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    i also have lost count but it's probably a few hundred... considering there are about 50 in my overflow stack on my desk and i've run out of shelf space... ya a few
  2. The Dresden Dolls She Wants Revenge Rouge Traders Transexual Glamor (<- cheating i know but i love Rocky's Horror)
  3. right now probably Candy Boy though i wish it was more like the manga of all time probably Evageilon
  4. Cosplay is fun and it's awesome to see the costumes people have worked on for sometimes years. though on this side of the pacific is nothing cosplay shops in Japan are so much fun to look around, mix and match the worst crossovers ever.
  5. refreshing a basket, set the auto refresher to a minuet because i'm impatient and got all of mine yesterday
  6. Shuzumi

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    only on your own scroll apparently edit but it passed and they are back to normal
  7. Shuzumi

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    as there are no new eggs and the cave crashes edit: never mind
  8. the forummonster ate the news