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  1. @AsymDoll13 I'm 21 and I still write a ton of cringy poetry when the mood strikes me, though I don't share most of it. It's actually a really good way to release your emotions.
  2. I enjoy writing periodically. Sometimes, it's cringy poems and such, and other times, I'm working on my paracosm, since I started trying to properly flesh out the world (or at least one of the locations) a few years ago, rather than just playing it by ear like I used to. I did write one fanfic once, it was Undertale lol. Unfortunately, I don't remember what the account was, or where I put it, but I'll try to find it.
  3. I know I asked something like this before, but for art usage, would translating a dragon sprite to a 3D model count as 'use as is fanart'? Or is this something not covered by the agreement which I would need to discuss with artists individually (as 2D and 3D are relatively different mediums, translating one to another requires different skills and it could be argued that a 3D derivative is significantly different enough to just be considered "taking inspiration" and may not be covered)?
  4. Being remembered only for negative things or despised for past actions. It's sort of why I stopped coming back here, which is odd because I'm now remembering that I actually left on my own accord after seemingly getting bored (I can't really draw and I don't feel like a part of the contributing community). All the negative feelings I have in relation to this site and what I've done in the past... they are all projection. People may or may not remember me... but they probably don't hold hate or anything towards me. Perhaps I felt that my lack of contribution was a sign that others disliked me or didn't value me, and have held this thought for so long that it has defined the site for me. Something I should really work on indeed!
  5. Heh. What can i say... I pretty much exiled myself from a community I've been incredibly active in for several months. So now I'm back to get even more depressed. Just another place to add to my "list of places I've messed up and can't return to without crying"...
  6. Ah yes, I forgot that existed! Thanks!
  7. A little question about dragon cave art usage on other mediums. I'm currently quite active on a public Minecraft server and I was wondering if it would be ok if I used sprite art from DragonCave to make maparts on the server. Of course, I will contact the individual artists as well and credit them as the original makers, but I would also like to receive some official word on perms from here, since I don't want the server to get in trouble.
  8. Nobody remembers me. That's good. I don't deserve to be remembered.@purpledragonclaw @LadyLyzar I'm sorry again, I don't know if you remember me, but it's for the best if you don't. @Process I'm sorry, I don't think I can ever make it up to you. I hope you don't remember me either, I don't deserve to be remembered. For everyone else, hi, I'm a pretty bad person. I haven't been active for ages, but I used to come here all the time. I likely never will be fully active again. I wish you all the best and hope you all are doing well. So until next time I feel the need to ping people and apologize for things they've likely forgotten, goodbye.
  9. @Infinis I nominate you as the most prolific spriter of recent times. Your art is everywhere (which makes sense because your spriting style is so unique and beautiful)! Congrats on yet another dragon!
  10. I'm thinking that the new dergs could be related to the crocotta. They are said to lure people away to kill them by mimicking the voices of humans. The colouration of the sprite and the wide mouth are also something linked to crocottas.
  11. I abandoned at least 12, if that's any consolation to those who didn't get eggs.
  12. Erratus, I thought for sure someone got to it before me, but I was wrong.
  13. Aww, there's no save of the last game Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Hopefully you all got yourselves some nice eggs! (Now time to wait for Christmas, and take remaining Halloweens out of the AP)
  14. Am I the only one with absolutely no lag? Its like theres nobody else on the biomes! It's still a bit surreal considering how much trouble I had with lag at home
  15. Anyone else grabbing new eggs and abandoning them so you can grab more?
  16. Just got a 4 number coded halloween 😐 Still pretty good, but idek, its not the same
  17. Happy Halloween and congrats Dohaerys and Infinis!
  18. I happened to find a CB arcana on the AP yesterday (day before?). I'm still wondering who abandoned it
  19. Full image for my Halloween profile pic! I'm very good at procrastinating. The writing doesn't mean anything in particular, but you can read it if you'd like. Honestly, this went a lot better than I was expecting. Hopefully, mods don't take it down. It's not that gory or creepy though imo. I feel like I could have done better though, since it's not incredibly convincing.
  20. @purplehaze Can confirm that it works of edge for sure
  21. Does anyone know what the glitched treat was?