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  1. I'm going to take a wild stab at it and say I found one for this secret bingo? https://dragcave.net/view/vbVja Also, an update on my bingo, the thread is there, but it's still hidden and I will open it whenever this bingo ends.
  2. Sorry @Rememberdrgns, but I would guess it's because everyone already knows what the results of this bingo are and they don't really feel like spending time to look for secrets. This bingo has also been on since the middle of October, so some people might just want to move on at this point. If you'd like to save those secrets for a future bingo, you definitely could! Who knows, maybe you'll end up hosting again very soon! In any case, I'll wait for you to finish up before asking mods to open my thread.
  3. The Bingos Active Tricky/ Riddle (PM me!): “The molecular basis of attraction knows no bounds.” As the tides turn, We uncoil. Transcribed thoughts, Within a blissful bubble. Translating, Synthesizing A fairytale beginning Falling into place. ‘Three words Eight letters’ A two sided key Of broken strings Two becomes one Alone, it is nothing Rings bound to Sugar and phosphate A cacophony, This natural machinery Spiraling; The code for all life Becomes code for a box. Expressions change Flickering Memories encoded In patterned bits. Arg Trp STP leu Pro Cys Stp Cys Stp Tyr Ala PRO Gln Gln LEU arg Val Asn Stp Pro Glu GLY Thr Met His Trp PRO Lys Tyr Cys Glu Ile Asn ALA PRO Leu Gly LEU ARG Val VAL THR SER Phe Asp Gln Cys Stp Met His ILE Pro Stp Lys Met STP Asp THR Ser Ala Phe ser Something to help Riddle (PM me!): Q2. I was born in dwindling of the summer’s heat, created by an ‘infinite’ being. Nope Expired/Found Secret S1: Gold (title anagram 1) S2: Imperial fleshcrowne - substitution puzzle in white text and the key S3: Silver - edited link in a quote S4: Arsani (title anagram 2) S5: Sinii Krai - various changes in letters in the regular post (eg. i instead of l, subtle color shifts, etc.) S6: Razorcrest (number puzzle to leave the Gaia Xeno's lair) S7: A grave error S8: Red (laid on date in edited area of a post) S9: Silver tinsel substitution cipher S10: Nocture (title anagram 3) Flash F1: This warm egg is surrounded by plants. (8 hours) F2: An inbred dragon (1 hour) Round Love “What is the meaning of love?” Regular: 1. A code for attraction - A dragon whose code is related to love 2. Together, apart - A monogamous pair of dragons with at least three offspring, where one partner is dead and the other has not mated with other dragons. 3. Absence make the heart grow fonder - A pair of dragons that have had offspring years apart. 4. Three words, eight letters - A dragon with a three part breed and an eight letter name 5. Just a sweet gift… - Any valentine dragon! Competitive Co-op: Pairs of users have to see how many male-female pairs they have that were born from parents on one user's scroll and ended up on the other user’s scroll. The pair with the most will get three points each and the runners up will receive one point each. Puzzle: P1.1 One woulD be a miracle P1.2 two wouLd be A Fluke P1.3 thrEe would be amaziNG P1.4 but fouR wouLd just be sad No, really. Try elsewhere Round-02 “Failure is not an option.” Regular: 6. Cryogenic preservation - zombie hatchling 7. Terraforms - all three forms of terrae eggs 8. Mg4(Al,Fe)6(Si,B)4O21(OH)? 