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  1. *noob wanders in* Raffle? What, where? What is a raffle?
  2. Mystic Wraith, named in thanks to Mystic Halo who gifted me the dragon!
  3. Lineage Status Update Lineage: PenkPink Forum Name: Silverflame22 Regarding: Bad dragons Report: I am sick of pink eggs. Please, please let the next one be shiny. Lineage Status Update Lineage: Forum Name: Silverflame22 Regarding: Bad dragons Report They too are not producing the right eggs. It could take a while.
  4. Ooooh just discovered snaplinks And was sold a doni for 10000 YAY!
  5. I know this is an old thread, but thanks for this! Didn't know about this, and f5 doesn't work on my laptop. So I kept clicking refresh and would miss the good eggs in the AP and such because of having the move my mouse down to click. But this helped a lot!
  6. I think they aren't dropping much any more...havn't seen one in the caves in the past couple hours.
  7. http://dragcave.net/lineage/NdPt9 Accidental click turned out really great! Edit: Had to fog, will unfog in half an hour
  8. Hot. Really, REALLY HOT. Dry, desert hot. Meh. 35-40 degrees C. In Canada.
  9. I got a pair, but stopped looking for them and started searching the AP after what has been dropping in there. I'm guessing a lot of people where in a hurry to get some new release
  10. Wow, just found this beauty. Thank you mystery APer!!If it alts I will be so happy!
  11. I am seeing a lot more lacks in the cave recently! In the past few days I have seen around 5. Thanks! Will not breed my blacks for a month as well, and already pick up most black eggs I see in the AP.
  12. Does a topic have to be approved before it can be posted in the forum games category?
  13. Lineage Status Update Lineage: PenkPink Forum Name: Silverflame22 Regarding: Breeding and activity. Report: So I have got multiple mates for Sparkly PenkSilver, and have gotten a couple pink eggs out of him so am hoping the next is a tinsel. Also, Pattekat will PM me when he has time to participate, so until he does I am thinking we should bump him down anytime someone else wants to join until he is available?
  14. Was surprised that I got Henritta for a chicken. Seems kind of a common name for a chicken.
  15. I want to join soooo badly... does anyone know when they open up regerstration again?
  16. I GOT A LEETLE TREE WOOOOO FINALLY! (Oops sorry for caps)
  17. Hi! Thanks for all the clicks, I got my first batch of adults Some more eggs are in my sig, I love the help!
  18. The second last egg is only 1 or two clicks away from hatching! Thanks for all the help. (Also just found that weird emoji, what is it supposed to be exactly?)