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  1. And this uses up valuable space when it is already difficult to fit "wants" (and "haves," sometimes) into the very limited text box
  2. I have a 3g lineage I need to breed, and I have the 2gs to do so already. Last year, I forgot. This year , they auto-abandoned. Maybe it just isn't meant to be?
  3. One of our runner up prizes has not been claimed, so it's up for grabs! 3g arcana x gold tinsel stairstep hatchling, influenced correctly! @biruko, glad you like it!
  4. Should have bought more stats in the market when they were cheaper. I thought I'd wait to see if I really wanted them - and now it turns out, yes, please, I want them all, but they're almost twice as many shards now
  5. I'm glad there's an in-cave trading system now. Imagine if it was purely forum/discord trading ... or for those of us who were old old old school, having to carefully organize abandon/pick up from the AP in order to trade (anybody still remember doing that?)
  6. I've finally traded for enough 2g staterae x prize kin (xenos, mostly, but a few shiny things and stats, too!) to be able to breed a massive 7g EG lineage. So far, it's a beautiful swirling mess of xenos, stats, and prizes, and I love it!
  7. Just here to say, I influenced, precogged, incubated, and then precogged again. It hatched blue. (I always forget that one can use precog over and over, unlike other bsas. But I was able to undo my "oh dang I wasn't supposed to incubate that one" mistake.)
  8. Are the ridgewings for purchase in the market always purple? Or is there a chance it could be a tan alt? @Fuzzbucket thank you! I was curious to know before dropping 500 shards on who-knows-what
  9. The shimmer is still around, if anyone needs it. Otherwise, I'll send to AP! edit: all gone now, enjoy @jewel21!
  10. For Santas to keep, or for their giftees: 3g stairstep silver shimmer x radiant angels 3g checker mint x 2 SAlt red omens
  11. Hi, have a 2g bronze shimmer x exalted pitfire. Would love for it to be gifted by a Santa that 1) doesn't have their own cb prize and 2) hasn't been able to give their giftee a 2g prize or tier 1 wishlist item Pop a dummy egg in! If I get multiple people interested, be aware, I just randomly pick one. link lineage gone, hope your giftee enjoys it!
  12. (thank you, @rinoa26!) For Santas or for gifting: 3g stairstep gold tinsel x shadow walkers gone, enjoy!
  13. For Santas or their giftees (just pop a dummy egg in): 3g gold tinsel x arcana stairstep 3g silver tinsel x omen stairstep gone 3g bronze tinsel x green gemshard stairstep cb nebula hatchling, from @Dryth420 (if you don't want it back?) gone! I'll probably send these to the ap tonight dc time if no one wants
  14. @celis I pm'd you if you or anyone else needs more checkers, let me know
  15. @aeriae Thank you so much! I don't collect those, so every year Secret Santa rolls around and I scramble to find one for my giftee
  16. Have a 2g red from alt sweetling for gifting: egg Gone! Sorry, I could only pick one. I'll try to post another 2g alt sweet egg here next week (I only have 1 cb)!
  17. A couple of stairstep 3g SAlts for you or your giftee: 3g deepsea x shadow walker (yellow) 3g swallowtail x mutamore (blue-ish one?) gone pop a dummy egg in, I'll be back in a while! Edit: had a couple of offers, but they're gone now? I'll check back in half an hour then AP these if no one wants
  18. Anybody need/want these? Otherwise i'll AP them gone now
  19. Have some 3g prizes for gifting (or for any Santa who wants to keep them). Pop a dummy AP egg in the link! 3g stairstep gold shimmer x blue lunars gone! 3g stairstep silver shimmer x thunders 3g stairstep silver shimmer x gaias
  20. If no one needs this, I'll AP it in a while edit: all gone now, thanks!
  21. A couple of 3g spriter's alt stairsteps for gifting (or for any Santa who wants to keep them): 3g specklethroat from sp x alt green desipis 3g yellow zyu from y zyu x alt blaclk radiant angel gone!
  22. A couple of 3g spriter's alt checkers for your giftees (or for any of you Santas)! Pop a dummy egg in the link 3g alt caligene x luminox checker gone! 3g alt shadow walker x chrono checker gone!
  23. @littleironhorseHow about this ... later tonight when I have time, I'll go into the first post and be sure that those few links also include the full scroll name, so it can be fully searchable?