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  1. I haven't added my dragons to groups for a while -- I had a big move and packing/unpacking took all of my extra time and energy -- but when I tried to add some today, I got EXTREMELY frustrated. It used to be that clicking on the words "add to group" on the dragon's profile would lead to a page with a complete list of all of my groups (and I have a LOT of groups!), but now it just activates a drop-down menu (which, IMO, should ONLY come up if I click the little arrow to the right the words -- or the list icon to the left of the words, which makes me wonder why all three things are needed if they all lead to the same place). Because some of my group names hit the maximum length, the drop down menu also mangles many of the names and makes them unreadable/unusable. Right now, the only work-around I have is to right-click on the "add to group" link and open it in a new tab -- that's the only way I can get to the page that I was always relying on in the past. Is there any way to get that link to work right again? Truth be told, I hate drop-downs and would be happy if they all disappeared forever, so having that be the only option I can readily access really diminishes the game play and might make me stop using the "groups" feature.
  2. I cannot clear my recent history, because I have projects going on in other tabs, on other sites, that would be negatively affected if I did. Can we get an actual debug at some point?
  3. Is anyone else getting "an error has occurred" when they click on "get candy?"
  4. I LOVE that the CB Halloweens are back! I am a stickler for complete sets, and it's always bugged me a little that I didn't have a S1 CB pumpkin. Now I will! (Which means the only thing left on my "Impossible Wish List" is one more genderable paper.) And now I can balance out my Black Marrows -- I have 1 CB adult male and 3 CB adult females. <3
  5. Yiiiiikes! Of all the weekends to move! Now I have a whole lot of catching up to do, and they're so beautiful! I hope I can find some!
  6. I'm happy to report that the PayPal link is now working perfectly again. This topic can be closed.
  7. So my subscription to ad removal just expired, and I attempted to renew it, but whenever I click on any of the "Buy Now" / "Subscribe" buttons, Paypal opens an error page saying "we were unable to decrypt the certificate ID." I'm not sure how long this has been a problem (my subscription literally only just expired) but hopefully this can be fixed quickly? Thanks!
  8. So I just picked up an egg that I thought was impossible -- a Pink bred from an Aria and a Silver. I had been privately disappointed after the Old Pinks were re-released as a separate species, because I had though that it meant that some of the lineages I had casually collected (such as a Yulebuck/Pink checkerboard where all of the CB mothers were Old Pinks/Arias) would be impossible to continue. This is the first time I've seen a pink egg from an Aria since the change-over, so I have no idea if this is normal/commonplace or unusual. Does anyone know what the rules are regarding this, or the breeding ratios? Thanks!
  9. So I picked up two blue Baikalas from the Jungle on the first day, before they became strictly coastal (if I'm understanding what happened right). Since then, I've bred that pair twice, and both times, they've produced brown Baikala offspring. The blue Baikala pair I got from the coast has produced blue offspring and my brown pairs have only produced brown so far, so I'm not sure if it's a glitch, or if this is normal. Anyone know?
  10. Chrome has been having hissyfits about how "unsafe" the DC forum is now. I pulled up "view source" because, usually when it has a hissy fit, it's about a site using "http" instead of "https" in the links, and that's exactly it; this page alone was dinged as having 197 "http" tags, most of them associated with images. I imagine a lot of them apply to signature images (looks like I need to update mine, too, LOL!), but the very first one that got dinged was embedded in the Body tag and related to a site called "schema.org." Anyone whose browser settings are completely suppressing "unsafe" http tags may be getting blank pages because of the one in the body tag, and those of us who turned off that suppression are getting "this content is unsafe" warnings with the content. You'll definitely want to update the tags related to schema.org, and maybe it would be possible to insert a quick-and-dirty text-replacement script to turn any http link to https within signatures and forum posts (the way anyone typing "alot" ended up with a tiny little monster gif -- which I loved and now miss) to fix most of the rest.
