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  1. Seven red dorsal hatchies here: https://dragcave.net/group/7297


    Sakuhanas: https://dragcave.net/group/96724 (1 hatchie, 1 adult)

    Starsingers: https://dragcave.net/group/96056 (1 hatchie, 1 adult)


    Seasonals are my jam, so anyone still looking for some can die happy on my scroll:

    Summer: https://dragcave.net/group/7490

    Autumn: https://dragcave.net/group/7493

    Winter: https://dragcave.net/group/7495

    Spring: https://dragcave.net/group/7497

  2. Something really needs to be done, because this has gotten quite obnoxious. I wouldn't mind so much if there were some decent lineages in this Nocturne flood, but most of it's useless for anyone who does patterned breeding. I grabbed a pair of 2Gs crossed with shadow walkers -- those are of some actual use -- but I got sick of looking at the wall of Nocturnes really quickly.


    It's a shame, because I'm working on some complex seasonal lineages, so i'm scroll-locked most of the time with eggs I've bred and kept. Hitting the AP right after a round of eggs has hatched is about the only way I can get much variety going on right now, and these floods ruin that.

  3. I'm definitely in support of this. I'm a completist, and have been collecting eggs since the very first Festival. My life has changed a lot over that period of time. Until 2016, I always had enough time to get all of the eggs, but then my life radically changed as I began my PhD work, and a lot of formerly free time evaporated. I was in the middle of assembling my reading lists and exam questions when the 2016 Festival of Eggs occurred, and forgot it was even going on until the third day because I was just that frazzled.  In 2017 I just barely managed to grab all of the eggs (my housemate wasn't quite so lucky), but I was in the middle of packing for a move in 2018 and had very little time to grab eggs, and I think I got less than half. This year, I've been sick, and spent an ungodly number of hours sleeping my misery away and then stressing over egg catching; I got all but one of them. Even just the thought, "if I don't catch them all now, maybe next year I'll have time to get some of the older ones" would have upped my enjoyment of the game, because at the end I was just frantic and frustrated and, tbh, cursing at the screen and wondering why I considered this a recreational activity. I collected the second-to-last egg at 11:45 and watched with growing horror as no new egg appeared after every refresh, as the clock inched closer and closer to midnight and finally struck it and that last egg was lost forever.


    This game has already backtracked on a lot of things being "lost forever," so what we're asking for is definitely in keeping with the spirit of the game. Frills and Arias are back. It used to be that if you missed out on a CB Holiday/Halloween/Valentine's Day dragon, that was it; you would only ever own a bred one. That has changed. Even before that change, it used to be that once you had two of a specific Holiday or Valentine dragon, CB or bred, you couldn't get any more, but that limit was lifted as well. These were choices made to keep the game fun and inclusive for all of the players, and this would do the same.

  4. 1 minute ago, SamuelMaybird said:

    Well has the things just been buried under tiles? I know the chess tiles and wall liners have layering problems atm.

    I think you're right. I guess it can all be fixed by making the chess tiles automatically the bottom layer, the way they were when we used them. I think that any time we put a chess tile down below an object, after the object had been placed, the system is now putting it on top of that object, layering them by placement order even though that's not how they looked during the game.

  5. My fort looks nothing like it did right before the event closed. I had everything carefully arranged, but my arrangement has been thoroughly wrecked. Nothing to do with resources; items I arranged carefully have been moved, rotated, or deleted,

  6. Is anyone else getting an "An error has occurred" page when they go to the main cave page? When I hover over the link on the dragon cave logo, the url has an added /?r=1 at the end. If I remove it, things load normally, but if I just click on the link (which includes that), I get the error page. I'm using Chrome on my Mac; my housemate, who uses Safari, says that everything loads right for him even with that /r=1 in the link. This only started being a problem for me yesterday. Any idea why that might be happening?

  7. I was so delighted to discover that I could replay the adventure today! I hadn't gone into the house, so I'd missed a chance at nine items back when I first played, and was really let down that I had no chance to get them. Being able to rerun the game let me try all kinds of things that I hadn't done the first time -- like getting a mortar and pestle thrown at my head by the pygmy dragons who were still fighting, instead of only encountering them when they were already contrite. 🤣Here's hoping that we are able to keep our inventories after all.

  8. This is also the case, on my scroll, for all of my eggs and unfrozen hatchies on their view pages. I can see them just fine on my scroll (edit: although I just went to another page of my scroll and all of the images are missing!), but the image links are completely broken on their individual pages. The "trading" page is really messed up, too, for me.

  9. All traded, thanks!


    (PS, just had to add: Thank you to everybody for being so honest. I accidentally posted the hatchie with a transfer link instead of a trade link. For three hours, he sat here with that link, and nobody helped themselves to him. Everybody here is so honorable and sweet!)

  10.  I was watching over Andrew's shoulder as he hunted this round. It took about 30 seconds for the drop to start. Then, about 15 seconds later, there was major lag that lasted half a minute. The working drop itself lasted another minute after that. Miraculously, he managed to catch a Holly. We both gasped when it actually appeared for him. But these drops are flying by at light speed.

  11. My housemate is having no luck catching Hollies (the only ones we missed because we joined in Fall '08). I was astonishingly lucky yesterday, but today's drops are insanely short, especially given that 100+ people are sitting in the drop area. Andrew says the top-of-the-hour drop cleared out in 4 minutes, and none of the 5-minute drops last even a minute. It seems like the supply is nowhere near the level of demand, and as a side concern, it's now getting harder to find bred eggs in the AP, because so many CB non-Hollies are getting dumped in there. Half the time, I can't even pick up an egg in the AP now. Could some mechanism be put in place so that if a CB holiday egg is abandoned, it gets rotated back into the Holiday biome instead of the AP?

  12. 16 hours ago, herk said:


    CB Hollies were ALL male just like CB Mistles were ALL female (only exception were the HM prize Hollies)

    Ah, that answers my question. :( I was hoping to get one of each, and was sad to see that I couldn't influence them. I could have sworn, though, that the original hollies were both male and female, because I remember people being surprised when all of the Yulebucks gendered male.