And we've lived in our apartment for almost 5 years now with no previous threats or problems, but I think the reason for the trouble we're going through now is because we lost the money that I had and I saved to help pay for the bills in the first place. - I know I have to get a job soon, but even if I were to get one within the next day or two I wouldn't get the money in time to help pay off the rent. Plus I know finding a job will be difficult since I break like a twig under pressure and my skills are very limited outside of clothing/house design (which I will eventually go to college for but I'll probably never work in that field because it's too much work for me). The most I'd do is re-stocking shelves, I'd never be able to do a cash register if my life depended on it. Plus I'm upset about my mom having to end up buying the Sun/Moon games I preordered a few months back. I told her to cancel them, but she knew how hyped I was for them so she is saving up for them and has over the past 2 months now. It still makes me upset, and again even if I got a job I wouldn't make enough money in time to actually buy the games myself. - This one's a bit of a long one, and it's the major reason why all this is happening. Let's just say that a 'friend' of mine went all 'wolf in sheep's clothing' on me and we all realized too late (if you get the song reference then I applaud you). She stole my card, then stole all my inheritance over ONE week. We didn't notice until the end of the week because we hadn't used it in almost a month, and my mom found out when she wanted to get a new tire for my van. We already got all the evidence and everything, she's in jail, and I got a restraining order out on her because she tried to break into our house more than once. Oh, and my 'friend' is a junkie so you can guess where all that money went. Plus, I just found out recently that the bank might be lying to us about how we'll get all that money back. They said she had to pay in 'restitution', but now I'm going to see if the bank has a 'fraud department' (I think that's what it's called?) and they should be able to pay it back. - I'm still worried my 'friend' has hidden something inside our house due to how many times she tried to break in before I got the restraining order. We gave her all her stuff (we threw away the drugs because we could get in trouble just for having it in our house even though she brought them in without our permission), minus a few things that a neighbour of mine kept because that neighbour had housed her for almost 4 years and it was mostly stuff that the neighbour bought for her. Plus, my 'friend' stole all my WiiU games (which includes Mario Party, Mario Kart, and Pokken Tournament which btw we got on the day it came out in the US) and was going to steal my mom's jewelry. I'm just glad she's in jail right now, and no one is even trying to get her out. But I get paranoid easily, so just knowing that there might be something in our house she's trying to get makes me want to go completely nutters. ...So, yeah. I'm completely stressed out right now. I don't know what to do, I just wanna cry but we've been through WORSE than all this (honestly our current landlord isn't as bad as the previous one where he threw away all our stuff even though we told him beforehand that we were moving out and we paid 2 month's rent in advance...my mom lost her breathing machine and wedding rings, plus we lost all out clothes and toys which we were planning to half give away and half keep). I was just hoping we'd finally be better off since I got my inheritance, but I guess when you think it'll only rain a bit you'll find glass shooting at you from the sky as fire is set under your very feet. I'm gonna go cry for awhile...maybe eat some ice cream....have a cup of hot cocoa....take a nap...
  2. Wow, the second event I'll be in...LET THE EGGS RAIN DOWN! Also, happy V-Day everyone~ <3
  3. I'm new to Touhou. I haven't played a game yet, but I have seen full playhtroughs on Youtube and done research on characters. So what's the point of this? Well...I wanna see if anyone else is a fan. Maybe get to know you guys, make some friends, share tips, and other stuff. I do have some questions too... What's the best game to play for a noob? Which game is your favorite? Who's your favorite character(s)? Do you have an OC? (Or two...or ten...or b'eleventeen...) Have any tips for when I play a Touhou game? Right now, I like...Flandre, Circo, and Reimu. I do like some other characters, but those are my top ones right now (SO many characters....*urk*)
  4. Sometimes I'll just have some tea, but I like to have grilled cheese.
  5. Reading a book called Skeleton Creek. I'm almost done with the 2nd book.
  6. I think it's awesome, but let's care more about the species we already have instead of bringing back the ones we didn't care for in the first place. It'll be an endless cycle of bringing back animals that we caused to be extinct.
  7. I'm Bi, but I might be Pansexual. I mean, I'm attracted to any person despite their gender....but I think it might be more than that. I don't know yet. Guess I'll have to see.
  8. I, Yandere_Blood18, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  9. I've read the 1st Eragon book, and have seen the movie.....Other than that I haven't read any dragon stories.