9. Idiacanthus sp. - black x fish-related dragon (eg. sinii krai) 10. Draco indochinensis - stone x eastern dragon Competitive: W1. Nice genes. - a dragon with the most ‘gene coded dragons’ in it’s lineage. I don’t care if there are numbers before or after the code. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_human_genes for reference on genes in humans, though there are more, especially in other organisms. OR List of dragons you have that are ‘gene coded’. Highest total number wins. (3, 2, and 1 point for winners. First person posting for a tie wins) Round 3. “Good luck. -3301” Regular: 11. Breed coded - a dragon whose breed name is in it’s code (eg. a firegem or gemshard with ‘gem’ in their code, can’t be anagrammed, but can be a short form if breed name is >5 letters long) 12. n=...- a dragon whose breed name has an n and has an all-number code 13. BSA of BSAs? - BSA dragon with ‘BSA’ in code (any caps) 14. Unicode - an alt dragon with an all number code 15. Wait a second- a dragon whose code appears to contradict it (can be an anagram) (ex. https://dragcave.net/view/cYbZU ) (5 points) Riddle (PM me!): Q1. II.XIV.MMXI Tricky (PM me!): T1. (2 points) Round IV “Innocence is blissful ignorance” Regular: 16. Newly minted - S1 mint hatchie 17. Orphan child - a hatchling whose parents were killed before they grew up (or before they were frozen) 18. Mommy? A zombified dragon with at least one zombified parent 19. An ice Christmas - CB Christmas hatchling 20. Innocence lost. - Eggshell Cascade: C1.1 A dragon who has only produced frozen hatchlings. C1.2 A monogamous pair of dragons who have only produced frozen hatchings. C1.3 A monogamous pair of dragons who have only produced frozen hatchings, all of which are present on one scroll. (Note: Hatchlings is more than one)
  4. The Players No Trophy -- 15 points needed to win Bronze Trophy -- 25 points needed to win Silver Trophy -- 35 points needed to win Gold Trophy -- 40 points needed to win Rememberdrgns: F1, R1, R4, R5, R6, R8, R10, R11, R15, R21, Q3 = 11 Platinum Trophy -- 42 points needed to win TheLlama: S2, S3, F1, R1, R3, R4, R5, R7, R8, R10, W1x2, R10, R11, R15 = 15 ArgentiAertheri: R1, R3, R4, R5, R6, R8, P1.4, R15, Q1, T2, R16, R21, R23, Q3 = 15 Diamond 'Trophy' (2000+) -- 45 points needed to win Dirtytabs: F1, R1, R3, R4, R5, Co1x3, R6, R7, R8, R9, R10, W1x3, P1.4, R11, R12, R15, Q1, S7, R16, T1, R21, R24, Q3 = 29 Little-Star: F1, R4, R5, S6, R6, R7, R8, R9, Q1, Q3, R21, R23 = 12 sh20000sh: S1, F1, S4, F2, R1, R3, R5 = 7 Ruby Eyes: F1.5, S5, R1, R3, R4, R5, Co1x3, R6,R8, R9, R10, P1.3, R11, R12, R15, Q1, S8, S9, R16, R19, T1, R21, R23, R24, Q3= 29.5 Fuzzbucket : F1.5, F2, R1, R3, R4, R5, Co1x3, R6, R7, R8, R9, P1.4, R11, R12, R15, Q1, R16, R18, R21, R23, R24, Q3 = 23.5 Lagie: F1.5, R16, R19, R20, R21, R23, Q3 = 6.5 dragongirl02: F1, R1, R3, R4, R5, R7, R8, R12, R15, R21, R23 = 11 Purplehaze: F1.5, R1, R3, R4, R5, Co1x3, R6, R7, R8, P1.4, R12, R15, Q1 R16, S10, R21, R23, Q3 = 19.5 GhostMouse: F1, R1, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R10, P1.4, R11, R15, Q1, R16, C1.2, Ch1, R21, R23, R24, Q3 = 20 If I have made an error in recording your points, please let me know!
