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  1. there are more typos, you need to get all of them and do something with it. yep, but what do you mean by the producing children thing?
  2. One of mines Also regular, puzzle, riddle, and current tricky are expired now. (DNA tricky is still fine though, because nobody has solved it lol) \ I also realized that I made a grave error in the round 3 numbering. Whoops!
  3. I'm closing submissions for the puzzle now. There are still a bunch of secrets out there that people haven't solved, plus there's the tricky, so I haven't put out any new secrets because of that. I don't think avoiding the tricky or secrets is the way to win. I only planned five rounds and I doubt I will be able to prepare another, at least one that fits my standards. Since each round has about 10 points total (5 for regular, 5 for other categories), the max points from rounds is 50, which is theoretically more than enough for any player. I'll try to include enough points in the secrets and such to make the max points 80, if I see the need for it after the fifth round.
  4. Puzzle: P1.1 One woulD be a miracle P1.2 two wouLd be A Fluke P1.3 thrEe would be amaziNG P1.4 but fouR wouLd just be sad
  5. Edits don't require moderation. Which is admittedly a flawed system imo.
  6. In other news... Round 3. “Good luck. -3301” Regular: 6. Breed coded - a dragon whose breed name is in it’s code (eg. a firegem or gemshard with ‘gem’ in their code, can’t be anagrammed, but can be a short form if breed name is >5 letters long) 7. n=...- a dragon whose breed name has an n and has an all-number code 8. BSA of BSAs? - BSA dragon with ‘BSA’ in code (any caps) 9. Unicode - an alt dragon with an all number code 10. Wait a second- a dragon whose code appears to contradict it (can be an anagram) (ex. https://dragcave.net/view/cYbZU ) (5 points) Riddle (PM me!): R1. II.XIV.MMXI Tricky (PM me!): T2. (2 points)
  7. I'll let it slip because the post was hidden, but you did answer to P1.3, so surely you must have seen that rather than the original post? Eh, I'll let it slide...
  8. Round 2 and challenge are now expired, round 3 coming soon! Puzzle: P1.1 One woulD be a miracle P1.2 two wouLd be A Fluke P1.3 thrEe would be amaziNG
  9. Not that either, I feel like you might be getting the wrong clues from somewhere, but I don't know where.
  10. You present your answer to the Gaia, who's eyes light up in response. "Hmm, you're really good at this! Very well, climb onto me human, I feel that you have earned a ride home." You climb onto her back as you as you watch the trees below you grow smaller. Soon, you approach your home. As you leap off the xeno, she slides something towards you, a slip of paper. "I believe you may have dropped this in my lair, it must be important to you." You thank the Gaia, glancing briefly at the slip she has given you without giving it a second thought. As you watch her vanish into the distance, your eyes are drawn to the lettering on the paper. The handwriting on the paper is much too neat to be yours and you have never heard of a "Gibson Research Corporation". You decide to investigate further, but you feel you've had enough adventure for one day... The next day, you set out to find the owner of the slip of paper. You decide to head to the next village to see if It might belong to one of inhabitants there. However, upon reaching the village, none of the villagers appear to know who the paper belongs to or what it could mean. One of the villagers suggests consulting an old razorcrest dragon living in a nearby cave and you decide to check it out. The Razorcrest is sitting outside his cave, almost as if he were expecting you. You approach him and he begins to speak, "Human, that which you seek / is something I will present to thee." He enters the cave and returns with a scroll. "Within this ancient spellbound scroll / is a magic designed to hold / and hide the letters deep inside / locked away from prying eyes. / Farewell young one." The Razorcrest returns to his cave, just as the breeze picks up a bit. As you begin heading home, you think you hear him calling out after you, "And for the record, I do not / speak in rhymes an awful lot!" @Ruby Eyes nope, sorry!
  11. I mean, that technically works not that I know how a USB works. There's a reason why the puzzle involves a gaia xeno. The pattern shouldn't too hard when you see it. Have you looked at the dragon list I included?
  12. Ok, so add in some more obvious secrets, less tedious things, and less things that will stump non-English speakers like poetic riddles. I pretty much designed a bunch of the riddles and such because I saw how sh20000sh conducted his secrets and I felt outclassed by that one programming secret (which I still have no idea how to solve). I also felt like doing secrets the way others made them would be unoriginal and give some people an unfair advantage since they might know what to do immediately. Tbh, most of the secrets out there at the moment shouldn't be too non-ESL friendly. One is an anagram hidden in a way I have seen in one of Ruby Eye's previous bingos, one is a more complex version of a simple image puzzle, one involves looking for words that don't seem quite right and how they relate to one another and to DC, the double secret hidden in a link involves a small amount of knowledge about two different cryptography methods, but the second of the two might be a bit hard for non-English speakers, so I'll just tell you that it's steganography. There's also a number puzzle As for the DNA puzzle... Now, onto specific responses... @Fuzzbucket I won't throw in any more very hard co-ops, at least I'll try. @Ruby Eyes Focus less on the hints and more at looking for 'traditional' methods of hiding secrets, like in semi-obvious ways in past posts. @purplehaze The poetry is just for flavour because I felt like it. It refers to what it would be like to get the answer on that clue. The first would most definitely be a lucky guess, the second would also still be a lucky guess because I made it so that only the last clue reveals the true answer, even though the others can be used to make a vague guess. @GhostMouse Can you PM me your progress for the tricky? I might be able to point you in a direction. Most of these puzzles actually took less effort since I copied some of them out of this puzzle thing I found online (not cicada 3301, those are way beyond me, but another hard internet puzzle thing that I wouldn't be able to solve if presented with it. I do want to get my hands on the physical book though.). The DNA one kind of came to me as an idea and it took about an hour to get the idea down, half an hour for the poetry, and an hour for tweaking to make sure things worked. The hardest part was typing and formatting the codon chart just right since it took a while to get it to look perfect and I'm a big perfectionist. I'm also just a big fan of making puzzles, but have the IQ of a rock when attempting to solve them.
  13. I feel like I'm somehow making the bingo needlessly difficult or something because people don't seem to want to try the secrets (and even those who do try seem to give up after a while). I can't tell if this is because of my post moderation or because everything is actually too difficult. While I do have fun trying to come up with new, more difficult puzzles (the tricky/riddle makes me super proud in particular), I also want others to feel the same way about solving them. If my puzzles are really too complex and you feel overwhelmed, please don't be afraid to tell me.
  14. The second piece of the puzzle... Puzzle: P1.1 One woulD be a miracle P1.2 two wouLd be A Fluke
  15. I think you mean transcription, but that's close enough. Key is in the poem and it is what connects the 'boundaries' What have you been solving so far that is bound to sugar and phosphate and is composed of rings? Also, look at the number of rings. One of those is actually irrelevant, the other is very relevant. See previous stanza for hints.
  16. Terrae noted! Yep, thats an error! If you PM me, I can point you towards the right answer.
  17. You're focusing on the wrong parts, look for where the secrets are before you try to figure out what the poem bits mean (the locations are hinted to in the poems). Terrae eggs have been noted. http://bit.do/cmFkaWFudGFuZ2Vs
  18. They're your eggs, I'm not in charge of them lol
  19. Yeah, just making a note of the eggs because I count up points later and they will have hatched by then. @Ruby Eyes No, it's already pretty hard to get good gene codes.
  20. I'll make a note of the terraform eggs here I guess green gemstone makes sense too. Of course, oddities in things are usually intentional.
  21. Don't think too hard. It's a green gemstone formed in igneous rocks.