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  1. I wasn't able to get all of the trick or treats this year because the internet was down. Spectrum sucks
  2. Requester's Form Forum name: Syferia PM link: PM Egg wanted and special wishes: 2nd gen Gold Lunar from Ribbon Dancer please~ Secret field: No Holiday Requests!
  3. Just missed the first CB Gold I've seen in months...
  4. Just got my first CB Gold (Through a trade, but still!) Can't wait for it to grow up~
  5. Gravemauler Gravetiller Chilling Tea Wisperer Ancient Menace Fiery Pits Affectionate Death Thought these would be taken when I was naming my Halloween dragons o.o
  6. Ever since I got my Halloween eggs, they've been getting viewbombed. I've found them in 3 click sites and I'm sure if I didn't fog them before going to sleep, they'd all be dead by now.
  7. Could I possibly get a CB Gold for a 3rd gen Desipis like this?
  8. Starlit Sage and Power Morph. Was really surprised I got them
  9. Congrats to everyone who won (still waiting to see any kind of message though)
  10. Maybe it's just lagging a bit? ( I hope so, I'd love to get a prize XD)
  11. I know for sure I entered... Does it say that you didn't win one or does it not show anything?
  12. Thank you for this little one
  13. 1. Syferia 2. 7 Thank you for this chance
  14. Saw a gold for the first time in months. Didn't get it
  15. Got this name for my male Sinomorph, Lord of Morph
  16. New Blue Eggie~ Would like for this to go to someone who doesn't have one yet, so offer a dummy
  17. Thanks to whoever dropped this lovely little egg
  18. Had 4 hatchlings that needed to gender female for my breeding project, influenced them all female, all gendered male