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  1. Hahahahahaha omg the chickens...
  2. Wow, the dragons are looking amazingly gorgeous! I'm going to end up wishing I could keep a bunch of them like this. Thank you TJ, and everybody who has done such amazing work! What a delightful thing to wake up to in the middle of finals week!
  3. W00T! Gorgeous eggs! A ghost dragon at last? ? I managed to catch mine all in the first minute. Never had that happen before! That was pretty COOL. And now I can enjoy seeing what hatches out of them! Happy Halloween everybody! Thank you to TJ and the spriters! This has been another epic event.
  4. Oooh, that was an awesome treat! Thank you to everybody who was involved in constructing the haunted house. DC has topped itself again!
  5. Something appears to be wrong with Valley Sherwood. Earlier I noticed that it was listing several of my hatchies -- who were at 6 days -- as ERs, and no matter how many times I hit update it kept them in the ER. I realized they'd accrued a whole lot more views than I was used to them getting and realized they'd just spent a whole day in the VS ER after hatching! Fortunately they're all fine, but the only way I could get them out of the ER was to remove them from the site altogether, and thank goodness it would let me do that! There also seem to be a whole lot of adult dragons who haven't cleared out of the pages. It might just need a tweak or a restart or something, but it's definitely having some kind of trouble telling what stage dragons are at.
  6. That's a possibility because those two vanished from the completed dragons list a while back. The eggs were a little different, though, but it would sure fit.
  7. I just picked up a flamingo wyvern from the jungle, which I thought was pinks-only territory. Grr. Now I have to wait five hours to get that slot back... Might want to add it to the list to warn people.
  8. Why are there a half dozen leetle trees in the ER?
  9. I just saw a black in the alpine biome! Didn't click fast enough, though.
  10. Cheese and Red have now appeared in the desert. I saw both.
  11. Given that there's no biome that gets more sun than the desert, I'm a little baffled as to why none of the sun-related eggs seem to be dropping there.
  12. I just saw a nebula and a stone in the desert.
  13. I do hope I've helped clear up the issue about the desert biome now. Except that I wasn't talking about ratios or anything, just the speed with which the desert cleared out. Given how rare and desirable most of the eggs dropping there are, that's a problem. They're gone before you can even get a look at them. And the reasoning that you're giving is actually frustrating as heck because we just had a dragon release -- it would have been a really good time to release a common or two for the desert to prevent this imbalance, but that didn't happen.
  14. The desert empties out way too fast. It's all gone in less than a minute.
  15. Woot, just got the 53rd egg! This was a blast! Thank you to TJ and all of the artists!
  16. 38/53... so glad this is continuing tomorrow, because I have to sleep now.
  17. My housemate ran out of black dragons that he could mate with his stripes, because most of both species on his scroll are female, so he tried breeding his black marrow with a stripe and got a black stripe from it. I just tried and got one too! Awesome!
  18. Augh, the 12:15 drop was over in a matter of seconds. It's going to be a loooong night!
  19. Congratulations to the winners! Wow, those averages are low; most of the trees I saw deserved better averages than that (although I did see some pretty bad ones, too, but still). I'm shocked that some of the amazing trees didn't get higher average scores, though. There were some works of genius in there. Hopefully we'll get to see the winning trees (and the cool new dragons) soon?
  20. Yeah, my housemate and I have been getting that for at least a day.
  21. I imagine we'll be able to figure out who a lot of the winners are when the new dragons appear and start producing offspring. Plus we'll be able to spot any of the runners-up if they have, say, a Holly on their scroll that was "stolen" in January 2011. I'm just really looking forward to finding out who made some of the awesome trees I saw.
  22. Well, that would describe my housemate's tree, too, and several others I've seen besides.
  23. I've had a few trees come up where an ornament was in the way of the voting button... I feel bad for the decorators because, unless that's fixed, they're not going to get any votes and won't have a chance at the prizes. Edit: Oooh, thank you, Silverstreak, that's very good to know. I'm getting a real feel for the voting, or at least for how I do it... 1 = tree not decorated at all, either blank or with random junk thrown around the page. 2 = tree kind of decorated but really messy and lots of random floaters that weren't cleared off. 3 = tree very messy/busy or has barely anything on it, ornaments overlapping where they shouldn't, and/or lots of floaters, but some thought put into it. 4 = Thought put into it, but either too much or not enough on the tree. 5 = Decently balanced but not especially exciting. 6 = Decently balanced and I kinda like it. Some kind of theme has appeared. 7 = Good thought put into it, and I can keep looking at it for a little while without getting uncomfortable. 8 = Something made me smile or snicker for a minute. 9 = It got a big grin or a real laugh out of me. 10 = Pure awesomesauce. Now that I've kind of figured that out for myself it's getting really easy to vote on the trees quickly and not dither over where it falls on the scale.
  24. I think a lot of that is happening. My housemate hasn't submitted yet but he says all of the edits he has made today keep getting discarded. He finally walked away from the computer and said "call me when they fix the thing."
  25. OMG the toppers are AMAZING! *flails wildly* This is just the most incredible DC event, ever.