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  1. I think you're right. I guess it can all be fixed by making the chess tiles automatically the bottom layer, the way they were when we used them. I think that any time we put a chess tile down below an object, after the object had been placed, the system is now putting it on top of that object, layering them by placement order even though that's not how they looked during the game.
  2. My fort looks nothing like it did right before the event closed. I had everything carefully arranged, but my arrangement has been thoroughly wrecked. Nothing to do with resources; items I arranged carefully have been moved, rotated, or deleted,
  3. WOW! This is awesome! ❤️
  4. I think I'm pretty much done messing with mine.
  5. Yeah, cursor is frozen for me, too. I was coming here to ask about it. Fingers crossed that it's fixed soon, but it probably explains why I didn't have any new damage since I last checked.
  6. How do we get weapons? It tells me to select a weapon, but I don't have any.
  7. Yay for Snow Wars! But I may be having some problems. I'm using Chrome and all I see is a great blank square, and then the rules. Should there be something in the blank space?
  8. Is anyone else getting an "An error has occurred" page when they go to the main cave page? When I hover over the link on the dragon cave logo, the url has an added /?r=1 at the end. If I remove it, things load normally, but if I just click on the link (which includes that), I get the error page. I'm using Chrome on my Mac; my housemate, who uses Safari, says that everything loads right for him even with that /r=1 in the link. This only started being a problem for me yesterday. Any idea why that might be happening?
  9. I was so delighted to discover that I could replay the adventure today! I hadn't gone into the house, so I'd missed a chance at nine items back when I first played, and was really let down that I had no chance to get them. Being able to rerun the game let me try all kinds of things that I hadn't done the first time -- like getting a mortar and pestle thrown at my head by the pygmy dragons who were still fighting, instead of only encountering them when they were already contrite. 🤣Here's hoping that we are able to keep our inventories after all.
  10. Is anyone else getting error messages if you try to look at your egg's pages, or go to their actions? I was going to fog my eggs, but I keep getting errors when I hit Actions or the View Page links. Edit: It seems to be resolved.
  11. Looks like the site is back, but Alpine, Forest, and Volcano biomes won't load for me.
  12. This is also the case, on my scroll, for all of my eggs and unfrozen hatchies on their view pages. I can see them just fine on my scroll (edit: although I just went to another page of my scroll and all of the images are missing!), but the image links are completely broken on their individual pages. The "trading" page is really messed up, too, for me.
  13. All traded, thanks! (PS, just had to add: Thank you to everybody for being so honest. I accidentally posted the hatchie with a transfer link instead of a trade link. For three hours, he sat here with that link, and nobody helped themselves to him. Everybody here is so honorable and sweet!)
  14. I was watching over Andrew's shoulder as he hunted this round. It took about 30 seconds for the drop to start. Then, about 15 seconds later, there was major lag that lasted half a minute. The working drop itself lasted another minute after that. Miraculously, he managed to catch a Holly. We both gasped when it actually appeared for him. But these drops are flying by at light speed.
  15. My housemate is having no luck catching Hollies (the only ones we missed because we joined in Fall '08). I was astonishingly lucky yesterday, but today's drops are insanely short, especially given that 100+ people are sitting in the drop area. Andrew says the top-of-the-hour drop cleared out in 4 minutes, and none of the 5-minute drops last even a minute. It seems like the supply is nowhere near the level of demand, and as a side concern, it's now getting harder to find bred eggs in the AP, because so many CB non-Hollies are getting dumped in there. Half the time, I can't even pick up an egg in the AP now. Could some mechanism be put in place so that if a CB holiday egg is abandoned, it gets rotated back into the Holiday biome instead of the AP?
  16. Ah, that answers my question. I was hoping to get one of each, and was sad to see that I couldn't influence them. I could have sworn, though, that the original hollies were both male and female, because I remember people being surprised when all of the Yulebucks gendered male.
  17. Sorry about the delay in responding; it's been a crazy week. That's odd, though. When I was first using the lists, I remember always going to the full page when I clicked the link. Maybe because I have adblock plus enabled universally, in addition to having an ad-removal subscription? I really liked being able to see the entire page easily; if I was adding a dragon to multiple groups, it was much easier to check and verify that I had put it in all of the groups I planned to than with a drop-down menu. I guess that's a case of "one person's bug is another person's feature." I'm attaching a screencap of what the drop-down does to my longer-named groups. Most of the time, I can still intuit which group is which based on the start, but I had to stop and think "okay, WHICH dragon dropped in Halloween '13 again?" a few times when I was adding my new Halloweens to groups.
  18. I haven't added my dragons to groups for a while -- I had a big move and packing/unpacking took all of my extra time and energy -- but when I tried to add some today, I got EXTREMELY frustrated. It used to be that clicking on the words "add to group" on the dragon's profile would lead to a page with a complete list of all of my groups (and I have a LOT of groups!), but now it just activates a drop-down menu (which, IMO, should ONLY come up if I click the little arrow to the right the words -- or the list icon to the left of the words, which makes me wonder why all three things are needed if they all lead to the same place). Because some of my group names hit the maximum length, the drop down menu also mangles many of the names and makes them unreadable/unusable. Right now, the only work-around I have is to right-click on the "add to group" link and open it in a new tab -- that's the only way I can get to the page that I was always relying on in the past. Is there any way to get that link to work right again? Truth be told, I hate drop-downs and would be happy if they all disappeared forever, so having that be the only option I can readily access really diminishes the game play and might make me stop using the "groups" feature.
  19. I cannot clear my recent history, because I have projects going on in other tabs, on other sites, that would be negatively affected if I did. Can we get an actual debug at some point?
  20. Is anyone else getting "an error has occurred" when they click on "get candy?"
  21. I LOVE that the CB Halloweens are back! I am a stickler for complete sets, and it's always bugged me a little that I didn't have a S1 CB pumpkin. Now I will! (Which means the only thing left on my "Impossible Wish List" is one more genderable paper.) And now I can balance out my Black Marrows -- I have 1 CB adult male and 3 CB adult females. <3
  22. Yiiiiikes! Of all the weekends to move! Now I have a whole lot of catching up to do, and they're so beautiful! I hope I can find some!
  23. I'm happy to report that the PayPal link is now working perfectly again. This topic can be closed.
  24. So my subscription to ad removal just expired, and I attempted to renew it, but whenever I click on any of the "Buy Now" / "Subscribe" buttons, Paypal opens an error page saying "we were unable to decrypt the certificate ID." I'm not sure how long this has been a problem (my subscription literally only just expired) but hopefully this can be fixed quickly? Thanks!
  25. So I just picked up an egg that I thought was impossible -- a Pink bred from an Aria and a Silver. I had been privately disappointed after the Old Pinks were re-released as a separate species, because I had though that it meant that some of the lineages I had casually collected (such as a Yulebuck/Pink checkerboard where all of the CB mothers were Old Pinks/Arias) would be impossible to continue. This is the first time I've seen a pink egg from an Aria since the change-over, so I have no idea if this is normal/commonplace or unusual. Does anyone know what the rules are regarding this, or the breeding ratios? Thanks!