  11. I just noticed a slight bug in the Sinomorph encyclopedia entry. I currently have a shadow instead of an image of the Sinomorph, but the page says that I will unlock the image after owning 3 or observing 15, which is standard... except that I own 4, and the page says I own 0.
  12. I'm suddenly getting "an error has occurred" messages when I click on pretty much anything.
  13. Given the timing of most releases, there may be a lot of players who only begin checking today. I only realized it was happening (a few hours after it started) because of the Facebook announcement; I tend to be more casual about my visits to DC during the week.
  14. There seems to be a problem with updating. In Help topics the other day, people were talking about how several fan sites couldn't access DC at all, but I noticed that something else was going on with the sites that could, including AoND. We're getting a lot of sickness, especially in ER'd eggs. It's like, when they hatch, they keep accumulating views so rapidly that the hatchies get sick and die, even though they hadn't even a few days ago. When I went to AoND tonight to ER an egg, I noticed almost a dozen tombstones among the ER eggs, and all of them were hatchies that died of sickness. It looks like something in the site needs adjusting, or using the ER is going to be pretty dangerous for people. (And it looks like it might have to do with a change of some kind in the API, not sure though. The help thread now has "answered" after it, but that only seems to be about the sites that could no longer communicate with DC at all.)
  15. Or not at all? It's getting to the point where I don't even want to bother with the AP. I wish there was some mechanism that would boot eggs to the wilderness if their breed is overrepresented on the AP, because ANY breed becomes undesirable when there are several dozen of them preventing you from seeing anything else.
  16. My housemate and I have been trying for the last half hour to use it, and we can't get in. It keeps telling us that DC is laggy, and just not loading. Which is a problem because I have ER'd eggs that I need to take off now that they've hatched, and I'm worried they could end up developing sickness if they stay in the ER. Edit: this is the specific message we get every time:
  17. Ack, only four hours into the event and other eggs are starting to mix in -- at least, I clicked on an egg at the start of the hour and realized to my dismay that I'd picked up a Hellfire. I guess these are going to be rares.
  18. So my housemate is playing the game, and he got past the spider but can't seem to figure out the command he needs to use to leave the sandy cave and enter the forest. Any hints?
  19. Ack, when I went into my house today after finishing the game, all of the furniture had moved around, and several pieces refused to move back where I put them. What got changed and why?
  20. This is really frustrating. I have restarted and reloaded the game so many times it's ridiculous. I even rebooted my computer. And I still can't get Avery to say word 1 to me about today's quest. Why is the game so buggy this year? I'm starting to feel like I'm doing chores instead of playing a game.
  21. Ah... okay, so even though I hadn't completed the side games, the main story quest was done so everything was "complete." Good to know. I wish there was something that signaled that, because I thought that all of the check-marks vanishing (especially the one on the book, which I guess signifies the story quest) meant I'd lost all of the ground I'd gained. But it looks like it also means that every day we have to herd cats again? (And, apparently, in my quest to complete the tasks I thought had been deleted from my history, I did everything and will have to wait another 23 hours to have more to do?)
  22. Okay, NEW glitch. I came back after thinking I'd done everything today only to find that the game seems to have reset itself and added a new quest. Okay, I figure I can do them all again. I do. Then I go to do the sixth quest. Get it done. THEN the check-marks for all the OTHER quests disappear as if I hadn't already done them TWICE. All I wanted to do was finish things so I could progress onto Day 2 when it began, but instead I'm stuck in an infinite loop. I hope that this will be fixed too?
  23. So, anyone else having this problem? I can arrange furniture as much as I want, but if I walk out of the house and then go back inside, it's gone. (My window also appears to be sitting on the floor rather than actually in the wall.)
  24. Oooh, a "Twelve Days of Christmas" type event! I am excited. And as a grad student, this is a much better schedule for me, since it will start/end while I'm actually on break. Thank you, TJ!