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  1. DeviantART ^^^ That's my dA. I don't post too often, but I normally just write about stuff...
  2. I'm panromantic! I have a couple crushes, though none are men...
  3. I'm pan-asexual I wasn't really sure what my sexuality was until I looked over at this thread... One of my friends is really Christian-y and when I told her that the supreme court legalized gay marriage, she said that was disgusting :l (EDIT:: *gasp* I made a new page!)
  4. Ib.. Some of the endings were sad.. :C Oh, and OFF... ;~;
  5. Ooh, I have minecraft for the PC (I got it about, uh, 3 years ago? It was a pain :C It took 30 minutes for the two accounts we needed ((my sister's and then mine))), for the mobile, and Xbox... I normally mod minecraft loads
  6. Minecraft.. I'm playing with a bunch of mods at the moment.
  7. One of my dragon's names - Lluxiqui
  8. Haha, I just have a bunch of cats and dogs One of my friends has a parrot, and my other friend has 2 snakes. I think one's a python, but aren't those really long..?
  9. Uh, I live in Texas, and I talk like a stereotypical Texan (to those who have never actually been, some thing we're all cowboys and stuff), you know, like ya'll, howdy, etc... but that's not really accent. o.o
  10. I'm in the middle of Leap of Faith, and I will start Eragon soon.
  11. I really like piercings, but I would rather not got them anywhere other than my ears, since I don't really like to take risks or anything
  12. Well, my first language is English, and I'm learning German and French...
  13. It's about 85 F here, and not really any clouds.
  14. I'm an agnostic-atheist, but a few years ago I'd go to church occasionally for Catholicism.