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  1. Wow, I wish I had the kind of free time in my life to get bored by a game. I can barely fit this game into my schedule at all anymore, so I really miss knowing when I should hold off on my breeding projects and when it might not be a good idea to be egg-locked. All that uncertainty is making me play the game less, not more.
  2. Just have 77 ND hatchies left to find, myself. If you're googling, and a hatchie comes up with a scroll link, be sure to click on that, too, and scroll through the user's other things. I found a scroll with more than 100 ND adults that way. O.O
  3. While there is part of me that would really like to have something done about the inundation of way too many breeds, this doesn't feel like it should be it. I'm deeply annoyed by the whole "dragon flavor of the month" thing that has developed, and the way that the rares have turned into near-impossibles just because so many other breeds are overwhelming them. I would like something to balance that out, because I'm starting to eyeroll about each new release and mentally calculate how much it decreases my chance of ever catching another CB metallic. But this feels like it would just make things worse. Okay, so we "retire" a breed for a few months. With warning, of course. And for the next three weeks or however long, everybody is putting their breeding/catching plans on hold to try to grab the last of those eggs before they vanish. Newcomers to the game suddenly have to compete with veterans over a dragon that, until that announcement, was easy enough to get that maybe they had been putting it off while trying to capture more challenging varieties. Crazy trades, many of which people will end up wishing they hadn't made when that breed returns and floods the caves six months (or however long) later, dominate the board. People who are actively working on a checkerboard pattern using the breed discover that their project has to be put on hold for half a year. Game-playing gets destabilized, but not in a particularly good way. Will it actually clear out the cave enough to spot the increasingly elusive rares? Probably not. Similarly, I think the holiday dragons are as much limited-edition as we will ever need. I'm struggling with completing my "set" of the latest eggs, tbh, and just hoping that I can finally grab the last two CBs I need once the next drop happens and people are less interested in this flavor-of-the-month; worrying about reaching my definition of completion while competing with every single DC user who is worried about the same thing, with a clock ticking... that would turn me off of the game forever. At least with the holiday drops, the eggs are plentiful enough that anyone who tries to participate will get something (and the two-egg cap on CBs ensures that there are enough for everybody and that what constitutes a "complete set" is already defined by the limit itself). I played Magistream for a short while, but I ended up leaving in disgust after discovering that all of the sprites that really appealed to me most were discontinued or locked behind a pay wall. Let's please not import that philosophy to DC.
  4. What really bothers me about the images Slaskia just posted, aside from the lack of spaces between the columns, is that the same actions keep moving to different parts of the page. That increases the chance that a user will misclick on an action they don't want to do. If we have to get used to it, we'll get used to it a lot faster if things are in consistent places.
  5. Looks like the site has gone down, at least partly. Anyone have any idea how long it's been down? (Oddly enough, graphics from the site still work, but the site itself isn't loading, and "Down For Everyone or Just Me?" says it's not just me.)
  6. Agreed. It was very disorienting. I initially thought my browser upgrade had messed up the page. I really don't see how this improved anything. Editing to add: Okay, and now it's genuinely BROKEN. The abandon link on the right side is not clickable. I'm stuck with an egg I can't get rid of. NOT COOL.
  7. As someone who is now in a PhD program (which is murdering my free time anyway), not being able to know in advance about a drop means that I probably have to miss it. My housemate still plays the game, but not much anymore; he's not bored by it as much as annoyed by how much time he has to spend on it to get anything new or unusual. He's two years ahead of me in his work, so this is probably me in two years, and I'm not looking forward to that. Honestly, I'm tired of all these new releases. With so many species in play, actually seeing the species I'm trying to get, even when it's no longer new or rare (unless it's an ultra-common that I've already stocked up on) takes forever, and I don't have forever anymore. Throw in a release that I can't fit into my increasingly-crowded schedule (and that's difficult, at times, even with advance warning) and I'm feeling like I'm not-so-subtly being told I'm too old for the game now and shown the door.
