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  1. @BabyRodent I assume I will be starting where you have already started. Also, about how close in terms of time frame are we to the tournament?
  2. Sorry, I've been kinda busy lately, but I am good to post as soon as I figure out everyone who wants to travel with Nil, and where exactly we will be starting.
  3. If they want to join the party, I'm sure Nil would love to have another companion.
  4. Sounds great! so maybe Tarle hired Nil to escort her or something?
  5. Before I post, is anyone willing to travel with Nil? I would like for them to start the story together, even if they split up later.
  6. I would like a character to be somewhat of a travelling companion to Nil, but if none of you would like to do that, I'll make another character. I'm going to go ahead and let you all know that I am still new to this, and I am open to any and all criticism.
  7. - Username: Purplepotatoes2 - Character Name: Nil Rehtus - Age: 32 - Gender: Male - Race: Sthvil - Element: Electricity - Appearance: Spiky blue hair and bright, neon blue eyes, 6'2 and well built, has blue tinted lightning scars that look almost like tatoos all over his body (Mainly on the arms and legs, but with one significant one across his face.) - Occupation: An adventurer who also belongs to a guild in Yil'Kha - History: With only the master of the guild knowing when and where he was born, All he remembers of his history is living with the guild members, and growing to be a fine element user because of their mentor-ship. Began going on adventures at the age of 17, but returns once a year to compete for the tournament and rejoin with his friends. - Personality: Sarcastic in nature, makes jokes at the worst times possible. He dislikes being told what to do, but also far from bossy himself, preferring a work relation based on trust and cooperation - Other: Lightning quick reflexes, despite being kind of clumsy outside of battle. Fairly powerful on the battlefield, mostly using speed to his advantage. Well known for his participation in the tournament the year before, despite losing in the first round. (If anyone wants to be a travelling companion for Nil, I think it would benefit his character.)
  8. I think I might go ahead and make a character soon for this one, also, what about mercenaries or guild based occupations?
  9. I'm down for a 1x1, but I'm still fairly new to this whole thing. I REALLY wanna do a Fairy Tail RP, but I am also the most knowledgeable Pokemon fan I know.
  10. Hmm... Well, Brandon would like to travel on his own anyway, so one less person would actually probably benefit his character. I understand what you're talking about though, I've thought about leaving myself, but I think I will stick through.
  11. The only ones I have watched/am watching include Magi (seasons one and two and have started watching the Sinbad season) SAO (Both seasons) Fate/Stay Night (Original series, not UBW or zero yet) Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) Pokemon (All seasons other than Best Wishes because it sucked really badly)
  12. Haha your dragon is useless against this!
  13. Of course you can, have fun! Poster, can I conquer 7 dungeons to gain the power of the djinns inside of them and use that power to rule most of the known world?
  14. "Hey ladies. How would you like to sail with the king of the seven seas? I'll show you my extreme magic if you know what I mean."
  15. I did a white randomizer nuzlocke, and my encounter on the second route was a Genesect. I caught it on my first try and proceeded to destroy everything with it.
  16. "Hmm. Hi Talia, it seems Blade likes your Lilligant." Brandon smiled and pointed to where Blade was now walking comfortably beside the Lilligant, rather than himself. He then turned his attention back to Nikola. "So you don't know which legendary it was?" He paused for a moment. "I can give you a few guesses just based on personality and appearance. Giratina, Yveltal, or Darkrai seem like the most viable options." Some of them were quite obvious, like Arceus and Mewtwo, but it was true that based on appearance alone, without actually hearing from the legendary itself, Nikola did have more than one possibility. "Maybe your powers could be an indicator."
  17. Purplepotatoes2

    Sad songs

    Leave out all the Rest, by Linkin Park is quite moving. Also by Linkin Park, Shadow of the Day is sad if you listen to the lyrics. If you want a song that is moving without lyrics, then Oracion from the Rise of Darkrai movie always makes me feel proud of my favorite franchise.
  18. Linkin Park is definitely my favorite, second being Breaking Benjamin. One thing I noticed is that these are mostly rock bands, since there were no pop idols. I like it, although I would have liked to see Owl City up there (Only good pop artist imo.)
  19. Knowing Melloetta it would probably be based on her signature move, Relic Song, where she sings a song that changes her from a psychic type to a fighting type. That could literally be translated over into human form, making her psychic when not in battle, and if she sings her song, she becomes a good fighter.
  20. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/April_2 My last birthday was quite the experience. It was my 16th birthday, and at school I got a girlfriend, then checked out to go get my license, so that I could go to my first day at work. It was like I had jumped into a brand new person's shoes all in one day.
  21. I have an older brother who is 18, and a younger step brother who is about to turn 9. I myself am 16, but everyone who knows us agrees that I am the most mature in every aspect of the word (yes I am the tallest.) My older brother just moved into a new house, but I am the one who found it for him and advised him on payment. I'm actually kind of scared of what he is going to do without me, because, even though he is quite annoying, I still want the best for him. On the topic of my younger brother, he is very polar in his moods. Either he is super loving, asking me for hugs and such, or he is absolutely rude, yelling at me and hitting me for no good reason at all, but I hope he will lose that with time.