  5. Draconius' Eternal Bingo Signups are: OPEN For those curious: Yes, my posts are still being moderated, sorry. Hopefully it won't be too much of an issue, but I will see if the mods are willing to lift it for a while or something, just for this bingo. Timezone: GMT (EST + 5h) This game is just like any old other bingo except we use dragons. And don't have a board; instead, we just count whether or noct you have the dragon(s). We're just that awesome.  Signing up to Play To sign up, all you have to do is post and let me know that you're in/you're playing/waterver wording you want. State your trophy level, for ease of grouping. Also, if you have a platinum trophy, please also let me know how many dragons you have. For the purposes of our little game, there are two levels for platinum trophies; anything over 2000 dragons is considered diamond level. Finally, you must post your scroll name (no link required). Addenum: Due to my post moderation situation, I will be using a PM thread for flash bingos and only flash bingos. However, as edit timestamps do not appear on PMs, I would encourage you to post here as well, especially if the bingo lasts for a few hours. Thank you! Rules Only players who are signed up may post bingos. Sign-ups will remain open for 48+ hours, depending on the number of players, and will close before the second round begins. You may sign up until sign-ups are closed. There is a 25 dragon minimum to play. As long as a bingo is listed as active, it may be claimed; each will be available for at least 4 hours. Once it is listed as expired, however, it is no longer viable. Dead eggs/hatchlings/dragons do not count as part of the game, unless stated otherwise.  Only adult dragons and frozen hatchlings count for bingos, unless stated otherwise. If you move up a trophy level during the game, you don't change your in-game trophy group (if you hit 200 dragons in the middle of the game, you'd still be classified as a bronze). If you do not have a dragon that fits the description merely wait until I announce the next dragon. Editing is allowed to an extent; posts that were edited over 10 minutes after the original time of posting will not be viable for claiming bingos. If in doubt, delete and repost. If I have posted after the post you wish to edit, please just post again, so I can see what you were going to add. May seem silly to list, but hosts may not play the game while they are hosting.  Gameplay At varying times in the day, a bingo will be announced, in the form of a certain condition (examples: a cb metallic, an even gen tinsel etc.). If one of your dragons fits the bingo's condition, you can claim the bingo. You can only claim each bingo once. Every bingo you claim earns you the number of points assigned to it. If you get up to a certain number of points (or higher), you win the game. When the first person reaches the required number of points (or higher) everyone will get an extra 48 hours to get their bingos in before the game ends. The winner will be determined by overall points. In the case of a tie, the host can either: consider the first person who posted a winner, or have a tiebreaker round. Bingos will come up at varying times and will remain active for a few hours to a few days at a time; multiple people can claim the same bingo (unless stated otherwise) as long as they all meet the necessary condition(s). There may be multiple bingos up for grabs at one time, so do your best not to miss such opportunities! For an explanation of trophies, snow many dragons you have to have for each, and what trophy you have, see this help page: https://dragcave.net/help/egglimits For the purposes of this game we have added an additional level above platinum. If you have 2000 or more dragons, you will be considered to have a diamond level trophy. If the host has gone inactive/unresponsive in this thread for any reason for at least one month, with no new Bingo round posted, players are free to discuss beginning a new game, with a host to be determined by current players. The original Bingo game may continue if the host returns, but the winner(s) will not be selected to host a new game, although they may still request an egg from the host, if they wish. Different Types of Bingos: Regular Bingos These will just be labeled as bingos and will be posted by the host in the thread. Anyone playing can claim