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  1. Choc out this dragon No idea why just made me lol
  2. Only one. Skye and middle name Ah-lam which in short means blue
  3. Not all exotic but I have... 2 rabbits (one lop, one thrianta) 1 carpet python 3 royal pythons 1 sinocorn snake 1 Mexican black king snake 1 california king snake 10 corn snakes 9 crested geckos 1 bearded dragon 9 rats 6 cats 4 silkie chickens Many Japanese quail Many multimammate mice 6 sugar gliders 4 goldfish 18 African pygmy hedgehogs 7 Egyptian spiny mice 2 lesser tenrecs And that's all
  4. A very horrible North London accent Seen the film Kingsmen... Yeah like that
  5. Egg, bacon, beans and fried eggs fresh from the chicken's bum
  6. I have four silkies and not chickens but Japanese quail too.
  7. Diablo, Diablo & Diablo god only knows how many yrs I spent playing that! StarWing (or starfox for the Americans but will always be StarWing for me) Super Mario Bros & World Any UT and for some reason the old Rainbow Sixes and the old NFS And also zoo tycoon is my guilty secret