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I will happily breed anything on my scroll for you! || I accept IOUs.
I hoard: Prizes and Golden Wyverns.

I'm working on making the biggest lineage with a prize in every base pair possible, with no inbreeding. So I'll gladly trade anything possible for a 2g prize! 😮

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    ==I gladly breed any of my dragons for free. Just ask me! IOU Friendly.

    ==I am FAR more easily contacted through discord. I forget to check forums.

    ==My large project is working on a lineage with as many prizes in it as possible. Thus, I am always looking for 2g prizes and 3g prizes (as long as they are even-gen and have a prize in each base pair). I'm willing to trade basically anything on my scroll for these, although sadly I do not have a CB prize to do swaps with yet.

    ==A comprehensive wishlist....
    -Prizes (PB prizes are my holy grail!)
    -Golden Wyverns
    -Any sort of prize or prizekin from the newer xenos.

    ==Specific Non-Holiday Mates Needed (Priority Trades) (Group: https://dragcave.net/group/131075)
    -2g Gold from M Gold Shimmer
    -2g Gold Tinsel from F Aso
    -2g Bronze Shimmer from M Umbra
    -2g Bronze Tinsel from F Pyro
    -2g Bronze Tinsel from M Red Copper
    -2g Bronze Shimmer from M Red Xol

    ==Specific Holiday Mates Needed (also priority, also in the above group)
    -2g Radiant Angel from F Golden Tinsel
    -2g Wintertide from M Golden Shimmer
    -2g Sakuhana from M Silver Tinsel
    -2g Garland from M Bronze Tinsel
    -2g Witchlight from M Bronze Shimmer
    -2g Aegis from F Bronze Shimmer (with Enraged Aegis father!)