them. They are up for grabs until the host has posted saying they are expired. Challenge Bingos These bingos will be labeled as "challenge bingos" and will be posted alongside regular bingos. The conditions required to meet such challenge bingos are more difficult or have more specific requirements than regular bingos (for example, an eighth gen even gen, a fourth gen starstep, a dragon with more than one spriter's alt in it, a dragon bred on Nov 1st of any year, etc.). Only one person can claim a challenge bingo. The first person to post a dragon that fits the requirements gets the point for that challenge bingo. Secret Bingos Secret bingos are bingos that are hidden somewhere and will usually be labeled with "secret" and "bingo", or "secret" and the breed name. These bingos can be found in my posts within this thread, my profile, and my scroll. Secret bingos can be put in play at any time and may or may not be announced. They can also only be claimed by one person. The first person to post who has a dragon that fits the requirements will get the secret bingo. These bingos are usually pretty easy, usually easier than or as easy as a regular bingo. Flash Bingos Flash bingos have a time limit. For example, I might post a bingo at 4:00pm and say that it ends at 8:00pm; only people who post a dragon that fits the requirements before eight will get credit. Flash bingos are posted at various times of the day to give different people the opportunity to claim them. Cascade Bingos Cascade bingos generally have three choices of the same type of dragon. Each successive choice is harder and earns more points. For example "a" earns one point while "c" earns three points. You can claim only one of them. Tricky Bingos Tricky bingos have a set of instructions that you need to follow to work out which dragon is the bingo. These bingos are generally worth 2 points.  Co-op Bingos These require two or more people to team up and claim the bingo together! They are usually worth 2 or 3 points depending on if 2 or 3 pumple team up. The points go to everyone on the team. Competitive Bingos These bingos give a generalized set of conditions, and the person who had the measurably best match (for example, highest or lowest gen) for the bingo at the end of its activity gets the points. If there is a tie, all tying winners get the points. Riddle Bingos In these bingos, a set of clues is posted together that hint at a particular dragon. Each person who posts the correct dragon gets a point. Ponderous Puzzle Bingos These are similar to riddle bingos, but the clues are posted one at a time rather than all at once. There will be at least 4 clues. If you get it from the first clue, it's worth 4 points, if you get it on the second clue, it's worth 3 and if you get it on the 3rd clue it's worth 2, and on the last clue it's worth 1. You may guess once per clue but, to prevent copying, you won't find out if you've been right or wrong until the end. Your highest-scoring correct guess will earn you the points, so it behooves you to guess differently each round. Rules to Claiming a Bingo You must announce "Bingo" for each bingo you are claiming. If you do not say "Bingo" for a bingo then it does not count. If you forget to announce a bingo properly, I will remind you and you can fix it so it will count. You may use view, lineage or progeny links for adult dragons. However, if applicable, growing things must have lineage links. Dragons must come from your own scroll only. You can't use dragons from others' scrolls. Your scroll name must be displayed on your dragons' page for this game, so that I can verify you are using a dragon from your own scroll. It would also help to have your scroll link in your signature (especially if your scroll name and forum name are different). Your scroll does not have to be visible, just your scroll name. Dragons that were bred or grabbed the day the bingo was announced or later cannot be used for the bingo. This is to ensure you didn't just breed/grab a dragon to fulfill the bingo. Winning the Game Congrats! If you win, you will receive a PM from the OP of the thread. The prize for winning is that great feeling of winning, the opportunity to host the next game, as well as picking two dragons from the host's scroll that you would like them to breed for you (and you have to take whatever is bred). If they refuse you