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  1. I'll add that boy and add a section for that. You probably wont have much luck until this project gets bigger, but I'll add it
  2. These are all so cool thank you all for sharing
  3. Sorry for the late reply, but everyone above my post has been added!
  4. Ahhh those are so cool! I've debated getting the dictionary extension
  5. So I'm a huge fan of all mods in general but chrome extensions make me particularly happy. This is my list: Add to Amazon Wishlist (does what it says on the tin) autoConvert (converts all units including currency) Black Menu for Google (puts drive, keep, calendar, search, etc all in one easy-to-access button) Category tabs for google keep (sort your google keep notes by color) ColorZilla (get the hexadecimal color value off a page with an eye dropper) Cool Clock (hourly updates to help keep track of time, alarms, countdowns) Disconnect (Speed up browsing by blocking a lot of things) Downloads - Your Download Box (keep all downloads in a button like on firefox instead of at the bottom of the screen) Emoji input (does what it says on the tin) Google Music Amplify (makes it easier to name and upload music to google play) History Blocker (blocks all history on a certain domain -- I'm looking at you AO3) iMacros for chrome (automate tedious tasks *NOT a snipe bot*) Lazarus: Form Recovery (saves all form inputs temporarily in case you close the tab or something) Medical Translator by Iodine.com (turns medical jargon into easy-to-understand words. useful for school research.) Music Bubbles (A moveable bubble on every tab that lets you skip, pause, rewind, and amplify music playing in the google play tab.) New XKit (for tumblr) Page Ruler (Measure, in pixels, the size of an area on screen. Useful for forum coding.) Pearls Extension (Automatically highlight words or phrases on a page. Useful for sniping and skimming info.) Pin it (pin an image to pinterest.) Quick Javascript Switcher (quickly turn javascript on or off on a page. To be used on possibly dangerous sites.) Ratings Preview for YouTube (shows the likes-dislikes bar under the thumbnail of a youtube video. *warning* slows loading youtube down significantly.) Rocket Dashboard (A better new tab page) Save Image To Downloads (right click to save an image without bringing up that other window.) Search by Image (right click to use an image in a google search) Snap Links Lite (Right click and drag to open a large number of links at once) Stylish (Makes things prettier, highlights important images) Super Auto Refresh (does what it says on the tin) The Great Suspender (Automatically suspends unused tabs to free up system resources.) Turn Off The Lights (makes the page around a youtube video dark to distract less) uBlock Origin (Ad blocker) WOT: Web Of Trust (View the trustworthiness of a webpage) Wow I have an issue. So maaaany. What are some of your favs?
  6. @Kigyptnee Added Yeah I'm hoping since the Celestials always have huge clutches that some of the other people who've accidentally picked up Gods will come a snooping
  7. @Kigyptnee Welcome, those look amazing! I'll add you into the project right now
  8. @Faerie_fyre Added! @Zeditha Those look amazing, thank you for joining the project They'll all be added
  9. @Faerie_fyre Your pair has been signed up! Thank you for joining the pantheon
  10. Reserved Last one. You can go ahead and post if you'd like~
  11. Gods For Trade: None! New God Announcement Form: I'd like to announce a new god! Gender: (male/female/too young) Code: Name: (if too young, just put "unnamed") Pantheon: (Your scroll name) Age: (egg/hatchi/adult) Breed: (GW/CD) Gen: (Generation) Class: (High/Low/Demi) For trade?: (Yes/No) Link: (Use dragcave.net/LINEAGE/code please!) Copy+paste from here: [font=Cambria][SIZE=8][color=#a27d31]I'd like to announce a new god![/SIZE][/color][/font] Gender: (male/female/too young) Code: Name: (if too young, just put "unnamed") Pantheon: (Your scroll name) Age: (egg/hatchi/adult) Breed: (GW/CD) Gen: (Generation) Class: (High/Low/Demi) For trade?: (Yes/No) Link: (Use dragcave.net/LINEAGE/code please!)
  12. Currently Incubating: Eggs and hatchies are listed here until they gender. 1 CB golden wyverns, 2 CB celestials 1 high god celestials Waitlist for new babies: None Breeders: Just PM any of these people and they'll breed their dragons for you! Form to request a breeding: [font=Cambria][SIZE=12][color=#a27d31]I'd like to request a breeding![/SIZE][/color][/font] Your scroll: Mother: Father: Any other comments: Breeders have the right to decline any breeding they don't feel comfortable with. Form to become a breeder: [font=Cambria][SIZE=12][color=#a27d31]I'd like to be a breeder![/SIZE][/color][/font] Form PM link: Scroll link: What you WON'T breed:
  13. I want a Banner! Banner type: Version 1 / no box Dragon Breed: Celestial Use hatchlings? Sure! Banner text: "Celestial Hoarder" or maybe "I pray for celestials"? Can other people use this banner?: Absolutely! Any specific requests? Nope, thanks for doing this though!