  8. That might have been the "Death Star" egg. At certain points it looks like two eggs, because you have an "Alderaan" egg and the "Death Star" egg, which then blows the Alderaan egg up. I thought there were two eggs when I first saw it, too. Woo hoo, Andrew and I just hit the 55 mark! *relaxes!*
  9. Not too thrilled about the time change... but we'll see, I guess. Saturday night/early Sunday morning is doable, but Sunday afternoon, not so much. Especially because (if I'm feeling well enough) I have a memorial service to attend around then. Sunday afternoon is kind of a traditional "family time" for many people. Midnight was great because for the entire US, that's not an especially difficult hour to stay up... it's only 9 pm in California. For people over in Europe, it's about 5-6 am, yes, but that means that if they get up and log into DC, they can still catch something during the first few hours before other eggs start mixing back in, and for everybody east of them, it IS daytime. I'm sure TJ has better stats on when most people show up on DC than we do, so maybe this will be better for a lot of people, but I have a hard time believing that, and I know it won't work all that well for me. :-/ Maybe I can catch something this time tomorrow night. :-/
  10. It just started for me; I was able to update my scroll earlier today but now suddenly it can't find me either. Did something big happen to DC's code recently? Because it seems like a lot of sites are suddenly having weird database troubles.
  11. Yowch... I'm about 23 hours away from being able to catch any. I had just bred winters (which I need for breeding projects) yesterday at noon and then stopped and thought, "gee, I hope this isn't the weekend of a new release... nah, we just got a holiday egg two weeks ago..." LOL! Shows what I know. *crosses fingers that they're not too hard to get when I'm finally able to go egg-hunting*
  12. Andrew and I are still fiddling, and he has started talking about changing his AGAIN (LOL) but here's what we have so far: Me. Andrew. -- He's suddenly talking about doing a "Wild West" theme or something.
  13. I think this beauty is my favorite dragon ever. I am in awe. I hope next year, she's no-limit like the older dragons this year, because I want to go hogwild and collect dozens of her. Just... WOW.
  14. My housemate got curious to see what would and wouldn't be destroyed. Apparently snow-kittens can be destroyed, but snow-dragons can't. And somehow, even though it now says that your fort is completely destroyed, we still see one wall standing. Plus all the flags and trees and things. Interesting!
  15. OMG, these eggs are beautiful. *waiting to be unlocked, eagerly!* I'm so excited to see what they look like when they hatch. Merry Christmas everybody, and/or Happy Holidays, and thank you to TJ and all of the spriters for making this a fantastic week!
  16. Whew, I was afraid my computer was being evil. If it's the server, I can be patient. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the limits on the number of Christmas dragons have been removed. Now we can do so many more creative things with lineages than in the past. That's very exciting.
  17. Wow! I think this is the first time that I've hit the very start of a non-holiday drop for a long time. I thought it was going to be this time tomorrow, but I was online doing lineage spreadsheets when the maintenance hit. I got SO excited! Caught six, will have to catch a seventh after the egg I'd been trying to catch for ages hatches on Sunday night. Thank you for only having one egg in this release! I was feeling a little overwhelmed in trying to plan for another multi-dragon release. This is so much nicer. And what a gorgeous egg!
  18. I stole my first egg from the cave almost five years ago, on November 16, 2008. At long last, I finally got my very first CB gold and she grew up today. While I still haven't tried for neglecteds or zombies yet, this feels like a huge accomplishment in completing my collection. *happy dance!*
  19. Mount Saint Helens used to have trees. GORGEOUS eggs! I'm so excited to see what they hatch into!
  20. LOL! I was just coming to spazz about that myself. Not that I planned to breed them tonight, but I was really curious to see which other species they'd be able to breed with. Glad to know that the "NO BREEDING FOR YOU!" answer is just a glitch... looking forward to finding out later.
  21. Oooh, I thought I recognized this dragon! Now that I see the hatchie, I'm sure of it. How awesome. It's going to play merry Hob with my numbering system, though, LOL!
  22. Well, there goes any chance of sleep tonight... *sigh* *goes to make tea and something fortifying*
  23. Ahhhhh, omg, hatch my cute little Day 1s, hatch! I desperately want these beauties!
  24. My housemate and I are trying to get to the flower pages, but every time we click on the link, we either get the Downtime message, or just endless cycling without anything loading. Are we just having really bad luck or is this still a problem for other people?
  25. So yesterday I showed my house to my housemate. This morning, I found a note by the computer, which said "Challenge accepted!" And this page was up when I switched on the monitor. ...I think he worked all night on it. *facepalm* (And while I was typing this, he walked by and explained that it's "A dark and stormy Christmas Eve in New Zealand" which is why it's a summer scene instead of a winter scene.) And oh wow, I love all of the awesome links everybody has been posting since I last checked in! I love how, this year, we get to inspire each other and cheer each other on. Coolest DC decorating project ever.