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  1. Oooh, a "Twelve Days of Christmas" type event! I am excited. And as a grad student, this is a much better schedule for me, since it will start/end while I'm actually on break. Thank you, TJ!
  2. I got this gorgeous fellow a week after I joined DC. I had no idea at the time just how special he was or how rare CB silvers would become. A few months later, TJ adjusted the ratios for golds and silvers, because they were dropping a little too frequently. I miss having a smaller pool of breeds to draw from, sometimes, just because it feels like a lot of the really special dragons are now completely lost in the throng.
  3. The "Eggs Around the World" fansite (which has no forum thread of its own) appears to be down. At least, when I go there, I'm getting a "403 Forbidden (nginx)" page instead of an actual website.
  4. Ack! I only just discovered that this release had happened! It'll be a few hours before I can catch more than one of them. *crosses fingers that they won't become hard-to-get anytime soon!* I could have sworn that nothing new was coming out until after the holidays.
  5. What happened to the infected eggs/hatchies? I can still see which of my dragons are infected, but when I decided to save the sprites, I discovered that I couldn't see infected dragons on other people's scrolls (so if I didn't have a certain infected sprite on my own scroll, I was out of luck). Now, until a few hours ago, I WAS seeing infected eggs and hatchlings on the different hatchery sites, but now they've all vanished. Kind of a bummer. I was hoping to get to see some infected zombies and neglecteds, which I don't have any of my own of. Editing to add: And now I can see infected dragons on other people's scrolls, but still not in the hatcheries.
  6. I just noticed that, when I'm on the "Viewing Dragon" page for a gemshard, there is no link to their entry in the Dragonopedia. Since I've owned 90 gemshard eggs, 63 hatchlings, and 33 adults since the dragonopedia went live, I know it can't just be because I haven't seen/owned enough of the breed. Glitch? Editing to add: the same appears to be true of the stripes.
  7. So after you get the "day over" message, that's it, right? Because my little guy is wandering around but aside from watering his tree there doesn't seem to be anything he can really do. Just want to make sure I really completed the adventure and didn't miss anything.
  8. Looks like whatever it is, it eventually does clear off when it's really time for the next treat to appear. In the meantime, it just keeps showing me the treat. Not sure if my OS/version of safari/etc might play a role. I have Mavericks, Safari 7.1.6 (I tried 8, disliked it, am avoiding having to try it again), and the no-ad subscription. But it doesn't loo like it's stopping me from collecting treats, so I'll just put up with the ones I've already collected hanging out for a while.
  9. Is anyone else having trouble with the trick-or-treating game? I keep getting the same items over and over and over again. They won't go away. I logged out and came back in and it's still doing it. After a while, it switched, so I now have three items, but it's really frustrating to see that spider over and over again. I already caught him! *swats at him*
  10. Weirdly, I keep getting the odd smiley face. No other trick or treats are dropping for me. My housemate has gotten two different things so far, but the creepy smile has appeared three times and that's all I've been able to get. Glitch? Edit: And it has resolved! Son of Edit: Or not... now I'm stuck on a green piece of candy that keeps reappearing. Great event, though!
  11. Argh, first time I've ever missed a drop on the first day. And now I'm not seeing any in the cave. *crosses fingers that they don't turn out to be ultra-rares*
  12. After working my butt off to get pairs of Pyro Xenowyrms and Thalassas Xenowyrms, which I don't know if I'll be able to do again because they're dropping like ultra-rares, both pairs refused their mates. Refusals are genuinely becoming ruinous to game-play. We need something to end refusals' permanence, or we need to have dragons above a certain level of rarity (ie, dragons that are going to be difficult to impossible to replace) unable to refuse.