  10. Oh my Luna, YES~ I love the series, my favorite character is Jacuzzi Splot. <3
  11. Sunny, a bit windy, and clear skies. It's no that warm out though.....
  12. Yandere_Blood18


    Just a topic where we can talk about singing! I saw that someone posted a topic asking for singers, so I decided to create one where we can just talk about songs and singing in general. [ Here's something to start off with ] *** NOTE: You don't have to answer all the questions. *** #1. Do you like singing? (I don't care if you sounds like a screeching chicken, I'm asking if you like singing in general) #2. What's your favorite genre/band/artist/singer? (this includes youtubers as well) #3. What is the one song you always listen to (like at least once a day)? #4. Would you recommend any songs so me? (pick at least 5 songs) #5. Do you listen to fan covers? If you do, then what are your top 5? If not, then why? #6. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? #7. What song/genre/band do you hate/dislike/loathe? (no bashing, just say you don't like 'em) ---------------------------------------------------- [ Here's My Answers! ] #1. Sometimes I sing as practice, but I don't plan on doing covers that I'll post anytime soon. I often almost lose my voice as my 'practice sessions' are spastic (meaning I'll go as far as a month before I practice again) and I will song for almost 3 hours long. #2. I have a few....Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, Evanescence, Falling In Reverse, Get Scared, and Disturbed are my top ones to listen to. My favorite Youtube singer is NateWantsToBattle. #3. Changes a lot, but my recent song is You're Gonna Go Far Kid and Everything's Alright (from the To The Moon soundtrack). #4. I don't think I can recommend songs to myself....But I would say that the Me!Me!Me! song is something I would want others to listen to. Just don't watch the actual video, there's ones that have the song by itself. #5. Of course I do~ There's too many to list though....One I like is 'Gary Oak' by NateWantsToBattle. #6. Um....Actually I'm not listening to a song right now. I'm watching Swingpoynt play The Stick Of Truth. #7. I'm sorry, but I HATE country music! I don't like rap either, but country music just....makes me awkward and depressed (which is bad because I already suffer from Severe Depression). Sorry to all country fans....I just don't like that genre.
  13. Waitaminute....The 15th is TODAY! I gotta go get some popcorn, candy, and a milkshake! Be right back! *hurries to the store*
  14. OH MY LUNA I LOVE THIS SHOW!~ I love everything about it.....Especially the lore behind the gems and what they can do (I even have my own Gemsona so I had to research everything I could about them). This show is like an addiction for me, but I'm SO glad it is! Plus I love Amethyst, she's so cray-cray~
  15. The question is not WHY is it a thing, but HOW. If you don't know what I mean, then you'll have to find it out for yourself....
  16. I can't watch that.....I just cry every time (good thing I have slight allergies otherwise my mom would be worried at why I was crying/sniffling). I feel so bad for Celestia now!
  17. Well, if you want to find ANY MLP episode on Youtube without problems just look up reactions to the episode you wanna see! If you can get past the person actually reacting to it ('cause that's what the video is about), or you don't mind someone talking over at some points, then it should be fine. Plus the audio isn't changed, but the video is flipped on several reactions (I even saw that one inputs a 'montage intro' of what's in the episode in place of the usual opening). Hope this helps~ And yea, Do like Gilda~ I feel so bad for her, because I understand growing up a shy & kind kid but then becoming mean as I grew up. But now I'm not that mean anymore as I have a real friend (like an IRL friend that I met face-to-face and regularly talk to over Facebook). Plus, she's SO cute~ <3 The 100th episode was awesome~ There was the.... (SPOILERS) I tried to leave out some big stuff, so I hope it didn't take away the experience for anyone~
  18. I'd like to register a new dragon~ ------------------------------------------------------ SCROLL NAME: Yandere_Blood18 DRAGON'S NAME: Whinry Blaze DRAGON BREED: Royal Crimson GENDER: Female GENERATION: 1 (haven't bred with her yet) DATE YOUR DRAGON GREW UP: Um...it hatched on June 13, 2015....so does that count?
  19. Ok, added to the list hun~ Just let me know the outfit and you'll be set!
  20. I put you on the list as pending, so just let me know which one you choose! I'll give you a week, ok?
  21. Which one? Tardis? Please be more specific on which one. Also, tell me what they'd wear.