  14. Welcome to the Golden Gods lineage project! Essentially, it's a line of Celestial x Golden Wyvern crosses with a name that somehow pertains to being a deity. Now I'm not new to DC but I have been gone for about a year so let's home I'm doing this right! My scroll name is NightmaresOpal, my forum name is WhatWhoMeNever. I will refer to myself as NightmaresOpal from here on though. Classifications: A Foundation God is a CB golden wyvern or celestial dragon used in the lineage. Any dragon that is properly named, cb, and a golden wyvern or celestial dragon can ask to be made a foundation god. A Demigod is any celestial dragon or golden wyvern that is properly named but not born of a celestial x golden wyvern cross. These are used to help increase the size of the lineage when CB dragons aren't available. They are limited to gen2's because any further invalidates the point of a breeding project. A High God is any golden wyvern or celestial dragon that has only dragons from this project in their lineage, and is always born of a golden wyvern x celestial dragon cross. A Low God is any golden wyvern or celestial dragon with demigod parents or an otherwise imperfect lineage. Demigod Variants: An Idol is a pure golden wyvern. A Fate is a pure celestial dragon. A False God is a dragon born of a celestial dragon x golden dragon cross. A Moon God is a dragon born of a celestial dragon x golden lunar herald cross. A Water God is a dragon born of a celestial dragon x golden undine dragon cross.* A Space God is a dragon born of a golden wyvern x nebula dragon cross.* A Time God is a dragon born of a golden wyvern x chrono xenowyrm cross.* A Festival God is a dragon born of a golden wyvern x holiday dragon or celestial dragon x holiday dragon cross. * = Name to be improved Foundation Gods: Golden Wyverns: They Make Sacrifices In My Name - NightmaresOpal They Named Gods After Me - NightmaresOpal Sargonnas the Fire Bringer Wyrm - faery_fyre Just A Taste Of Heaven - NightmaresOpal I'm Itching For A Legend - NightmaresOpal Mhazz - Zeditha Zinariya Black - summersandy Empyrean Majesty - kigyptnee Elementally of the Gods - silver_chan Elemental God of Precious Metals - silver_chan Golden Click - 7th_Utopia Celestial Dragons: Takhisis the Queen of Darkness - faery_fyre What The Priests Don't Say - NightmaresOpal Ajuk - Zeditha Zarfu - Zeditha Tootolg - Zeditha Worship Through The Sacred Names - summersandy Mimi Incorporeo - summersandy Palksemmon - summersandy Theridy Sreeytroad - summersandy Howlseid Sreeytroad - summersandy Incarnation -of- Immortality - kigyptnee Their Fates Rest in my Wings 5E - silver_chan Of the Elemental Heavens - silver_chan Faith is Elementally Pure - silver_chan Loyalty is Elementally Rewarded - silver_chan Well of Faith is Elementally Dry - silver_chan Egawr - 7th_Utopia Daughter Of A Faithless Seer - NightmaresOpal Demigods: Tapestry Of God's Tears - (Festival God) - NightamaresOpal Hear My Praises Sung In Screams - (Idol) - NightmaresOpal False God Linfi - (False God) - Zeditha Uyumpi - (Fate) - Zeditha Tajse Idol - (Idol) - Zeditha High Gods: Celestial Dragons: Gen2: Prayers Travel Faster Than Light - NightmaresOpal I've Got A Pet Hero - NightmaresOpal Nuitari the Devouring Dark - Faerie_fyre >LG Phone - summersandy There Are No Kings - Only Gods - NightmaresOpal Heavenly Archon - Kigyptnee Golden Wyverns: Gen2: None! Low Gods: Celestial Dragons: Gen2: Golden Wyverns: Gen2: Pantheons: These are the scrolls of people participating in the project! >NightmaresOpal >faery_fyre >Zeditha >summersandy >kigyptnee >silver_chan >7th_Utopia Other Information: Please donate CB golden wyverns or celestials. I need so many. Contact me if you're interested in making a trade. You can get your own CB dragons initialized as Foundation Gods! Just contact me, and you can start your own Golden Gods line. Also, if you could donate demigods that would help the cause as well. This is my first time making a lineage so all feedback is welcome! [URL=https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=ST&f=29&t=174398&st=0#entry9189031][IMG=http://orig08.deviantart.net/89d7/f/2016/115/b/c/golden_gods___c2opy_by_intimer_genetics_inc-da07zwo.png][/URL] Other banners/buttons/stamps: made by summersandy [URL=https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=174398][IMG=http://i1361.photobucket.com/albums/r679/Joabelle_Jung/Button%201_zpsfxw5mgu5.png][/URL] also made by the lovely summersandy [URL=https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=174398][IMG=http://i1361.photobucket.com/albums/r679/Joabelle_Jung/new_button_zpsu0mmbazn.png][/URL]
  15. I wish to announce a new Targaryen! Name/link: Red Blood King Targaryen Gender: Female Parents: Lady Ne Firebomb 2 x Isen Targaryen 1 Generation: 2??? Someone help me here please. I picked this guy out of the AP. Scroll name/link: scroll icon in siggy. Okay, I was wondering. Good to know.
  16. So this is a bit in the opposite direction, but this dragon has 33 dragons that appear more than once. It's such a mess it's practically impressive
  17. Username: NightmaresOpal, scroll in signature Pair OR Generation request: a female black tea dragon to cross breed with him (if that's allowed). Also, summer's a great time to eat watermelons.
  18. Literally all of your dragon names are brilliant, but my faves are; Stay Away From McDonalds I Wish I Could Pee Lemonade Who Needs WeightWatchers (all of them are balloon dragons)
  19. Caught a 2gen gold wyvern, thanks ViperSwan!
  20. Name: 8.5/10 Very clean and well done, but not very obvious Avatar: 9/10 hilarious screen cap Sig: 6/10 bare links and no formatting, but not messy
  21. So I got this little guy from the AP, and I'm wonder is his lineage at all impressive?
  22. @Avarule Thank you I'm egglocked until 7oclock tonight, but I'll have all four spots open again after that
  23. I wish to fight with the Targaryens! Forum name: WhatWhoMeNever Scroll name/link: NightmaresOpal (link in signature) Preferred lineage (if any): Number of eggs: (1 or 2) 2