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  1. have: all CB, desipis, shadow walker, pumpkin, omen wyrm hatchlings want: I missed this year's release, need 2019 halloweens. make an offer on my trade!
  2. why did halloween have to be on a school day!!!!!! didn't get a single new release egg this year >.<
  3. I figured because they're special dragons, but right now they don't show up upside down on scrolls or lineages, whereas other special dragons (spriter's alts, Missingno) show up with their custom sprite on all pages. Some people are doing April Fool's Mint lineages, it'd be nice for those if the sprites showed up upside down on lineage pages. I don't see the harm in implementing this ^.^
  4. My sister made an account today and apparently the new user tutorial shows up like this for her. She's on my Dell Inspiron laptop running Google Chrome, if that matters
  5. YES! it's been a bit since that episode came out but i love 13!!! TPBM plays an instrument
  6. oh, the magi dragon with the x-ray resources feature is just AMAZING holy guacamole!!! did the spriters do this on last minute notice?!?!?!
  7. here's what i've got so far, it's a lil cluttered and those ballistae are because i desperately need exp to level up for more stone... and i'm pretty sure i have presents/resources behind the walls but i don't have space to move them to check. (i've also noticed that in certain orientations you can put bridges directly next to paths if there's a chess flat under the path but it doesn't always work which is why my centerpiece is a lil messed up)
  8. are bridges not supposed to be placeable in front of paths?
  9. does anyone else find it lowkey difficult to click on the snow piles? like you gotta click above the sprite for it to work? am i just going crazy
  10. i'm exclusively sending out cards with bad pickup lines, like "if you were a vegetable you'd be a CUTEcumber"
  11. I'm a little worried now because it seems like people may be viewbombed by salty users if they got a CB Holly? I added my eggs to Egg Drop Soup, a pretty low-traffic site. Anxiously checking AoND, Silvi's Lair and Hatching Club to see if anyone's trying to murder my dragons.
  12. i've been refreshing the entire day for "this egg has a holly leaf stuck to it" but somehow we always end up at three "this egg is surrounded by frost"
  13. dammit with all the rerelease madness i forgot about zombies completely??!?!?!?!?! brb dying inside
  14. guys uh -that first one is coded (GltCH) -static/low signal themed announcement banner -"Oh look, it’s a cute baby... dragon? It’s impossible to see much of its body through all the flames." -the sprite https://dragcave.net/images/42qJ.gif is the new release the... DATAMONSTER
  15. nothing except for the ghost is showing up....... im cri
  16. why must u make me choose between black marrow and caligene........ my bbys i lov them both
  17. dfkhalssa it's my second DC halloween and I'm internally screaming because a year later I couldn't get any mates for AP checkers I picked up last year?!?!?!? also I forgot to catch a CB Celestial mate for my third Witchlight
  18. I Want to be Added to the List! Forum Name: -Frost-Fire- Scroll Name: -Frost-Fire- Scroll Link: dragcave.net/user/-Frost-Fire-
  19. congrats to everyone who won! (gdi i keep donating and forgetting to enter)
  20. HYPE edit: oh my god my first first second edit: it looks like coast and jungle drop the same eggs! also i got one from each biome, and it seems like two of them have the same description
  21. i'm really liking this new raid system, i caught my first Tyranitar! unfortunately I raided a Lapras and it ran away after 11 golden razz berries ;(
  22. does anyone have suggestions on nice mates for Winter Dragons and Witchlights?
  23. This seems like a good idea BUT we must consider a few things: Pokemon is a mostly offline game. Therefore, it's possible to hack perfect IV, shiny Pokemon that are seemingly legal (i.e, correct met location, correct memories and event ribbons etc.) and put them in Wonder Trade, which is what cancels out the people Wonder Trading random bad early-route Pokemon in order to cheaply get good IV shinies. Additionally, most people Wonder Trade their breedjects that don't have 6 perfect IVs, or are not shiny. Therefore if they are trying to breed for a shiny Pokemon (the chance of which is less that 0.2% i believe) the vast majority of the Pokemon bred will not be shiny and might be chucked into Wonder Trade. The only similarity DC has to this is color variant dragons, hybrids, or alts. This probably won't be enough to cancel out people dumping random AP eggs into Wonder Trade. TL;DR because DC isn't as complex as Pokemon, and because there is not that much of a chance of failing to get exactly what you want by breeding, I don't think Wonder Trade could be anything more than a way to get random eggs.