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  1. Right around 5:04 EDT, the site suddenly hung up... and then a 504 error page appeared. Now, the only screen that will come up for me is the "An error has occurred.' page. Is anyone else able to get pages to load? My housemate couldn't get in either. Edit: The screen has now switched to 'Unavailable for maintenance.' Hopefully that's a good sign?
  2. Ooooh, I love the sprites! *snuggles them all!*
  3. The site is suddenly unavailable for maintenance, a full three hours earlier than usual. Is this odd?
  4. I just tried it as an oven recipe, and still got "a mess" as a result. Edit: Oh, I see, the google doc got updated. Weirdly enough I thought I hadn't refreshed the page, so I thought I was trying the "other" option from what I had done before.
  5. Oh, if only there was a recipe that just required poultry and cocoa beans... 🤣
  6. I tried it too, and wondered if I had messed it up somehow... but if it's happening to other people too... 🤭
  7. I've hidden mine now, as well. I had taken them out of the ERs but somehow they ended up getting another 5,000 views. I really want those scroll slots back. 🤨 Editing to add: Definitely still happening. The ERs of every fan site are packed with Snow Angels who won't grow up.
  8. Is anyone else having a weird glitch where their Snow Angels refuse to grow up? Editing to add: I think it's everybody. I'm seeing the hatchies in ERs with abundant views, passing the 4 day mark and hitting 3 days 23 hours, and still not growing up. Is this a breed-specific oddity I've forgotten about, or do they have a bug? (It's just Snow Angels. Everything else on my scroll automatically grew up pretty much the moment they hit the 4 day mark.)
  9. My housemate and I decided to run the same configurations, starting at the same time, to see which one of us will die first. So far so good, LOL!
  10. Once you press Survive, the game begins. Every five minutes, new pieces will appear and move on the board. Don't hit "Start Over." Just refresh the page at the 5-minute marks and see how well your dragons defend you.
  11. I am loving the vampires. My housemate has hit round 40 and the zombies can't get past them. I'm hoping I'll have similar luck. I've already seen one of my vampires moving around the board a little. They are so cool!
  12. OMG. My housemate unlocked vampires, and one of his vampires just turned a zombie INTO a vampire. Now he has an extra soldier for FREE! My dragons are still battling, but I'm so excited for next round when I have vampires too!
  13. Weird... no new round at the :40 mark this hour.
  14. My housemate made it 100 rounds! 😮
  15. Oooh, that makes sense, since they offered me a hatchie.
  16. I put up an egg for public trade last night, and received an offer. However, something weird is going on because the "accept" button for the offer is non-functional (greyed out), but the "decline" button works just fine. Any idea what might be causing that? (Add-block is turned off for DC, so that's not a factor.)
  17. My housemate and I have used this "bug" as a feature a few times, when one of us has accidentally influenced an egg "wrong." We then trade the egg back and forth to clear the erroneous influence and allow us to do it right the next time.
  18. LOL! I love it. We have fussy hatchies! ❤️
  19. Seven red dorsal hatchies here: https://dragcave.net/group/7297 Sakuhanas: https://dragcave.net/group/96724 (1 hatchie, 1 adult) Starsingers: https://dragcave.net/group/96056 (1 hatchie, 1 adult) Seasonals are my jam, so anyone still looking for some can die happy on my scroll: Summer: https://dragcave.net/group/7490 Autumn: https://dragcave.net/group/7493 Winter: https://dragcave.net/group/7495 Spring: https://dragcave.net/group/7497
  20. I have a few Arcanas: https://dragcave.net/group/95870 -- 4 adults, 3 hatchies.
  21. Something really needs to be done, because this has gotten quite obnoxious. I wouldn't mind so much if there were some decent lineages in this Nocturne flood, but most of it's useless for anyone who does patterned breeding. I grabbed a pair of 2Gs crossed with shadow walkers -- those are of some actual use -- but I got sick of looking at the wall of Nocturnes really quickly. It's a shame, because I'm working on some complex seasonal lineages, so i'm scroll-locked most of the time with eggs I've bred and kept. Hitting the AP right after a round of eggs has hatched is about the only way I can get much variety going on right now, and these floods ruin that.
  22. Wow! I had just gone to the Alpine biome and was stunned! I came here to see what was up. VERY cool! Thank you!
  23. Eeee, egg-locked! I thought for sure, if we had an April drop, it would start tomorrow. *crossing my fingers that my eggs hatch before these become harder to catch!*
  24. I'm definitely in support of this. I'm a completist, and have been collecting eggs since the very first Festival. My life has changed a lot over that period of time. Until 2016, I always had enough time to get all of the eggs, but then my life radically changed as I began my PhD work, and a lot of formerly free time evaporated. I was in the middle of assembling my reading lists and exam questions when the 2016 Festival of Eggs occurred, and forgot it was even going on until the third day because I was just that frazzled. In 2017 I just barely managed to grab all of the eggs (my housemate wasn't quite so lucky), but I was in the middle of packing for a move in 2018 and had very little time to grab eggs, and I think I got less than half. This year, I've been sick, and spent an ungodly number of hours sleeping my misery away and then stressing over egg catching; I got all but one of them. Even just the thought, "if I don't catch them all now, maybe next year I'll have time to get some of the older ones" would have upped my enjoyment of the game, because at the end I was just frantic and frustrated and, tbh, cursing at the screen and wondering why I considered this a recreational activity. I collected the second-to-last egg at 11:45 and watched with growing horror as no new egg appeared after every refresh, as the clock inched closer and closer to midnight and finally struck it and that last egg was lost forever. This game has already backtracked on a lot of things being "lost forever," so what we're asking for is definitely in keeping with the spirit of the game. Frills and Arias are back. It used to be that if you missed out on a CB Holiday/Halloween/Valentine's Day dragon, that was it; you would only ever own a bred one. That has changed. Even before that change, it used to be that once you had two of a specific Holiday or Valentine dragon, CB or bred, you couldn't get any more, but that limit was lifted as well. These were choices made to keep the game fun and inclusive for all of the players, and this would do the same.
  25. ARGH! I caught egg #61 at 11:45. And the last egg did not drop before midnight. Beautiful eggs. UNCOOL drop cycles.