can choose a different pair. Note, however, that some dragons may be bonded to specific mates and others may have waiting lists. Some hosts may allow you to choose from rares, some may not. You may decline the breeding offer, as well as hosting the next game. If you don't want to host the next game, you can post in the thread letting people know it's up for grabs. Some Terminology CB = Cave Born. A dragon with no parents. Example: https://dragcave.net/lineage/1pc1j False CB = A dragon whose entire lineage has been wiped out, by death of the parents. Example: https://dragcave.net/lineage/GaRH PB = Pure Bred. A dragon with only dragons of the same breed in its lineage. Example: https://dragcave.net/lineage/ehKyI EG = Even Gen. A lineage where all the dragons have two parents of the same generation so it makes a nice triangle shape. Example: https://dragcave.net/lineage/ay01S Checker = A type of even-gen where all the females are one breed and all the males are a different breed. Example: https://dragcave.net/lineage/PEdUS Stair/stairstep: A continuing lineage where one gender, excluding the first gender is always cb, creating a stairstep looking shape: https://dragcave.net/lineage/RFR7D If you have more questions, see the Lineage Terminology thread. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask them here or PM the host. Former Bingo Hosts 1.Walker (Yay, creator of the game!) / 2. Evilbunny405 / 3. Parakeet13 / 4. Angelstarstar / 5. Lilyice / 6. Khallayne / 7. Volcove / 8. DarkLorienne / 9. Scratcher_cat / 10. ScnBrain_2008 / 11. Lagie / 12. Parakeet13 / 13. Walker / 14. Lilyice / 15. XDLugia / 16. Tatrina / 17. Volcove / 18. Lagie / 19. Kanaye / 20. Tatrina / 21. Kanaye / 22. Sarahfish89 / 23. NixAyum / 24. Kanaye / 25. Black_Phantom / 26. RMMC / 27. Volcove / 28. XDLugia / 29. RMMC / 30. Volcove / 31. Lagie / 32. Satyr76 / 33. Sophiera / 34. VampircOmen / 35. Timpieh / 36. Trinity. / 37. Palior / 38. XDLugia / 39. Casprrr / 40. Volcove / 41. XDLugia / 42. Saikachan / 43. Casprrr / 44. Blackdragon71 / 45. Evangeline5432 / 46. Devious_Bookworm / 47. Pteprocks / 48. Raistlin24 / 49. Arula / 50. Jerusha / 51. SockPuppet Strangler / 52. HappyMom / 53. Ice_SW / 54. Rascal1414 / 55. Rainbowsmile / 56. Water_angel / 57. Alabamasax / 58. Water_angel / 59. XDLugia / 60. happyseagull / 61. Thegreenrobby / 62. TLOSpyrogirl / 63. Pteprocks / 64. HappyMom / 65. Michellechan2211 / 66. simkim / 67. Mysfytt / 68. Casprrr / 69. Evangeline5432 / 70. HappyMom / 71. Walker / 72. Classycal / 73. purplehaze / 74. Classycal / 75. HappyMom / 76. Raistlin24 / 77. Angelicdragonpuppy / 78. HeroLink42 / 79. Angelicdragonpuppy / 80. Raistlin24 / 81. Pteprocks / 82. Casprrr / 83. Mysfytt / 84. yuumei / 85. Pteprocks / 86. purplehaze / 87. Pteprocks / 88. Angelicdragonpuppy / 89. Raistlin24 / 90. Isuzu / 91. purplehaze / 92. Lolchen / 93. simkim / 94. purplehaze / 95. XDLugia / 96. ldwoodcock / 97. Pteprocks / 98. simkim / 99. purplehaze / 100. simkim / 101. Pteprocks / 102. Aquenee / 103. purplehaze / 104. Dragongirl02 / 105. SockPuppet Strangler / 106. Aquenee / 107. Lantean_Pegasus / 108. purplehaze / 109. Dimar / 110. Angelicdragonpuppy / 111. Classycal / 112. Dragongirl02 / 113. HawktalonOfRiverClan / 114. GhostMouse / 115. Rarek / 116. purplehaze / 117. HawktalonOfRiverClan / 118. dragongrrrl / 119. Cuteseal2 / 120. MessengerDragon / 121. Tiga / 122. Alectrona / 123. Pteprocks / 124. purplehaze / 125. ForNarniaMC / 126. JolteonTails / 127. AppleMango / 128. IchibiGaara / 129. Dragongirl02 / 130. Poohbear03 / 131. JolteonTails / 132. purplehaze / 133. Alectrona / 134. Ylla / 135. Vrack / 136. JolteonTails / 137. Saikachan / 138. Dusky_Flareon / 139. purplehaze / 140. SockPuppet Strangler / 141. JolteonTails. / 142. Fuzzbucket / 143. Ruby Eyes / 144. irrelevantindigo/ 145. Ruby Eyes/ 146. purplehaze/ 147. Dirtytabs/ 148. sh20000sh / 149. Ruby Eyes / 150. Dirtytabs / 151. Tinibree / 152. sh20000sh / 153. Ruby Eyes / 154. Aie / 155. Dirtytabs / 156. Fuzzbucket / 157. Naraku / 158. sh20000sh / 159. Ruby Eyes / 160. Fuzzbucket / 161. Meadbhb / 162. Dirtytabs / 163. Ruby Eyes / 164. Rememberdrgns / 165. Draconiusultamius
