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  1. Can I get a picture of my OC please? Here's a reference http://artfight.net/character/137144.analeigh-serpicot
  2. Hi! I have a CB Fell Dragon, can I request a drawing? It's on cooldown right now, but I can send a trade link soon, or I can influence and hatch it if that's better for you.
  3. Are Lunar Heralds from the Alpine less common than their Desert or Volcano counterparts? And if so, what can I trade for an Alpine Lunar Herald?
  4. I want to sign up! Forum name: wildfirewastaken Scroll name: wildfire456 Wishlist: 1. Anything from this category except CB Gold 2. Alt Black (short Lineage would be amazing) 3. Alt Vine (Same as above) 4. Purple Nebula 5. Anything 6. Any CB hatchlings Breeding abilities: Almost everything on my scroll is available to breed. I don't have any great lineages, but I have plenty of CBs and can breed 2G metals Catching abilities: I can catch CB Unbreedables, Coppers, Trios, Xenowyrms and Spessartines pretty easily, but not other metallics or Almandines
  5. You need to breed a tuna fish with a spoonerism. Why can't I breed my Dinos?
  6. Dry lightning. It's too dark to see normally, but every so often the sky turns bright white. I can see the silhouettes of trees in the distance. It's quite pretty, but I wish it would rain.
  7. I, wildfirewastaken, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  8. Extravert(50%) iNtuitive(31%) Thinking(34%) Perceiving(50%) •You have moderate preference of Extraversion over Introversion (50%) •You have moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (31%) •You have moderate preference of Thinking over Feeling (34%) •You have moderate preference of Perceiving over Judging (50%) yup
  9. It's just started raining here, which is good. It's been overcast and tense all day, and I've been waiting for the rain to fall. Edit: lol nope it stopped already. Curse the unpredictable Australian weather!
  10. It's storming outside but I can't see anything because it's so dark. Every so often the sky is illuminated by lightning, and I can hear the rumble of thunder but there's no rainfall whatsoever. It's quite surreal
  11. No you haven't missed anything. EDIT: 'd! How about 'maria' or 'mare'? Maria is the term for the dark splodges on the moon, and mare is the prefix used to name them.
  12. Yesss finally got two! Good luck to all those still hunting
  13. I was lucky enough to avoid the lag at the hour drop, and this is what I saw: I've been playing DC since 2011, and not once have I seen a CB Gold, but I have seen plenty of Cheeses. Suffice to say I was somewhat suprised to see a gold in the Alpine. I clicked like mad, hoping to get it. Guess which one I actually clicked on (Hint: It's not the gold)