  13. Chrono x Chrono = Gaia, or at least that was the result for this little one. I'm stumped.
  14. I love the new dragons, they are absolutely beautiful, but the new release system has become really dispiriting. The eggs vanish so quickly. I've been relatively lucky, but the collection system I built long ago is totally wrecked by this release. I catch 5 CBs and 5 breds of each breed. Multiply that by all of the alts and this just added 60 dragons to my scroll goals. And it's dropping like an ultra-rare. I'm still working at it, but my housemate barely uses his scroll at all anymore. He watched me earlier today, muttered something about "nobody I can't bill makes me work that hard," and logged out of DC without doing anything other than gendering the eggs he caught on Day 1. I'm honestly not sure how much longer I can last at this pace -- and I've been playing since '08. But I'm in grad school now and I can't spend hours stalking the cave, and I've NEVER lucked into the kinds of dragons that would let me trade for the things I can't catch. I feel like, ever since the January 2010 release, we've been punished for complaining about the way that one flooded the cave for a month by getting tiny, paltry, hard-to-catch releases. But anything that has six alts should never be anything but an ultra-common, and it's really disheartening that only three days after the release began, it's virtually impossible to see the eggs, let alone catch them. I'm not done yet, but I'm nearing my limit.
  15. Yeah, that's kinda driving me crazy right now, too. Setting my OCD off something fierce. Edit: Plus it risks making ER hatchies sick.
  16. Weird problem: I can't get the site to accept my dragons suddenly. When I put in my scroll name and have auto-add checked, nothing happens; instead of going to my scroll list, the page just refreshes. I turned auto-add off, and I was able to get to my scroll list, but then when I tried to add my dragons I was bounced back to the front page, and when I looked at my scroll list again, they hadn't been added. This only JUST started. Edit: Oh, and, I just noticed that when I get bounced back, I get an "unable to connect to dragon cave" message on the front page, but it's kind of hard to spot at first.
  17. Seconding this (even if it's early Sunday afternoon for me), especially since I can only catch two because I JUST bred and caught several dragons that I've been trying for for a while. Not being able to plan for a drop means I either have to give up on breeding projects or risk being shut out of a drop... that diminishes the fun of gameplay. The eggs are lovely, don't get me wrong, but I'm really not able to fully enjoy new drops the way they're currently arranged, and I miss being able to.
  18. Seconding this. I adore them, and I really hope they won't turn out to be rares the way the coppers have.
  19. Something needs to be changed. I'm about ready to give up on several of the lineages I've been working on. Too many dead ends and "sorry, try back in a year." I do seasonal patterns; if they reject their mates, it may take me a year (or more) to produce a replacement with the right patterns and colors. It's as vexing as holiday eggs. Why are refusal rates suddenly sky-high like this? I started doing lineages because I no longer have the free time to stalk the cave itself, so I figured this would be a way to keep the fun going; lately, "fun" isn't the word I'd use for the results I'm getting.
  20. I have to admit that refusals are the one thing I genuinely hate about the game. I lucked into an amazing female gold, a perfect heartseeker/gold checkerboard, and hunted really intensely during the Valentine event to get her a mate and get their future child a mate... only to have her refuse him. There's nothing I can do about that for, at minimum, a year... and that really puts a pall on the game. A refusal also ruined one of my pygmy/pumpkin checkerboards and it'll take me a few years to fix it. I will... unless all these refusals end up driving me away first. And just sayin', I didn't come to the game for real life... kinda came to the game to get away from it... so the realism argument is meaningless as far as I'm concerned. I get plenty of that from my day job, thankyouverymuch. I'm in favor of doing away with them altogether... but I'll settle for a way to reset if that's as much as we can get. Something to take the nasty aftertaste away. Disinterest and no egg are already annoying enough.
  21. That actually worked out pretty well for him, I think.
  22. This is pretty fun! LOL, none of us are going to have a dragon actually stick around until the final day, are we? I can't wait to see what's in the next box of shinies.
  23. I am going to miss playing the mana game. That was a LOT of fun. Maybe it will reappear sometime?
  24. My badge appeared when I filled up my Mana gauge. Playing the game is a really fast way to collect mana, but you can do it by picking up shards individually, too.
  25. Happy Holidays everybody! I LOVE the Mana Alchemy game! I'm kind of hoping that maybe it'll still be available to play after the holidays, because it is a lot of fun.