  6. Ok, so about next round, I'll do PM for flash bingos only since they're the most time-sensitive. I'm not really a big fan of flashes tbh, I much prefer tricky and puzzle bingos, as well as confusing secrets. If Remember and everyone else doesn't mind, I'll make the thread now so it will show up earlier. I might ask to have it set as hidden for now when it's approved to not clutter the page. Round 5 A new year already, huh. And we have a winner now, so last round! Regular Bingos R23: A Dragon affected by time events. Bingo! https://dragcave.net/view/3xvhT R24: A dragon that can affect time. Bingo! https://dragcave.net/view/WLhEp R25: A dragon affected by gender. Bingo! https://dragcave.net/view/vHURJ R26: A dragon that can affect gender. Bingo! https://dragcave.net/view/WV006 R27: A dragon affected by the death of others. Bingo! https://dragcave.net/view/NoMjI R28: A dragon that can affect the dead. Bingo! https://dragcave.net/view/9mcKT R29: A dragon affected by the environment. Bingo! https://dragcave.net/view/hgQzQ R30: A dragon that passively affect its surroundings. Bingo! https://dragcave.net/view/weXgE Co-op Bingo It may be January 11th already but some fireworks would still be a pretty sight. Co-op1: Form groups of 3, with each member presenting a dragon of either light or fire elemental affinity. Each group must have a dragon containing blue, one with green oryellow, and one with red, basically primary colours. You may join two groups to even out the numbers. A variant of the species can only be used once, if a group used a green nebula, your group may not use a green nebula, but is allowed to use a blue or red nebula. pm me! Flash Bingo F6: Lacula (4 hours) By the way, there’s still a few secrets active. They shouldn’t be too hard.
  7. Content Warning: Suicide Mention Took me this long to accept this, but I realized yesterday that I have actually managed to overcome whatever it was I was going through in junior high. I don't know what it was exactly, whether it was just a phase or a legitimate issue with something since I didn't have typical 'suicidal thoughts' (I contemplated suicide at some point, but I don't think I was actually ever serious since I had this strong belief that death was the end of everything and would cause more problems than it was worth. I essentially forced myself to look for another alternative that was better, which is actually a really good thing). I only acknowledge it as a bad phase in life, but it could have also be me being a hormonal teen. I'll quote from this youtube comment I made yesterday on this song if you're interested. Revisiting my past rather than just mentioning it in passing is a little hard (partly due to the cringe factor and how dumb this seems in retrospect), but I guess it's something I need to do occasionally in order to remember. I haven't experienced any significant 'dark episodes' where I return to that train of thought that berates me, which is definitely a sign of success for me. I ended up writing a concurrent poem to one I wrote a while ago because I felt that the old one no longer reflected my current state. Old poem New poem I mean, they're cheesy, but whatever.
  8. You've gotta read the comments in the video to understand how important this song was to me in the past since I don't feel like posting it here. I rediscovered it today and its weird hearing a song which may have saved me in the past. The only reason why I'm sharing it here is because I was on this site while this stuff was happening in my life. In case you're worried about me, don't worry, this happened four years ago and I'm in a way better place today than I was then. Not totally healed, I doubt I'll ever be, but at least 90% imo, which is definitely great!
  9. Nope. It's weird for me, but in the best of ways! I don't despise snow anymore (maybe) but I'm not a fan of subzero temps and piles of snow larger than me. Time seems different without snow though and I have to keep reminding myself that it's not late summer since I've lived in the first snow/last frost calendar for almost my whole life. Also, it hasn't dropped below 0 which is great, but the fact that it probably won't through winter kind of bugs me. The locals are all 'oh this isn't winter yet and it's going to get colder' but it's not winter for me without -20C, a pile of snow taller than me, and 500 shades of grey outside. My friends definitely don't get it. Most are either locals or international students from tropical climates, so the idea of giant snow piles and lots of snow falling from the sky is fascinating.
