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  1. Finally got a blue egg! Happy to see them around the cave more. Had to drop a gemshard to make room for it, but I think it's worth it!
  2. Deep Spa Heat Massage I think we all could use one of those!
  3. Of course, my 'net was done this weekend, so I missed the initial flood drop. Been looking when I can, though; have yet to see one. Will probably focus on my breeding projects and see if happen upon one of the new ones, instead of staring at the cave for hours, hoping, lol.
  4. Blue Mara No funny per se, but I feel a kinship to it.
  5. Buy my book I just like this one, because my naming system for my Lunar Heralds involves the names of classic novels, haha.
  6. Yesterday, within two minutes' time, I caught both a leetle tree and my first Ice Dragon egg. I couldn't believe my luck!
  7. I think this must be me, since I did this last night. Because after I got my tree and PERL said good-bye, I just went to my house. And nothing happened haha. But I guess I am finished for today. Not sure if I'll get all 12, but it's fun.
  8. Pasteldapple Thought it was "pasted apple" at first, hhaha. Haha, you're welcome! Love 'em.
  9. Came In Like A Bowling Ball Plus an honorable mention to the NHL team ones. (Especially the Moonstone/Carolina Hurricanes one!)
  10. A Light Switch Funny 'cause magma is more than just a light switch, haha.
  11. Catching up on my Halloween catches: This guy And him Thanks, breeders!
  12. All righties. Guess I'll just look for some nice lineages then. Would prefer CBs though. My fault for getting to DC so late, haha.
  13. Whoo! Am excited for this, my first event on DC. Loving finding ingredients and making potions! Haven't used any yet, though... I do have a (potentially stupid) question -- So all the eggs from previous Halloween dragons, they cannot be CB, yes? They will all be lineaged, bred from others' scrolls?
  14. All these: If you Come into my Library And Steal my Books O N E more Time I will E A T you
  15. Caught an alt Ridgewing the other day.
  16. Ahh, I like that. Twisted stairstep.
  17. Thanks! I likely would have continued anyway... but I just wanted to see if they would be considered 'true' spirals.