  10. I feel like a better way to decide when new trophies are released is when a certain number/percentage of users surpass the number of dragons required to get the next proposed trophy. So if people entitled to a diamond trophy were to have 2,500 dragons, lets say 10% of all dragon cave users need to have 2,500+ dragons each before the release happens. I know that there are new users signing up all the time and old users take breaks and such, but the percentage required could decrease by a bit each time to compensate since I doubt there will ever be users with 100,000 dragons or something crazy (unless that user is TJ but he doesn't really count and nobody knows anything about his scroll). This will keep the trophies realistic, but also makes it so there is the possibility of new trophies and it could happen at any time.
  11. I looked through all of DR. I have other things I could be doing, like studying, but no. I'm just gonna stalk DR without contributing lol.
  12. http://imgur.com/ZaLfFdr my computer isn't showing the image so I guess this'll have to do
  13. I'm gonna post here since OP isn't reading the stuff right now and you can edit things in on the chat without things showing up as edited, so... I might need proof. -... .. -. --. ---! https://dragcave.net/view/RvIeF
  14. I got two zombies, 2 revives and 2 fails... wait, weren't there only 5 tries?
  15. They sort between antarean and aria. Arachnid fits perfectly in that slot. If these dragons are based on spiders, there's a chance they might top the despises as my current faves. Spiders are just cute sacs of venom with lots of eyes, legs, and of course, squishy pedipalps! I'm sorry, I turn into a bowl of mush when talking about all 'creepy' crawlies. They're all just so squishy and adorable! Especially with those eyes, they get me every. single. time. Too much cuteness for me to handle!!! ❤️😍🐝🐛🦋🐌🐞🦂🕷🦗🐜
  16. A spidery dragon would be cool, then again I have arachnophila
  17. I think the marrows are already pretty much skeletons (Its literally in their name). As for headless dragons with invisible necks, while that would be an interesting trait in monsters, I don't see how this would work for monsters. I did once pitch an idea to an in-cave spriter regarding a virtually featureless dragon with a gaping hole as a mouth, which only exists when creatures fear its existence, and this is exactly what they told me about that, so I don't think a neckless or headless dragon would work either.
  18. A moth-based dragon would be hilarious because memes. That being said, I feel like the caligenes fill the mothlike-dragon niche quite well. I'm wondering if a more innocent dragon (like pumpkins) would be nice for a change. Something like a candy-based drake might be nice, with multicoloured, glassy wings and a rainbow body. A forest based or shadow based dragon would be cool too. Oh! Maybe something based off of inner demons since they're the most terrifying creatures of all! Not sure how that'd be worked into a dragon though. And now I have too many ideas for possible holiday dragons. There used to be some really nice concepts in DR that would have made great Halloween dragons as well. Too bad a bunch of them were killed off (I remember there being a virus dragon and a slenderman inspired dragon in the completed list at some point).
  19. I set a calendar alert for 4 am tomorrow so I really hope I'll be around when the new eggs drop tomorrow! I'm already super excited!
  20. @Rememberdrgns Imo, dragongirl's lineages look like spirals to me. Its just not the most obvious spirals since all 3g spirals look like that.
  21. @Sirithiliel I also got myself a 2g from one of the original gold tinsels! Very happy with my find :"D
  22. I've only got 15. I would love to see what I'm missing but that was a fun event nonetheless. Still waiting to grab all the tricks and treats though! I totally got into the action late because I'm in a time zone where 12:00 cave time is too early to wake up and too late to stay up for. I'll try my best to get up for the main event next week though (hopefully my roommates don't care too much though lol). Though I do think egg hunting is easier when fewer people are around.
  23. ^yeah. I haven't been the greatest person in the past, but I'm working on it. Hopefully you all understand ^^